#2270 Town of Silt CO | Baseball Field LED Sports Lighting

I’m Trey Fonner with the town of silt. I’m
the project manager or field supervisor and we’re just a town entity and this is
one of our ball fields that we did this lighting project on. At first, this was
only a ball field and then we became a concert venue with it, and we were
getting complaints about it being so dark when it was over for people leaving
and stuff and then we applied for a grant and that’s when they move forward
with trying to come up with the lights that we have now. The biggest challenge
we faced was budget. We only had a fifty-thousand-dollar budgets and the
other challenge we faced was I took it over in May and they wanted these lights
up by August for one of our big festivals. It’s a new install we had no
lights whatsoever out here. We went through Light Poles Plus .com and I dealt with JJ most of the time and they were awesome to deal with, he was able to get the answers, he was able to get all the stuff into production to meet the time
crunch that I was placed under, and they actually got us our stuff a week ahead of
schedule which made it nice for the install guys they were able to have a
little more breathing room. To pull one up easy everything wired together easy
and the support that I got through JJ and the people at Light Poles Plus was
outstanding. Any time we had a question I had the
answer of that day.

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