4Runner Emergency Strobe Lights by Wicked Warnings

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and
emergency strobe lighting and safety equipment. Here with our very popular
Wicked Slick Stick LED bar, as well as our new ECO LED HAW. This build is
featuring also our Mini-6 Switch Panel. As you can see, we’ve got our 4-head
stick mounted to the front of this ARB bumper. We’ve also got a winch underneath that bumper and we powered the winch through our Mini 6 Controller also. The
Wicked Warnings products, such as a Slick Stick and the LED ECO, as well as a kit
with the wiring to put all that together will be available. Just look in the
description of this video for links to all the products individually, as well as
one link for the whole cart load of parts. There will not be the ARB bumper
or the winch in that cart of parts. This will strictly be the lighting. Here you
can see the display a little bit better. We’ve got independent control over the
front light stick, as well as the hideaways and the pattern, as well as
that winch, as I mentioned. Everybody always loves
the popular flood mode, so we went ahead activated that on our Wicked Stick
4-head also with that Mini 6 controller. Let me show you how much
light the 4-head Wicked Stick throws out in the shop. Alright, so here you can
see the messy shop. We’re just running the hideaways right now. If we turn on
the Wicked Stick, you can see how much more light is being thrown with the
Wicked Stick. We can even shut off the hideaways and just show you the Wicked
Stick and then we turn the Wicked Stick off. You can see how dark the shop
is. This is your flood mode. You can see the camera automatically adjusts but it
easily fills a 2,000 square foot shop with light. So I would equate this to
about the power of a set of standard headlights. The 4-head stick is just
about as bright as- it’s definitely brighter than fog lights, probably
approaching the brightness of headlights in reality, as far as what you
can light up with it. Easily light up a long to car driveway. Easily light up
most of an average sized backyard. No problem. As you can see, definitely get a lot of warning as well. There’s really not a whole lot of story
to tell around back. We simply have our ECO hideaway again,
installed in the OEM turn signal housing. You can install the high dome version of
the LED HAW DUO or the ECO. This particular one has the ECO but you need
a high dome version to reach in from the side and install your light but if you
have a 4Runner lens like this, you can easily install the hideaway right
from the side like that, after you remove the cover and you run the wiring into
the foam area and into the vehicle and you’ll all understand what that means when you take the light off the truck. As far as control, we just wanted to keep it
simple and easy and we ran it right here on the left side of the dashboard. We ran
our wiring straight down through a grommet, behind all of that and this
gives a nice appearance and a convenient location for the Mini 6 controller.
This new camera seems to focus a little bit better. I can usually never get these
in focus but as you can see here, we’ve got our power. We’ve got our hideaway,
which is our four ECO HAW’s in the front and the back, as well as winch in and
winch out, which controls the Rough Country winch we mounted inside the ARB front bumper. We’ve got a pattern change button for the front light bar. We’ve got
the front flood and the light bar switch itself and of course, we’re able to program the pattern change as a momentary button, as well as the winch in and winch out as momentary buttons and then the other ones are latching. So
when you turn the warning on they stay on. So you can indeed program momentary or latching on this controller without a problem. We mounted that right here on
the dashboard like so. I’ll show you where we went through the firewall. So
down here by the brake pedal on the 4Runner, there’s not a whole lot of room
in the factory boot. You could probably snake through the
factory boot but because we had quite a few cables coming through this vehicle,
we decided to use one of our sealed grommets there and we drill right
there next to the factory boot, 3/4 hole and you can run all of your wiring right
through there. That’s how we got through the firewall on this ’19 4Runner by
Toyota. Out here around front, you can see here
is our ECO LED HAW with our included piano black bezel and we mounted it
right there underneath the OEM headlight because one, the ARB bumper kind of takes over the lower presence and it does a very good job of warning. Very small. Fits
in their area easily and that is primarily empty behind that plastic
panel, so it’s fairly easy install. We were able to mount our Wicked Stick
right to the top of the ARB bumper like that and inside that ARB bumper hiding
down there, is a Rough Country winch with some very nice synthetic rope. We can
take care of all that. There you go. Look at that beautiful rope. That’s a
shop job of course, a little bit hard to ship all that but if you want us to
quote you something like that, you can always send an email. Check the
descriptions in the video for the links to the lighting in this build and thanks
again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and
emergency safety and strobe lighting equipment for cars, trucks, vans, buses,
boats, UTVs, SUVs and anything else that you can put a light on.

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