safety somebody’s trying to break in what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we have built the world’s
most top-secret box fort known to man so secretive that no one is able to get
inside of it unless you know how there’s no lock on the door G okay the front
door is not the secret part the rest of the box board is the secret part on the
outside it might look like a happy little home but deep within it
underground through multiple tunnels we have built a top secret base because as
you just saw we had a break-in on her last night because Logan I am the only
one on this planet that holds the plans to the world’s biggest box for it and
whoever those masked men were knew I have them and they wanted them we only
had a break-in entering because of Jake and his plans for the world’s biggest
box for Jake why do you have to make plans
whoa could slow your roll okay those are extremely important plans they are more
valuable than the Mona Lisa more valuable than the pyramids the world’s
biggest box floor plans had been coveted for years and whoever those men were
want them from us that is why we needed to build a top secret box force away
they come back and they will so you know what they say guys lightning strikes
twice but this time we got top secret box for it but here’s the catch guys it
is so secretive that only members with clearance are allowed to get in you have
to be a part of the squad so if you guys want to join the SWAT and get clearance
to the top secret box board you need to scroll down below hit that subscribe
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squad and then we choose one person and shut them out at the end of the video so
if you guys want a shout out comma hashtag squad but guys before we go in
and check out the world’s coolest box poured and I’m not lying this might be
the coolest box four we have ever built I did have a very big announcement and
that is that Jake’s stove Papa Jake’s 4.com it is the
ultimate place to find your favorite Papa Jake gadgets Toys blasters
everything you see in our videos including brand-new Papa Jake merch is
all available okay Jake the store is really cool and it is pretty awesome you
can find a lot of cool stuff but Jake we got again the secret fourth because it’s
dark out and you know when it’s dark out these people come to our house all right
well guys the first step to get inside the box for it you need to use this it’s
called the door it opens like this then you come inside Logan why this was your
room Logan was supposed to build Logan why did you build a rain forest in here
like plants I can see you like plants they made you feel like yeah this looks
like I’m in the middle of a jungle this was one of Logan’s main jobs that said
make a really cool entrance you made it done so if you guys like don’t you like
a rain forest G hashtag jungle Jake hashtag jungle okay all right all right
well guys inside the jungle is the main part of the box for now you probably
thinking Papa Jake this is pretty small told me it’s the coolest box for that
and it is because right here is where we get to chill you know this is just a
normal four we’ve got normal fountains trees okay
Logan pretty much just made the jungle but that’s not the point okay this is
actually a decoy this is not all you see for a few ground
can you guys spot any secret stuff in here that might lead to the next area
come in here and think Papa Jake and Logan are at home no one’s answering the
phone but what you don’t know is that there is a secret way to access the rest
of the fort check this out guys okay so over here this wall which is covered in
jungle leaves is completely sealed off in fact it is extremely heavy and hard
to move so if you even came over here and saw that there’s a little bit of a
circle here you couldn’t really push this in you can’t do anything it is
stuck in place what are you doing this is no time to
sleep we’re gotta get in the back of the most secure fort we gotta get to the
back we gotta like 6,000 more block doors to go through the book
shelf G you just gave it away to everyone now everyone knows how to get
through our farm okay fine so yes there is a bookshelf here and with the pull of
one of these books guys it is going to activate the door check this out
are you ready in three two one oh there she goes the door opens and the wall
comes detached from the box fort thus revealing distance now we only have
about 30 seconds before this door closes so we need to get inside but follow me
guys Jake does this not remind you of Indiana Jones that was kind of the goal
with this room you know make it like Indiana Jones alright once you get in
here this is the next area into the hallway
oh it’s with the doors closed if I can be a joke and the door is officially
locked we are completely safe inside the next area of the box for and that’s it
guys now we are in the secret area of the fort that’s everything we just chill
back here and wait for the bad guys to come okay yeah I’m totally kidding you
guys know us we went way harder than that
up next is a retina scanner now this is only accessible using my eye it’s my
eyes a special i don’t know how retina scanners work but it’s like a lock so i
just go over here and look at this thing scans my retina and there you go I’m
