40 die in flash flood in North Korea

In North Korea, 40 people lost their lives
during this flash flood that hit the city of Rajin. More than 11,000 people were forced from their
homes. 250 mm of rain fell over the weekend, with state media also reporting more than
half of that fell in just three hours on Saturday. The country said it was suffering from its
worst drought in a century – though the news of this downpour is equally
as discomforting. Authorities in neighbouring China worked with
North Korean border officials to evacuate 484 Chinese tourists. A Chinese news website reported they were
stranded when part of the road to the border was washed
away. Many of the tourists had been at a trade fair
in Rajin. Chinese authorities sent dump trucks, forklifts and other heavy equipment to the
city to help with relief efforts and said that all of the tourists were safe. In early August, torrential rain in the same area killed 21
people and affected 3,400, according to the United Nations.

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