5 Best Range Bags [Review]: Osage River, Orca Tactical, 5.11

– What is the most tactical, practical, and well thought-out range
bag on the market today? Stick around because
you’re about to find out. (mellow music) What is up, guys? My name is John with PewPewTactical.com, your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides, and all things that go bang. Now, if you are anything close to a regular shooter, I
don’t need to tell you how crucial having a durable and well-designed method of
transporting your handguns, ammunition, magazines, and tools to and from the range is, which is why today, we’re
going to be taking a quick look at five of the most popular
range bags readily available and hopefully giving
you enough information to make an informed decision regarding what pew purse is right for you. If you’re with us here on YouTube, peep the description below for a link to the full article. Or, if you’re already on Pew Pew Tactical, congratulations, you found it. Without further ado, let’s
get right on into it. First up is the undisputed
king of range bags, as far as Amazon customer ratings go, the Osage River range bag. Designed around carrying a handgun or two, and maybe 200 rounds of ammo
if you’re good at Tetris, the Osage River bag
features a Velcro divider that allows you to
partition the storage space to your liking, and each
of the large side pockets contain five pistol
magazine pouches a piece. The bag’s lightweight,
feels pretty durable, and has some nice rubber
feet on the bottom to ensure that it doesn’t
move around too much. The shoulder strap does the job, but might be a bit too thin if you’re carrying a lot of ammo. This is the light-duty variant of the bag, but the standard version does
offer a bit more storage space if you’re feeling a bit cramped. And the side pockets on the big guy hold seven pistol mags a piece, as well. Sitting right in the Goldilocks zone between large and small bags, the Orca Tactical range
bag is the perfect mix of portability and carrying capacity, and is a great option if you’re going to be shooting multiple guns or bringing tools along
to the range with you. One thing I personally
love about this range bag, compared to the other options, is the inclusion of four rifle and six pistol magazine pouches, allowing you to neatly
and safely stow your mags, rather than having them float around loose inside your Gucci gab bag. In addition to having a
thick-width 2C shoulder strap and rubberized feet on
the bottom of the bag, it’s also got a large Velcro panel surface so you can rep your
set on the firing line. Overall, the Orca Tactical range bag is a durable and well thought-out option with some smart storage designs that won’t break the bank. Now, if you literally just need some kind of container to transport your loose items to the range and your
five-gallon Home Depot bucket isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s hard to go wrong
with a good ol’ ammo can. There’s obviously not much to say here, as it’s literally just a rectangular box with a locking lid, but
for storing ammunition and maybe some small tools, they’re hard to beat for the price. Last up on this list is the absolutely gargantuan
5.11 Tactical range bag. Clearly designed by shooters, this guy’s got an absurd
amount of storage space with a ton of different configurations to make sure that you’ve
got your gear segmented to your liking. In addition to the
cavernous main compartment, you’ve got an assortment of external magazine pouches as well, the largest of which is capable of holding eight
double-stacked pistol mags. This bag’s got ample space for securely stowing
your handguns, as well. And if you’re the kinda guy that brings the kitchen sink to the range, this might well be the bag for you. Alright guys, that’s
gonna do it for us today. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this content, please go ahead and
subscribe to the channel, as we’ve got lots more reviews and comparisons on the way. Once again, I’m John
with PewPewTactical.com, and we’ll see you next time.

17 thoughts on “5 Best Range Bags [Review]: Osage River, Orca Tactical, 5.11

  1. Correction- King of range bags is the 5.11. I GUARANTEE you, once you own one you'll constantly say to yourself it's the best money you've EVER spent & you'll NEVER want another bag!

  2. So glad you guys got your own channel. Found your website earlier this year, but I enjoy videos way more. Looking forward to good stuff"

  3. UTG All in one Range Bag is without a doubt the best range bag you can get for 40$..if you can find one.

  4. So glad you guys got your own channel. Found your website earlier this
    year, but I enjoy videos way more. Looking forward to good stuff"

  5. orca =s#!t they ripped me off
    its cheap s#!t for airsoft kids
    they make cheap s#!t in china and put orca brand on it I GOT SCREWED never buying orca crap

  6. Find the most expensive most compartmentalize overpriced underconstructed rig so you can look tacticool but cant hit the broadside of the barn while wearing your $45 tang top to the rifle range.

  7. This video sucks, you don't show the internal compartments and how they can be arranged.

  8. Wish they made a range bag that was Canadian legal in terms of legally storing ur ammo and ur pistols in the same bag. Up here, you can't transport ammo in the same container/bag as the firearm and both ammo and firearm also have to be separately locked.

    If there was a bag that had 2 separate non-adjustable compartments/partitions (one side for ammo and the other for your pistol) and have large zippers for each partition, so you can put a small "luggage" lock through, than every gun owner in Canada would buy that bag.

    I hate having to carry my pistol in a bag and still having to carry a separate container for my ammo. Someone needs to make this all in 1 bag that complies with Canadian laws.

  9. Talk like a regular person and not someone from an infomercial you see at 2:30 a.m.. Jesus.

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