3 Easy Grow Light Set Ups for Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors & Lumens and Kelvin Explained

Hi everyone well today I’m going to share with you three very simple ways that you can get indoor grow lights set up So then when it comes time to start your seeds inside for your Spring Garden in just a few months You’ll be ready now. If you’re one of those people who are confused about how to set up indoor grow lights Don’t worry about it. You’re not alone in this video. We’re gonna break it down make it very easy for you including Explaining what lumens and Kelvin are so if you’re confused about that make sure you stay tuned I’m gonna show you my indoor grow light setup by the end of this video you’re gonna know exactly how to get yours going inside as well I Know many of you are already dreaming about your spring garden and are busy picking out your seeds Planning what you’re gonna grow them in and are going to get a head start by starting your seeds indoors One of the most important factors to consider when growing indoor vegetable seedlings is light It’s so important to have the right kind of light to grow your plants healthy and strong So they are ready to be planted outside When the time comes often a sunny windowsill is just not enough to grow strong healthy seedlings what the seedlings Do is a stretch towards the Sun and become leggy and a leggy? Seedling is not a strong seedling you want to ceiling with a strong Stocky healthy stem so that when it comes time to plant out in the garden It is strong enough to withstand the wind and the elements and will grow you lots of wonderful vegetables for you and your family to eat If you’re going to take the time to start your vegetable seedlings indoors The best way to make sure they are strong and healthy when it comes time to move them out to the garden is to grow them under indoor lights you can’t just use any old type of light bulb you do need to use a special kind of light that has the right amount of Kelvin and lumens to grow your Transplants healthy and strong when you’re shopping for indoor grow light bulbs You’ll often see three specifications on the package lumens Kelvin and Watts It’s really important to have the right amount of lumens and Kelvin so that your transplants Go really nice and strong So let’s just break it down and make it very simple well first of all let’s talk about lumens Lumens is simply a measure of brightness of the light the higher the lumens the brighter the light The lower the lumens the dimmer the light when you’re growing vegetable seedlings It’s very important that they’re met with a very bright intense light as soon as they germinate So lumens are what pounds are to Tomatoes What a gallon is to milk it’s simply a way to measure the brightness of the light so when you’re growing vegetable seedlings It’s very important that you have about a 2,000 to 3,000 lumen level on your light bulb you can usually find this information on the back of the package Now this particular light is a little bit under 2,000 at 1600 But I have used these lights many times to grow indoor vegetable seedlings And although a brighter light would be a little bit better these also work just fine The next specification you’ll find on the back of your grow light bulb package is Kelvin Kelvin Simply refers the type of light produced or the color temperature and grow lights need to mimic daylight So the measurement on the back here shows 6500 which is really good between 4500 and 6500 to mimic daylight so again the higher the number the better so look for a number between 45 and 6500 so that your seedlings are nice and strong and stocky The third specification one that many of you are probably already familiar with is watts like I mentioned earlier Watts is simply a measurement of the electricity used So you really don’t need to be too concerned about that when you’re purchasing bulbs for growing indoors Really the lumens and the Kelvin are the most important thing to look for so that your seedlings are nice and strong There’s many ways to set up indoor grow lights, so let’s head inside I’ll show you the three really simple ways that I have mine set up and you can choose which one works best for you The first indoor grow light is one of my favorites because it’s so simple and perfect for a beginner It’s is very easy clamp light now. I love this no assembly required The light bulb just screws it and out perfect for a small space it’ll clip under your countertop onto a table onto a shelf and These are readily available you can find them at hardware stores Target or Walmart Also, pop a link down the video description now how I’m using it. Here is I’ve got a gallon jug filled with sand PVC pipe in it clip it on Turn it on and there you got an instant grow light system You can move it up and down as the plants grow a couple little tips here in this clamp light I’m using one of these CFL bulbs that I showed you earlier. You can also use an LED bulb, but keep in mind although That’s more energy efficient in the long run You’re upfront costs will be higher So I’ve keeping my costs really low up front by using the CFL bulbs and these work Just great now the thing to remember when you’re growing indoor Plants with your girl lights is to keep your grill light about an inch or two away from the plants that you’re growing Otherwise we get that leg eNOS I told you about earlier And we don’t want that because we want to see things to be nice and strong so you can track the light up and down And it’s