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(funky music) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and today I’m going to be taking on the 24 hours outdoor challenge! So, you guys have challenged
me to spend 24 hours outside, and so I decided to take on the challenge. I have lots of supplies with me, so let me show you what
I am going to bring. So, I have Bop-It because if I get bored or my phone dies, I’ve got
Bop-It to come to my rescue, so I don’t get bored. This is a necessity. Wet Ones. I need these so that way when I eat, I won’t have dirty hands. Woo! Also so that way I don’t get bored, I have this box of questions, so maybe we could do a Q&A while I’m in my little tent outside. And I brought all the
essentials to make slime! Yay! When I go to sleep, I have a mattress that I can unfold in my
tent right here, woo! And I also have a sleeping
bag, so I don’t get cold. So, yeah! And then I also have a blanket. Because it gets really cold where I’m at and it’s starting to turn to winter, so I don’t want to be freezing. Also to help me stay
warm during the night, I have hand warmers. So, I’m also going to bring a flashlight for when it gets dark. So, I have my phone with
me, and I will have wifi, because I’m not gonna be
very far outside the house. That means I can also call my family in case if anything goes wrong, and I have games on here to play. So, for the last entertainment item, I have a Squishy because things
can get pretty stressful, and sometimes you just
need to squish a Squishy. And now onto the food, yay! So, this is what I’m going to be eating over the next 24 hours. I have two water bottles to stay hydrated. I also have some SpaghettiOs for dinner. Some crackers and hummus in
a little snack box for lunch. Along with my lunch I’m
going to have Cheez-Its. And for breakfast tomorrow, I’m going to have Frosted
Flakes with no milk because how am I gonna store
milk when there’s no fridge. And some applesauce. And the last thing that I have is this little mini stove
used to cook s’mores, but I’m planning on using
it to cook my SpaghettiOs because you can eat them cold, but it’s probably not the best cold, so I’m gonna try and
heat them up with this. That is all of my items. So, it’s starting to get dark outside. I’m going to move everythiNg into the tent and start the challenge! Alright, so now it’s time to step outside to begin the countdown of 24 hours. It’s six o’clock PM right now. Let’s head outside. So, my dad set up a ginormous tent for me, which is awesome because then I won’t have to be really squished. So, that’s awesome. And it’s raining. Yay! (laughing) Great! Welcome to my home. Goodbye. Just kidding, come on in. So, this is my lovely house for the next 24 hours. Pretty spacious, I can stand up. Woo! I can have a dance party, yeah! Okay, I’m going to get my
bed ready before it gets dark and while I can still see. It’s getting really cold, so I am going to wrap a blanket around myself. I’m glad I brought this. (grunting) Okay! I say we make some slime! I’ve got food dye and
a fragrance of choice. I’ve got glue, water. I’ve labeled them. Oh, this is so warm! I filled it up with hot
water, it is so warm. Ahh! Okay. And then I have activator
because you gotta activate your slime somehow. Shaving cream so it can be fluffy! And then a storage container. Woo! I totally forgot a spoon! Oh no, this is gonna be a rough night. (funky music) Hey, someone’s coming! Ty Ty! Hi, Ty! What are you doing? Coming to say hi? – [Ty] Mmhmm! – Yes, I got a visitor
to make slime with me. Hi, Ty, high five, Ty! (squealing) Okay, I’ve been working with
this slime for a while now, trying to fix it because
while the camera was off. I asked Tyler over here, dun-dun-dun! To pour in some activator
to help this slime because it was so sticky before, and he poured in like half
the bottle of activator! So, I had to try and save it, but now it’s like at this weird stage where it’s just like not slime. It’s like got these little
chunkies in them still, like all these chunkies, and I’ve been working
with it for a long while. It’s basically like dyed my hands, but that’s my slime. Let’s see if it’s any good. (funky music) It’s not really clicky. (yelling) I failed at making slime. So, first activity of the
night was a total flop. It’s not even gonna fit in this container! Okay, let’s just clean up my hands, and we’ll move on to something better. My dad just called me and said that he found something really cool, so let’s go outside and look. Let’s go out. (groaning) Wow, I can stand up again! Let’s look. What is it that my dad found? Stranger Things! Yeah, that he puked out. – [Woman] It’s the
