3D Printer Filament Types

so you just got your 3d printer you set
it up and now you’re ready to 3d print but what type of filament are you gonna
use I’ll have the answer coming up welcome
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we’re gonna continue our 3d printer series and you’ve bought the printer
you’ve got it set up and now you’re ready to make some really cool things
but the question is what type of 3d filament are you going to use I’m going
to share with you three types of filaments that are very common in the 3d
printing hobby and they will allow you to get started pretty right away the
first type of filament and the most common type of film that we use in the
3d printing hobby is called PLA and that stands for poly lactate acid this is a
derivative of a thermoplastic and a polymer but what really separates PLA is
that it is a hundred percent biodegradable and a lot of times PLA is
made up of sugarcane and corn starch so this is 100% eco-friendly and it’s
probably the less toxic in parentheses filament that you can get this type of
filament is very conducive to printing inside in controlled temperatures like
your office or your hobby and like I said this is the most common and most
generic type of printer filament you can get it comes in a 2.2 pound spool and
you can usually pick these up off of Amazon from anywhere from $12.99 to 2990
now I know that there’s a huge variety in the price range and basically what
you’re paying for is that the higher the price you pay the more pure your
filament is at the lower price range a lot of times these filaments have
fillers like wood and things like that and it can happen that sometimes your
print nozzle will get clogged up and your Bowden tube will get clogged up if
you use a cheaper and filament but you can usually get a really decent PLA
filament from anywhere from $14.99 to $17.99 and you’ll have no problem at all
you’ll be able to print things like this the Hulk
the groots the rockets even race blaster these are all printed in PLA filament
the next type of filament I want to talk to you about is called ABS and this has
got a crazy name this actually stands for and I gotta look for my notes Ock
proline buta being styrene I don’t know I’m sorry I killed kill to work anyway
ABS ABS is a firmer plastic it prints at a lower temperature and at a lower speed
on your 3d printer but it’s a lot more durable and it’s a lot harder plastic
than ABS so you could use this for like enclosures like a lot of camera
enclosures a lot of containers a lot of pots stuff like that are made from ABS
plastic ABS plastic though it’s not they call it toxic and sometimes it gets the
label of toxic and I just want you to know that if you do print in ABS you
should print in a well-ventilated area and that the fumes that the ABS gives
off can indeed be toxic if inhaled ABS is derived from petroleum so this is
a petroleum-based product still natural but it’s still based from petroleum it’s
not as biodegradable as PLA if you print abs you need an enclosed structure so a
lot of times we’ll put their 3d printers in a glass
case or encase it that way the heat and the temperature remains constant because
it does have to print at a lower temperature so you want that heat to be
trapped and it does have to print at a slower speed the last type of plastic I
want to talk to you about in 3d printer filament is called TPU and that stands
for thermoplastic polyurethane or ninjaflex now this is a flexible polymer
and a flexible filament and it’s pretty awesome because you can make things like
hoses you can make the reason I got into flexible plastics because I wanted to
print shoes for my Ironman suit that would flex and not break with the wear
and tear so this is completely flexible it prints like a hose it’s pretty
awesome once you have your print you can bend it you can manipulate it and so if
like I said if you have gaskets or a cat jump up on your table or hoses or
anything like that you can go ahead and you can print in this flexible filament
it’s great for joints so if you have armor with joints like I said shoes this
is a great choice this prints at about the same temperature maybe a little
higher than PLA but it is safe it is biodegradable and you don’t have to
print in a ventilated area like ABS well guys there you have it I hope you found
this video informative now you know three types of 3d printer filament that
you can buy and you can experiment with with your 3d printer I’ll have links to
all these products down in the show notes that way you can purchase some
filament off the Amazon it takes about two days to get there and you can start
printing your heart’s content thanks for tuning in if you found this video
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