300k River Call With NINE HIGH???

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ACR comment below you might be entered in a giveaway excellent thank you very much yeah what’s up guys jeff Bosque here i
want to break down a little hand I played heads up in the eleven dollar
5k six max on ACR my opponent is a good player from Brazil we’ve been battling
for the last four hours or so trading chip lead back and forth from 30 players
down to heads up this hand comes up where I choose to limp on the button on
open Jam for just under 20 blinds would be slightly profitable but due to the
playability of the suited Ness and the position I chose a limp to balance my
living range a little bit he checks behind when he checks I eliminate all
aces from his range and all pairs this will become more important as the hand
goes on it but that’s just fine too pick up the speed draw before we check
raised 3x we need to flop trips so his trip ranges uncapped he could still have
five I’m going to check it back and try to realize my equity against Forex or
possibly to flush Wow if he is 4x my 9 hi would be good my 9 I
would be good but he’d have to have is a limped pot he’d have to have juice 4 3 4
4 6 4 7 for 8 for 10 for Jack for King before he doesn’t have 480 was shoved
I’m gonna call this guy with 9 high on the river his Bluffs are for deuce four
three six four seven four eight four two three three six six seven six eight his
value hands are 5x and the occasional Queen although I don’t see many queens
that would check call the flop so he’s repping 5x or nine other combos of
unpaired hands I don’t see him ever betting for value with ace high here
because he raised or Jam free and I discount deuces
threes fours and fives as those also jam free against this range of Bluffs
reverse value and the almost three to one pot odds were getting I truly
believe that this is a call with nine high I’ve played millions of hands on
I don’t think I’ve ever correctly called a river bat with nine hi
maybe I don’t think deeply enough into these situations but for some reason
when this situation came up my gut told me call with nine hi he still does have fives and Queens in
his range too we doesn’t have any ace highs he could have ten four and b-value
bluffing me Wow I almost call it with nine hi unfortunately I did fold went
through my whole time bank and couldn’t man up and put in the call but in
hindsight I definitely regret folding so sick ran out of my time Bank see how all
the night I not crazy I’m not crazy oh fuck if I put six seven straight
draws in his range it’s the call I wasn’t thinking about the straight draws
oh my god I just thought it was 5 X or 4x goddamn it if I thought about the six
seven six eight Bluffs I call with nine hi
oh and I get the street cred of the nine hi call well I wish I had 10 more
seconds to think about that if anybody knows this player please have him reach
out to me I’d love to hear what you actually had on this hand thanks for
watching hit the like and subscribe buttons stay tuned for more giveaways
and adventures in Las Vegas Geoff Boesky signing off

100 thoughts on “300k River Call With NINE HIGH???

  1. Bomb music all vlog long. Idea for your next shirt: POKER, It’s all about the street cred!

  2. Those BIGGIE songs were my Fav back in the day while playing Magic and kickin Butt. Keep get'em JEFF!!!

  3. Loving the vlogs Jeff all the way from Australia!!! Quickly becoming my fav poker vlogger

  4. Red Rock Valet – I use it quite often. I tip $1 when I drop my car off and $2 when I pick it up. I think that is sufficient.

  5. Ribs – If you like ribs, let me take a moment to recommend Lucille’s BBQ at The Red Rock!

  6. Seems like a good place to call w 9 high. Getting out of your comfort zone on stream must not be an easy thing to do, seeing as the haters will hate if you are wrong.

  7. Could he ever have a super balanced pre check range from the BB and show up here with an A or K? Impossible? His post flop lines rep that pretty well, I think.

  8. Always love watching your videos. Helps me with learning how to play mtt greatly! Keep it up boski!

  9. Hey Jeff when are you getting some of your teeth capped with gold plated veneers? Is this what they call low hanging fruit or are you trying th get me in trouble,again? Congratulations. You know you poker players are into mind trips, wouldn't put in past you. Just keep the magic tricks to a minimum when playing. Well anyway shouldn't you be getting that money back in the shoe box with the other hundred dollar bills soon unless you spent them all cause they are taking to much space in your closet. It seems you got some girls working hard for you. I guess poker is just something to do to keep your mind crisp. Let's analyze this. A very expensive car with dealer plates, a blond, music blasting in the background, and a ton of cash, in Las Vegas, Nevada . Every whiggers wet dream. I usually say "peace" but in this case I will say "stay jiggy".

  10. With your lead at the time I think you made the right call, Folding there was the best move. Besides you end up winning, if your wrong there it could have changed the entire outcome. So You made the best move to fold there. JMO….. Love the car!!!!! Would love a ticket just as much since I can't drive anymore.

  11. I like the hand review at the end Jeff Boski. It’s funny because I’ve actually called someone on the river with ten high playing heads up and was correct, sometimes you just have gut feelings.

  12. Fuck man, I think you may be right on the 9 high hand. Anyways, keep Ballin' outta control. The music is legit mang.

  13. Boski geat vlog as always ….
    Jeff ur my boy ..u always will be and I do appreciate the work u put in ur vlogs … Buuuut…
    My brother ACR is rigged I get that u have probably some type of sponsorship with them but I hate to be a ball buster because like I said I think that u r a good dude but ACR is a Shady site and is whole bunch of bots on it collusion and other bad shit going on … I stop playing looooong time ago online for those reasons and I do strictly life game in casinos and I get that u try to supplement income by promoting ACR but ask urself do u want be associate with the site that is known to let bad shit happen …
    Anyways bro I didn't try to hate or troll because like I said I enjoy ur vlogs and I think that u r doing great work on them … Keep up the good work.

  14. Boski, don't listen to the haters talking about $300. By my count that was more like $1,300… And somehow you still made it look gangsta. Sort of.

  15. Good work Jeff. I have played with you on ACR. I wish I can text you while playing. Keep it real and talk to you soon.

  16. 9 high was a snap call brah. That fact that you time banked makes me doubt your chops. haterz finna hate but I woulda snap called that munson.

  17. Almost 9 high call like a boss! Reminded me of the Jorryt Van Hoof sick call on PokerStars Sunday Millions: He check-called w/87o on 5c4c3x5x4x and was correct vs the only hand he could beat.

  18. I like this video type. Get some more in depth thought process on hands. Valuable. Keep it up Boski

  19. Well geez you should rename this! The first part of the video was so good, you can really be so funny sometimes Jeff! "…in the suburbs of Las Vegas." It was actually your body language that was sold it. And I heard the voice of someone I know very well in there.

  20. Don't hate a call or a fold. His value range is minimal for sure. His bluffing range is wide. However you lose to a good portion of those bluffs anyway. Floats on the flop that bet riv vs turn check is what hurts the call here. Jx 10x floats should be betting here mostly.

  21. In addition to his value hands, I would take into account his floats that are accidentally bluffing the river with the best hand (J8-JT) and Ace-hi (which some people do value bet in this spot), which you may or may not discount.

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