Stranger Things creature. – [Jordan] I’m gonna zoom in on this. – [Woman] Audrey! There’s a creature outside your window! – [Jordan] Look, right there! – [Woman] It’s a Stranger Things creature! It’s right there! Right there in the corner! – [Jordan] It’s right there! It’s a Demigorgon. There’s no salamanders
here, it’s a Demigorgon. – [Woman] It’s a Demigorgon! (yelling) – [Jordan] Oh my, okay,
that’s a Demigorgon. Guys, comment down below, what is that? – [Man] What is this thing? – [Jordan] Do you guys know what it is? – [Man] We’ve never seen one
of these at our house before. – [Jordan] We don’t have– – [Woman] I’ve never seen
those in my entire life! Ty, go find a bowl. – Do you guys know you’ve been saying Demigorgon wrong the whole time? It’s Demogorgon. – [Woman] Demogorgon? I thought it was Demigorgon – Okay, that was really cool to find that creature outside. So, now it’s time to
head back into the tent to do something else fun, let’s go! Okay, it’s eight o’clock now. I just checked the time. I’m going to play some Bop-It. Ready, let’s go! (funky music) – [Bop-It] Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Spin it! (funky music) Twist it! Bop it! Spin it! What?! (yelling) Fine, you get it. Score 26. – 26! Like a boss! Yes, I have not even
like gotten past 20 ever! I got 26! Yes! Today is a good day. (funky music) Okay, I think I’m gonna go on my phone for a bit until it gets dark, and then I’ll probably
finish setting up my bed, and do everything to get ready for bed. Hey guys, its like 11
o’clock at night now. It is really, really cold. I’m very tired, and I’ve been waiting for my mattress to inflate this entire time, and it’s done nothing. So, I don’t know how
to get this to inflate. I’m just gonna have to
sleep on the ground. So, I’m gonna slide my sleeping bag over, and I’m getting kind of hungry. Because I ate food right
before I went into the tent, so that way I could save
as much food as possible. But I don’t want to have
to cook anything right now, so I think I’m just gonna eat the lunch that I packed for tomorrow. And eat the dinner that I
packed for lunch tomorrow. So, I’m gonna get my bed set up and eat. Okay guys, I think I’m
gonna use a hand warmer because it’s really, really cold, so I’m gonna open up this. (rustling) (sighing) I have to wait for these to warm up. (rustling) This always seems to take
the longest time ever. Come on, warm up, please! Okay, while I’m waiting for those, time to try my mysterious food, the hummus and crackers. I hope it isn’t spicy because I only have like one water bottle left because I’ve already
drunken the other one. So, hopefully it’s not spicy. These crackers are a little crunched up, but you know, that’s good. Oh no. Ew! Oh no! I don’t know. Okay, let’s try it. Ew. What is this? (funky music) (groaning) It’s like a cracker that’s dipped in tomato paste with spiciness. Ew. Okay, well, I think this is a flop. I’m just gonna stick
with the crackers now. Wow. Even my meal was a fail. These have like no taste. So, my mom has been helping
me film this whole time, but she just went inside to go get to bed, and so now I’m just
all out here on my own. And so, it’s kinda weird not having her, and it’s kinda getting a little bit creepy because no one else is here, just me, and it’s all quiet, and sometimes I hear creepy noises. So, I’m gonna try and
distract myself from that and answer some questions instead. “If you could spend tomorrow
doing anything you desired, “what would you do?” That’s a tough one. I would probably spend
it like watching movies and like chilling and playing games. That sounds really fun, so that’s what I would do tomorrow if I could do anything. Alright, so I’m getting tired. I’m gonna put the questions
away and head to bed because it is so late. Hopefully I get some sorta sleep tonight. I’ll see you guys in the morning. Goodnight! Good morning! It’s morning now! And as you can tell, I’m wet! Oh, it’s so cold! It just blew wind. I am outside of my tent right now because while I was sleeping, it, okay. (laughing) Last night was a fun
time, let me just explain. So, last night I went to bed, and it was really cold,
but I was able to warm up, and then I got like a
leak through my tent, and I got all soaked. And it has been raining
ever since yesterday, it has non-stop been raining. It’s raining right now, and it is so cold. The wind is blowing. My tent is already like wet. So, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. It is so cold. It’s like morning time,
