3D Printers for Beginners – Cheap 3D Printer

so what’s the best and easiest 3d
printer to buy and get yourself 3d printing immediately
I’ll have the answer coming up welcome to dishes and stitches I’m your
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consider subscribing today we are talking 3d printing and I want to share
with you a 3d printer that is super easy to set up it’s super affordable and it
can get you printing 3d props and costumes pieces in about an hour we’re
talking about the any cubic eye 3 mega you can pick this up right now on Amazon
it’s probably in the 300 to 400 dollar price range I’ll have a link to it down
in the show notes there you can check it out and this is a great starter 3d
printer for you it has an 8 and a half by 8 and 1/2 build plate 8 and a half
inches tall so it’s not super big but it gives you a nice surface to start
experimenting with 3d printing and it’s super easy to use
the most popular filament at prints is PLA but it can also print abs but keep
in mind and here’s a power tip for you that abs can be toxic so if you are
printing an ABS you need high constant temperature and you need to print it in
a well-ventilated area but for the regular hobbyists the cosplay hobbyist
and 3d printing enthusiasts regular pili pla works just fine so one of the
reasons i love this printer besides the fact that it’s easy to use is that it
comes almost 100% assembled out-of-the-box all you really have to do
is attach this top bracket here and then there’s 4 screws on each side of the
printer that you screw in to go ahead and secure the mount once you do that
you just plug in your little power cords here around the unit and you’re ready to
go the printer comes with an SD card and on that SD card there’s a copy of the
Curacao software and Kira is the software that
you’re going to use to import your 3d STL files configure them to your printer
and then save them to an SD card put them in your printer and it’s gonna spit
out your final product the other couple things that I really love about this
that makes this printer fantastic out of the box is this little LCD display right
here that is touchscreen there’s no dials or anything to tune in
there’s no to turn or try to hunt for anything everything is really nicely
laid out here on the screen and this is one of the models that comes with an
auto leveling feature so this printer will actually auto level itself it’s got
a little sensor right here and then when it is a level on the build plate you’ll
hear a loud beep and you’ll know that your stuff is level so all in all this
is a great little unit we print a lot of our groups with this unit and I have
printed the majority of my Iron Man suit with this unit yes eight and a half
inches by eight and a half inches at a time and like I said it is super
affordable any cubic the company really gives you great customer support really
gives you great customer service it usually takes them about 24 hours to
answer back to you but they’re really there for you they really support you
and if you need any replacement parts or anything like that the company is
usually really good at sending you replacement parts I’ve had this model
now for about a year and a half and I know there are now bigger models and
newer models but this model is still a trusty favorite in our workshop well
guys what kind of 3d printers are you guys into I’d love to know please let me
know down in the comments let’s strike up a conversation how is it working for
you what are your favorite things to print where do you like to go to get
your STL files just let me know and let’s help this community get into some
3d printing for for cosplay thanks for checking out our video I really
appreciate it don’t forget you can find links to this some more information in
the show and thanks for tuning in and we’ll see
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