3D Flyby Animation of a HEC-RAS Model

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how
to create a 3D flyby animation video of a HEC-RAS model using the print and
publish feature from within the print and publish pane,
use the print option to print out the current view, the software can also
export the current view as either a graphic file or a PDF file, however, what
I’m interested in is creating a 3D flyby animation video once we have selected video from
within the print and publish pane we need to select the
resolution we want to record the video as then, when we’re ready, click on the
record button the software will display a Save As dialog box
for naming the video we’re going to create define the directory location where to
save the video file and also name that file the software will save the video as a WMV also known as
Windows Media Video file format after clicking the Save button the software
will start recording the screen now when we move our mouse on top of the
compass rose, you’ll see it turns into a 3D navigation control from the 3D navigation control,
we can click on the center red joystick and drag the joystick in
the direction that we want to fly you can also move the 3D view around just by
clicking and dragging the mouse on the map view when you’re finished creating the
animation video click on the Done button in the print and publish pane, the
software will then save the recorded video, now let’s launch Windows Explorer
we will navigate to where the WMV file is saved and click on it it will bring up the Windows Media Player with the selected video
file loaded, click on the play button and it will start playing the animation
video we just recorded that was easy

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