perfect for growing this nice little tray of microgreens. I mean look at these don’t these look fabulous now another way I Really like to use this clamp light a lot of you have done this from the first garden series or from the $10 garden series Is with a grow light box now? This is so handy? It keeps all your seed things contained in this box And you may have seen this also over on Gary over the rustic Gardens Channel. I got the idea originally from him I’ll put a pop-up link on to a video on how to build it but basically it’s just lined with aluminum foil and The clamp light keeps the light directed right down onto the seedlings, so it’s a really handy way to get started and it’s very inexpensive the second setup that I love to use is this shop light setup you need two things for this a Four-foot shop light and then some bulbs now you can use t8 light bulbs or t5 light bulbs But I happen to have bought a big contractors pack of the t12 So I’m gonna use what I have now the t12 T5 and t8 don’t let that confuse you it simply refers to the size or the diameter of the light bulb So the t12 and the T eights were great the t5 s The light is a lot more intense, but those light bulbs are also more expensive So I’m sticking with a t12 s4 now one thing. I forgot to mention about these t12 lights 2500 lumens who are good on the lumens and the kelvins are 500 case we’re good on both lumens and Kelvin with these t12 lights so this Super easy to get set up you can set it up on a nice shelving unit we’re in a closet on Shelves if you have that available to you, but I have just set it up super simple super quick Again, I’ve got my gallon jugs here filled with sand PVC pipe stuck in the middle and I use a little chains that come with the shop lights Just to hang them from the PVC pipes and direct the light down towards my plants now You’ll see of course that I raised my plants up with these shoe boxes while they’re teeny tiny a couple of bricks Because remember you don’t want your plants to be what to be leggy That’s right. You guys are learning and as the plants grow I can move the bricks out of the way move the shoe boxes out of the way so that There’s enough room for the plants underneath the light so this may not be a super pretty setup But it’s a setup that you can easily do at home. It’s very inexpensive, and you can get those spring garden seeds started The third indoor girl light setup that I really like to use is this really simple tabletop girl light setup This one’s made by fairy more so you can get it at most hardware stores And I’ll also link it up in the video description It comes in this nice neat little package so the advantage to this is if you’re a beginner Everything is in here. You got the light You got the little handy dandy stand does require some assembly But it pretty much takes the guesswork out of it now this one has one of those t5 bulbs I was telling you about it doesn’t specify the lumens and the Kelvin on the package But it’s a nice bright intense light and let me just show you how much smaller The t5 bulb is as compared to the t12 bulb that I used in the grill in the previous setup It’s a lot more smaller in diameter, so this little setup is about two feet long, and it works great again If you’re growing a small amount of plants It’s growing this lettuce little salad container of lettuce greens absolutely beautifully Now the cool thing is too if you have two of them. You can kind of put them together here It does interlock Really nicely and that way it provides a lot of really nice intense light for your plants Now the only drawback to this is they’re a little bit pricey. I think run around $45 or so on Amazon or at your hardware store so if you’re on a tight budget You might want to start with one of the other two setups, and then move up to this one if your budget allows Well the other thing that’s really Important when you’re doing an indoor girl light setup is to have a timer It’s super important that you don’t have to think about when to turn your lights on and turn them off because if you forget Again, your plants won’t have enough light and they’re going to be leggy you guys are doing really good on this now the amount of Time that you leave your indoor girl lights on is this when you first start your seedlings They’re gonna take a couple of days to germinate But I like to leave mine on about 24 hours until they germinate So just in case those little seedlings poke through the soil when you’re in bed they’re gonna be met by a super bright bursts of intense light and that way they’ll keep on growing nice and strong and After the after they germinate you want to leave them on about 18 hours a day and off for about 6 hours During the night so the schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off It’s just the right amount to grow nice strong healthy seedlings so that pretty soon when the weather warms up And you’re ready to put them in the garden they are gonna Be ready, well there you have it three super simple easy quick simple inexpensive indoor grow light setups and Kelvin and lumens explained well comment below let me know if this video was helpful for you And what type of indoor grow light setup you’re going to be using to grow your spring vegetable seedlings Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of the videos And hit the like button if you liked it because it always really helps me out. Thank you so much for watching We’ll see you on the next video

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