384 dead, unknown number missing as Indonesia hit by quake and tsunami

The death toll from Friday’s earthquake and
tsunami on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island has surged to at least 3-hundred-84,… with well
over 540 people seriously injured. A tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7-point-5
quake swept over the city of Palu,… washing away entire buildings and homes. The local disaster agency says the death toll
is expected to rise even further. Following the earthquake, were some 100 aftershocks,
including one of magnitude six-point-seven. One South Korean national who was in the region
for a paragliding contest has been out of contact since the disaster. The South Korean embassy in the Southeast
Asian nation said it’s proving difficult to locate the unnamed person’s whereabouts due
to power outages and downed telecommunications in the region.

2 thoughts on “384 dead, unknown number missing as Indonesia hit by quake and tsunami

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