blind in one eye but the door is open here we are guys in the command center
this is probably my second favorite room guys I mean it doesn’t really look like
a rain forest so it’s definitely not as cool but it’s still pretty cool this is
where we have all of our gadgets so that we can make sure that our box force
stays top secure we got a sound amplifier night vision goggles a 3d
clock this clock doesn’t work but this one does Logan and its mate it’s it’s
actually an outdoor Caucus me angry cloth oh we got for tonight we also got
for one day so if you want to take a little bit of a break we can chill back
here and play coordinate and over here guys we’ve
got a camera switch that allows us to access surveillance cameras around the
fort so check this out let’s go to the main entrance why don’t we check the
left side of the fort everything’s looking good and this is the fort now as
ours good of course we went way harder than that guys this is not the final
group in fact if you weren’t breaking into our fort you might think this is
the final trim and even though yes all of this stuff is usable and we might
actually have to use it which I might keep on for the rest of the video how do
I look you know what cool but Jake we don’t
need night vision right now I don’t know when you’re gonna need night vision
Logan you never know when you’re gonna need night bitch
all right guys the next room and the most top-secret room we’re talking three
levels of clearance which by the way guys if you think this is awesome so far
be sure to smack that like button and tell us what your favorite part of the
sport is get 20,000 likes and you better not say the jungle park sighs that is
the worst part of this fourth no it’s not the jungle but the next part is even
cooler and that’s where we’re actually gonna be sleeping during the night and
keeping our blasters as well as all of our equipment to defend the fort so over
here this looks like a normal ventilation shaft just you know giving
you air making the fort all nice and fresh if we move this like so it reveals
a secret tunnel now we have the ventilation shaft which you can’t crawl
through it’s a little cramped in here but that’s to make sure it’s very
secretive and then we have a double locking door system here so we go
through the first door and then the second door which reveals the sleeping
quarters now we are one two three four five rooms back into the fort this is
the super comfy sleeping quarters probably my favorite I was gonna say
this might be my new favorite spot take in that we have a front door a
mechanical door a retina scanner a vent and Dumbledore is all protecting us back
here I mean if someone wants to try and break into this box board they’re gonna
have to go through an a lot low you’re also probably wondering
Papa Jake didn’t you say that this is where you keeping all your gear because
there is a nother level to this for it over here guys there is a hatch which if
you pull down like so it reveals another wall but you will think oh this is just
the wall can’t get through that there’s nothing in here when in fact this is the
top secret blaster room this is where we keep all of our defense gear and gadgets
so that we can defend the fort and you activate it through this here we go guys
the blaster room is opening up revealing all of our gear check this out
this is probably the most awesome nerf room I have ever seen easy top secret
here for you guys no one would know about this room even if they managed to
get all the way back in here he would have no idea about a top secret nerf
room I mean just look at this place we got ammo for days in case we do get into
a battle we got weapons hanging on the wall here just personally one of my
favorites this is a modified nerf blaster with a working red dot sight
that you can actually turn on also modify this it’s a zombie nail blaster
but I modified it with a long scope in the long barrel so I actually didn’t
have a chance but I’m going to start loading up some of this stuff Jake while
you’re loading up uh we forgot to show you guys the most secret most important
part of this bunker underneath this blanket is the safe alright so if we
just enter the code wait Jake I just under the code it didn’t work like I
changed it even though you are my most trusted friend even you I cannot trust
that safe code but if you want to see what’s inside Oh gladly show inside the
safe guys we have two very important things one on this piece of paper are
the plans for the world’s best and biggest box fort but not only that I
have a real-life working Jake what’s an EMP is an electromagnetic
pulse Logan that can shut down all electricity in a mile radius Jake why do
you have an EMP cuz Logan just in case something goes wrong
you always need a backup EMP now to keep this safe closed and locked so that no
the alarm but we need to get to the control room now looks like they’re here
we might need to defend this place come on grab a weapon let’s go get ready to
go meet me in the control come on all right guys let’s take a look at the
cameras and see what we’re dealing with looks like we got guys in the front
entrance they’re making the way towards the fort this isn’t good Logan all right