so I wanna eat something. So, I think I’m gonna
get my breakfast out. It’s definitely wet. It got most of my supplies wet. Like, if you look here, my food and everything is all soaked. And some of the electronics are soaked. This is my stuff currently. Yeah, it’s been a rough night. You can tell, like, there’s a big bubble of water right
there where it’s leaking. I just hope that doesn’t like pop and it all flies through because that is a ton of water, wow. Okay, I think I’m gonna
just eat this stuff. Oh, it’s so soggy! (groaning) Why did it have to rain?! Oh my goodness, everything is wet! (yelling) This is the other side
where I was sleeping at. Let’s see if I can push that water off. Oh my gosh, I pushed the water off. That was scary. Wow, but yeah, everything is all wet. It’s very sad. Okay, I’m gonna eat my breakfast, guys. Super soggy cereal. This is so stressful. But I can’t go inside. I have to complete the 24
hour outdoors challenge, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Like, how am I gonna clean this all up? It’s soaking wet! (light music) If you remember, I brought
my Squishy here with me. It definitely got soaked. I’m worried to see what has happened because I’ve never ever like had a Squishy get soaked in water. So, I’m gonna squish it and
see if any water comes out. Okay. Okay! The Squishy’s still good! Oh my! I was so scared that it was
gonna be filled with water because they’re basically
kind of like a sponge, and so I was worried that it’s
gonna be filled with water, and then this Squishy would be ruined. Oh my goodness, at least
this Squishy is safe! Okay guys, I’ve been sitting
in here for a long while. As you can tell, I’m
like shaking right now. It is so cold. I’ve just been sitting
here trying to get warm because I have nothing else to do. I think it’s time for lunch. I’ve been waiting for like
a couple of hours now. So, I have pulled out the
little stove that I brought and the SpaghettiOs. But the little stove got wet. And I can’t light it in the tent. And outside it’s still raining, so that would just put out the fire. And I also forgot a lighter. So, I can’t even use the stove at all. So, I’m just gonna have
to eat cold SpaghettiOs, which I don’t know how I’m gonna do that because I don’t have a spoon. I totally forgot about a spoon. So, now I’m basically left for like, I can’t eat lunch anymore. I don’t really have any food. I’ve got the Cheez-Its, I could eat that. At least I’ve got the Cheez-Its left, but everything else has been ruined. Like this entire 24 hours outside
challenge has been ruined. It’s just been a total fail. I’m like soaking wet, and everything has gone wrong,
I feel like, in this video. I don’t know what I did wrong but like, something is not going right. Let’s eat my lunch, which
is a bag of Cheez-Its! Why is being outside so hard? I literally chose like the
worst days to be outside. It’s so cold! I don’t know what time it is, so I don’t know how
many hours I have left. I don’t know how long I’m gonna stay here. Hopefully my mom and dad come
and get me and just be like, “Um, 24 hours is done!” Okay, I’m gonna like try and get warm. I’ll come back once the 24 hours is done. (rain falling) – Alrighty so, 24 hours is up for Jordan. She’s been outside– – All day, I haven’t seen her. – And it’s cold. – Yeah, it’s been raining. – It’s been really cold,
so I got her a towel. Just in case, I don’t know. – The tent might’ve leaked. – Because I don’t think
she even took a jacket. – Ooh. – Yeah, so she’s probably,
I hope she’s okay. I haven’t heard anything since last night. I don’t even know, have you
heard anything from her? – Nope. – Okay–
– She hasn’t texted me back. – Okay, well, let’s go check on her. Oh, it’s raining. (yelling) Jordan! Jordan, are you in here?! – [Jordan] Mom?! – [Mom] Oh. – Is 24 hours up? – [Mom] 24 hours is up,
I brought you a towel! Your tent is soaking– – [Jordan] I know! – [Mom] Wet! – I’ve been so cold!
– Everything’s ruined! (groaning) – The challenge is done, yay! Let’s go inside. Okay guys, so I’m back inside now. I’m warming up by the fire. It is so cold. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoy this video,
give it a big thumbs up! Subscribe to this channel. Turn it from red to gray! And comment down below, would
you guys do this challenge? Because I definitely would not ever again. We’ll see you all next time! Bye! (funky music)

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