3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma SR Fog Light Install

hola taco fanáticos we are in the
Batcave we are in the secret hollowed-out volcano lair along the
Florida Gulf Coast where it gets foggy in the morning so you will be installing
fog lights the third generation Tacomas come with this cover so this is a kit
right there there’s the address MB Auto online comm and it comes with on
the back of the card it has an explanation of all the things that are
in the kit where everything goes so just to give you an idea of what’s on the
other side of this factory cap I’m going to show you right there so that’s the
back of the cap and it’s held on by clips and we’re just going to take that
off so there it is it’s off the truck I’m going to flip it over and you can
see that there are little clips on the side so if each of these little clips
you see what there’s one in the middle here also but theoretically if each of
these clips is pushed in it comes right out they’re off on both sides of the
bumper down here I’ve laid out on the floor the harness that it comes with and
it’s going to run this wire is going to run towards the front right here to this
hole so that’s the first the driver side fog
light is going to plug in there and then we move over to the other side that’s
where the passenger side fog light is going to plug in and in a minute I’m
going to show you where I’m going to run the wires I’m going to run it right
through the bumper these things come in pretty handy if you’re ever running wire
in the house or as a case may be in your truck so you
can see I have I have it fed right in through the hole for the fog line you
can see it’s going right through the bumper see the metal right there
that then lead and on this side you can see right there it’s coming out the other side and this
is a hole right there okay so okay so that’s our little tool they’re all
coming out B you can see it’s all coming out that side of the bumper right there
and that right there is where it was all
fished in see this is the rest of the harness the one thing that you want to
make sure when you run this wiring harness through the through the bumper
is that the yellow stays on the driver’s side you can see the battery right there
because the yellow side is going to be connecting to the to the switch in the
relay on this side so this is the passenger side fog light hole and the
harness was fed through the bumper I’m going to stick this ground right here
just out of the way so you can see this is the part that plugs into the back of
the light and a close-up you can see there’s a break on one side and it’s
solid on the other so here’s the lamp and you can see where that plugs in you
can see on this side right here there’s a break in between the prongs so you can
see how that’s going to plug in but the light is going to come from the engine
compartment if that makes sense you can see right here I bring the light
out you can see right there you can see that there are some grooves and this
makes sense but from the engine compartment these right here are going
to slide in and there are going to be two screws that this comes with and it’s
going to screw from the back through so hopefully when this is installed
you’ll be able to see how I did it the ground seems to be different sides on
some of these so you could order the same kit it could be someplace else but
that’s where I grounded it that’s the light right down there just to give you
some perspective that’s the radiator light so we’re looking in the well just
to the side of the headlight just right behind the radiator right there on the
frame some of this could get a little bit confusing here but like I showed you
before down there when I ran the harness through the bumper
I kept the the yellow wire on the driver’s side and I’ll leave that right
there for now there is this extra extender wire but it’s a red color and
you can see there’s a male there’s a male end on the end of the yellow wire
there’s a female end here another female end on the other side this is basically
to connect that yellow wire from the harness through hopefully you can see it
down here this is the the wire but good latch so it’s basically you can just
slide this out and you can see there’s just a little rubber or tube if it
doesn’t have to go very far it goes right into the cab but I’m going to open
up here and it go underneath right there if you
can see this wire that’s your trunk latch and if you can see that’s where
it’s coming out through this hole right there so that’s where I’m going to run
that wire through into the cab okay so you can see down there the wire the
wiring harness that connects to the fog lights was run through the bumper and we
have this yellow wire on the driver’s side connected to this red extender wire
this is the rest of the wiring harness here that’s just running along the side
this is the regular regular headlights wire so we’re just running it along the
same side battery year and this is a coat hanger that I just taped this red
extension wire to and I shoved it right through right where I said I was going
to do that little rubber part of the fire of the firewall okay and there it
is right there and this plugs right into this little spot in the dash used to
have this blank in it but they send you like a factory plug which fits right in
there perfectly so we’re going to plug this into the back of that run it down
into the dash and we’re going to make our connections inside the cab here okay
so we’re inside just to get you up to speed
ran this through the firewall this is a red wire but it’s connecting the two
yellow wires okay this is the wiring that comes
behind this switch the factory switch which replaced the blank that plugged in
there that’s behind so this which runs through
the firewall all the way to the fog lights in the front and connects to the
yellow what fog light wire is going to connect back onto the yellow here so
we’re going yellow to yellow but we’re using this red extender wire to do it
this is a ground and if you look under the under the steering wheel there’s an
airbag panel and right on the side and underneath on the back there are a few
different places that have ten millimeter bolts on them that attach to
the frame so that’s where the ground is going to go I’m going to show you when
I’m done this red wire here has to connect into the fuse so what I’m
actually going to use is a 10 amp at a circuit okay so this is going to plug
into the add a circuit I’ll show you that part but the fuse box
is right there so here’s your hood latch and and you look right underneath
there’s our fuses so I’ll show you that part next okay the battery is
disconnected as you can see so I don’t have any power of the truck if you’re
wondering why I’m opening this box you can see there’s a clip there to clip
there so you’re basically going to have to
press this one open press press and open just doing it so I can get to this okay
and actually there’s some spare fuses in there I’ve never opened that one before
but I’m trying to get to this clip because there is another fuse box in
here right there and I know it’s dark I have no idea right now what you can see
and what you can’t see but this is a diagram this is the ignition right there
10 amp I’m going to remove that and you can see right here I showed you this
before the a diffuse right so this is on the end of the on the end of the switch
like here the switch the wires will plug into the back of the switch we put an
added fuse on the end of that bare red wire so I’m going to pull that this one
right there that red 10 amp and the way these a diffuses go the bottom as you
can see the the side closest to the pins I’ve added a 5 amp 5 right there that’s
the that’s the fuse for the switch okay the 10 amp is the one that I’m going to
take out of there that’s the one that’s going to go on the bottom and then this
part these two prongs are going to plug right back into that ignition the empty
ignition fuse spot on the breaker there okay so here on the driver’s side all that’s
left to do here is connect the red wire to the battery not sure if you can see
our s LS right here and our s right there it seems to be marked for left
side right side maybes factory bezels they just plug right into the holes and
they should snap right in okay there’s fogs installed on a
third-generation tacoma i think that kit costs under $50 but the you can see it
needed those bezels and those each one was over $20 so between the kit and the
bezels and the a diffuse it probably cost about a hundred dollars within a
few dollars of a hundred dollars and that’s both headlights and fogs on that’s
just with the fogs on