I’ve got an idea even though we’re secure back here we still don’t want the
messing around with our house I see we go to the front of the house and try and
defend the for any worst case we can fall back here there’s also some other
secret surprises I haven’t told you guys about and ways we can defend the base
well let’s go come on just outside let’s take up a defensive position all right
looks like we got three guys moving in our way I got the one on the left
hold on thanks everybody hello we got one movement on the right
oh I see them yeah oh no I’m out of ammo like an idea I’ve got secret smokescreen
here it should buy us a little bit of time activate the wall all right Jake
opening the door now come on Jake we gotta go at the door
should shut behind us how about a little bit of time you
brought more men than I thought I was only expecting a few okay well Jake what
do we do now which should be okay I mean we made the secret door and made it
blast proof my thought is they’re not gonna be able to find us let me check
the interior camera here rummaging through the place to try and figure
where we went nope we’re not there buddy all right these guys don’t look too
smart my thought is then I can be able to find the door and therefore they’re
not even you’d be able to attempt to get back here the problem is the luster
one’s staying here for the rest of our lives we do need to deal with these guys
I don’t want to stay at me maybe we just give them the plan no Logan we don’t
give him the plan I got a backup option we’re using the RC tank all right guys
we’ve got our nerf or sea tanks set up outside and ready to take them out when
they exit the fort they’ll have no idea what hit all right I see the entrance to
the fort all right looks like there I’ve seen the fort time to put this RC cards
and use and that is how you use in nerve pain I
don’t think those guys are gonna be coming back anytime soon Jake let’s just
keep an eye on the security feed they did a lot of damage to our first ring I
think we should be safe in here though there goes my whole jungle I spent hours
on that yes Logan sometimes we need to make sacrifices in order to beat bad
guys we did lose the jungle but it’s okay we’re safe in here
so you don’t you feel good knowing that we’ve got a super fortified fort now
let’s check the front camera see what’s going on outside oh no this isn’t good
we’ll be safe in here right like you can’t get through that yeah he shouldn’t
be able to get through the door it’s got dynamite
it’s got dynamite he’s bringing it to the entrance Logan we need to get back
and fast I don’t know how well the splash is gonna hold up against
something like that come on all right been sealed off this isn’t good
this isn’t good at all guys he’s gonna try and use dynamite to blow up the
first room I mean it is secure but he’ll stop at nothing to get in here and get
to those plans we need to do something Logan this isn’t good if he gets in here
he can steal the plans and that you just blow up the front he’s just blew up the
front of the four if we need to do something now I mean we should be we
should be safe in here but look I’ve got the EMP I could you can’t use the EMP
it’s gonna mess up our whole house look and listen to me if I can use the EMP to
kill the power I can use our night-vision goggles to take him out you
won’t even know where we’re coming from I have another secret I didn’t tell you
about I built into the weapon room on top of it a secret turret that when
Logan activates it will raise me up above before giving me a vantage point
to take out anyone attacking if I can use the EMP
it should be enough to disorientate him maybe if we can get him to stop
attacking he’ll call off the invasion altogether all right Logan
careful with this thing Jake I’m not touching it works just like anything
else you’re just gonna press the power button looks right here okay it’s really
easy it’s an EMP I bought it off by Amazon they got a lot of these things
okay just when I tell you press the bottom your goggles okay I’m gonna get
into position once I’m in there and I give you the signal activate the EMP we’re tough but not that tough all right EMP now hey big dude check out
my Gatling gun Jake we did it we did it man we stopped
him and the bass held up like it should we took down the creepy dude and no I
think my vision goal actually came in handy
by the way available in the Papa Jake’s store just letting you guys know but
guys this fort has been one of the coolest sports I think we have ever
built we are definitely gonna keep it if you think we should keep it an add-on to
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favorite part of this guys smash that like button if you love this secret
bunker don’t feel really safe down here you even though that guy keeps coming to
steal stuff from our house too but guys we also have to give a big shout-out to
impossible gamer for being a member of the squad possible gamer for being an
awesome member of the squad guys if you see them down below in the comments come
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button a comment in squad but guys this has been Papaji and Logan we’ll see you
guys next time for another awesome video

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