60 thoughts on “3 Women Found Dead At Hemet Home; Suspects Arrested

  1. If I was an alien from another planet I would notice that women flock together and men hunt alone…..

  2. Where was the 18 yr old and also why does daddy look so unbothered they took my babies car speaking of daughter like what about your wife bro!! And where was 18yr old bf????

  3. Excellent reporting and very sad for the family, I am really concerned about the intellect behind some of the responses 🤔

  4. I hate to hear when beautiful people are paid back so horribly. Sadly it makes people rethink helping others.

  5. Sounds like the Northern European Mentality that lead to the current “Swedish Sexual Assault” Problem.

    You want to for Political Reasons willfully ignore Class and Subcultural Conduct differences you play with dynamite.

  6. People need to stop helping strangers.
    Drug addicts are the best actors and the best actors are drug addicts.
    Stop believing or giving money to people on the streets , they are playing themselves and you , they need to sturb or get to work.
    No fucking excuses.

  7. It's better to pay taxes than risk your lives doing business with unknown people. Security cameras are turned off in such situations. No witnesses, no crime.

  8. This is why you don’t want to help people. You have to wonder why she was homeless in the first place.

  9. Apparently, they left their guard down, and ignored any red flags. Some, you can only care from a distance of safety.

  10. Don't take homeless ppl into your home , please. The road to hell is paved w good intentions

  11. So she just let a random homeless person live with her? Story sounds fishy as hell. Definitely more to this that I hope comes out.

  12. I was friends in high school with Trinity, we graduated together last year. We split our ways because Im going to college in Nebraska. We slowly got out of touch just in the past month. Hands down the most energetic and loving friend I’ve ever had. The hate I have for Jordan Guzman and Anthony McCloud is immeasurable. I’ve cried so much and so hard today that I’ve thrown up three times. My heart hurts and my body aches solely from grief.

  13. why offer a place to live then ask them to leave why? what was going on between all of them? They did treat the homeless women bad and she defended herself? They blame the homeless women because people thing they are better we don't know what happened and they are innocent until proven guilty. The women being homeless doesn't prove guilt.


  15. Most the people in hemet are either on Meth or Speed. I have a few friends who live there and I hate driving there. It looks like a city for retired people. I read that the police of other cities drive to hemet and drop them in the middle of nowhere. Like I said don't feel sorry for a homeless drug addict. That was there choice.

  16. California law makers is to blame. No more right to defend yourself in your on home. Public have to be the ones go help homeless while rich polosis, and shifts play dirty politics with law abiding citizens .wasting California residents money and American tax payers on shames while the state there supposed to clean up goes up in smoke and hard working people have no say. Millions spent on bogus reasons and a town like Hemet goes untouched to be fixed. You Californians need to vote your state back to red or your on your own to have more of this.

  17. They were heard moaning before their bodies were discovered. That means that they were still alive after being stabbed but nobody bothered to checkout the reason behind the moaning sounds because they were too scared (self centered) to get involved. Their lives could have been saved but they died because of the cowardly and selfish behavior of the neighbours…

  18. You can’t trust anybody, especially a homeless person. They aren’t homeless because they make good decisions in life.

  19. Thats why i dont do that shit i help but to bring them to my house hell nooooo so sad rip to them god bless there familys

  20. I knew genesis. Last saw her n her mom in dollar tree . i hugged them n they said bye. I knew genesis since she was a kid . i went to school with her oldest brother . sometimes i walked genesis and her younger brother to school before i got to school at west valley . i remember playing smackdown vs raw 2008 outside infront my apartment with them .i used to see genesis n her brother outside playing all the time when they were kids . we grew together we played together we laughed together . genesis told me she wanted to go to college and work in her family business in Texas . from high fives to hugs to gone but hey it's ok . i had visions of genesis as a kid when i passed by her old elementary school she went to. I saw her playing on the playground

  21. America is full of people running around full of Devils and Demons,bind them up In Jesus Mighty Name AMEN.

  22. I heard what sounded like a wounded animal when I was outside… but went back in cuz the real housewives of Atlanta was about to come on… 🤦‍♀️ pansy ass coward

  23. I know it’s a Christian thing to do but you can’t help Toxic people because they can get you killed! So sad they had to die from these Monsters on the street!

  24. This is a perfect example of not taking your personal safety seriously wherever you are. Be armed at all times with a concealed pistol.

  25. Stop helping these dam people. They don’t need your help. It’s so sad that these ladies got murdered in their own home. LORD please be with those families. God is good and people aren’t. We need to recognize it’s the devil who puts this in peoples minds to do this kind of stuff when being helped by someone. Help people in need and love your neighbors. The LORD never said to bring a stranger into your homes. We have our own families to worry about, and homeless people have their own families to help them. They are homeless because they choose to be. They chose to be homeless. So they don’t have rules at home and don’t have to work and help anyone but them selves. So forget them if they ask for a dollar give them two. But if they ask for a ride or a place to stay no way. Stop being stupid people. You can’t trust anyone, and most times it’s your own family doing you dirty. Trust In God.

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