32 thoughts on “3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma SR Fog Light Install

  1. NOTE: these lights fit properly when the writing on the lamp lens that says "top" is upside down on the bottom, and the plug is facing upwards. it is the only way to fit it in the hole and be centered in the bezels. some people who can't contort their bodies the way I did in this video may have to unscrew the covers from inside the wheel wells to reach the lamp holes, or dismantle the dash to install the switch. not necessary for me. after installing the add-a-fuse, you have to decide yourself what to do about the inside fuse lid, and the lid can also be tricky to remove sometimes. the video could have been much longer but the one posted here was probably too long already. even though you saw me turn the fogs on as soon as they were installed, I still used a multi-meter just to make sure they were grounded properly.

  2. Very good video. I have the same kit. How did you remove the blank plug without removing the lower dash panel?? Also how exactly did you screw the fog lights in place?

  3. So just one screw for each fog light. I see how the fog light slides in but just one screw. Does your fog light move at it all? Also where did you screw your relay too, or does it matter? Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

  4. Hello. Thx for video. I want to buy this kit or any kit. Can you tell me if these are pretty bright?

  5. Hi there great video. I have a question I installed mine today but for some reason the black bezel around the fog light will not clip in? Any suggestions

  6. Thanks for the video.Making this type of video can be challenging. Your description was good for a non tech person such as myself.Look forward to installing my kit on my 2015 Tacoma SR5. Hopefully it goes as well as your did.

  7. How are these winjet fog lights holding up? Im thinking of purchasing them today.

  8. Thanks for posting this!

    Quick question – Will this add a circuit work? (linked below) from autozone. I want to pick up today & install tomorrow.

    Also – I've been reading on TacomaWorld about other install methods (linked below) but they seem to be taking the whole steering column apart…. Which I don't want to do if I dont have too! Will your method bring up the fog lights on indicator on the dash when? https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/nitoris-oem-sr-foglight-mod.451495/


  9. Appreciate you big time. Installed them & worked on the first attempt with the same kit.

    Super excited & happy right now.

  10. Coelho,
    Greetings! Question- what color light does the switch illuminate, when powered?

  11. What size motor is your taco? is it 4 or 6 cylinder, I just bought a 2018 Tacoma myself .. great truck i used to own a pre runner 10 yrs ago and I traded in for a Tundra I just sold it and i'm back to a taco again, I always like these truck.. good video on your fog install, My came with fog already install from factory. I'm soon about to do a review on my truck.

  12. By the way, when you plug in your add a fuse line were you able to recover your fuse box with the lid being that the added line sit proud in the box.

  13. My son and I just installed fog lights on my 2019 Toyota Tacoma SR. Your video was invaluable for showing us how to do it. Some other instructions I watched had you taking off kick panels and the cover underneath the steering wheel…. Thanks to you we did none of that. Thanks again for your very helpful video my fog lights look great!!!

  14. Your video was so helpful to me while installing my fog lights yesterday on my 2018 SR,that I wanted to say “thank you.”

  15. So glad I found your video! I honestly didn’t think this was possible. I’m going to do the mod ASAP. !!!
    -2018 white taco SR.

  16. Thanks for the video, I just got done installing a similar set on my ‘19 SR and it helped a lot.

  17. Thanks for the detailed installation video! Helped me install mine today! When it comes to electrical I’m always just simply puzzled lol my tacoma looks much better and i can now see better at night!

  18. So I did everything exactly as you did in this video and my fogs do not work. There is power going to everything it seems but the wiring to the fog light housing and bulbs. I thought it might have been a bad relay so I ordered a replacement and it still is not functional. Do you mind helping me out?

  19. 13 :44 . Rookie question, connect to the pos. side of the battery, since the ground elsewhere completes the circuit?

  20. Hello, I have a quick question. Can you go in depth more on the add a fuse part? I believe I did everything as you did but no lights are coming on at all. Were you able to add the fuse cover back on after adding the add a fuse?

  21. Good video. I just ordered 3rd gen kit. It seems to have the bevels (in the picture), I will see if they are included or not. You had forgotten to mention the positive side of the fuse tap. It will cause problem if install incorrectly. Thanks for this video.

  22. Successfully installed in my 2016 Tacoma. Didn't come with fog lights and wouldn't work of the fog light relay. This way worked perfectly fine.

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