5 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You – Personality Development & English Lessons

Hi friends I am Niharika and welcome back
to a new lesson. Today we are gonna look at five body language tricks that would make
anyone instantly like you. Now definitely, It’s important that people should like us.
It kind of boosts up our confidence. So most of the people that I meet are very much in
love with themselves, very much interested in themselves. So how do we capture and hold
their attention towards our conversation or towards us without saying a word. Well, its
a wonderful body that would help to capture and hold their attention. So we are gonna
look at these ways to win friends and to influence people. The first trick that I have for you is, The
flooding smile. Please do me a favour, please smile. Definitely It’s very important to smile.
Now of course this doesn’t mean that you keep grinning all day long, keep grinning that
would not help. That would not impress people either, because they would think that you
do this for everyone. So not that impressive, what you need to do is the moment you greet
people, give a very positive warm responsive smile. So the smile should flood over your
face and that would stipulate good feelings. It would give a very positive feeling to the
opposite person and will show that you are really happy and your’e feeling very glad
to meet this person. So do smile, because it works The second trick that I have for you is, Sticky
eyes. So what are sticky eyes? Well, eyes are the most important part of our body and
here what I mean is don’t break eye contact. Now when you are talking to someone pretend
that you are completely glued to the conversation. Like your eyes are completely glued to the
conversation that you’re having with the opposite person. So this brings a little bit of confidence
in the opposite person, that Oh yes he’s listening to him, to me and he is very interested in
what I am saying, so this would make him or her to like you instantly. Now even when the
conversation ends, do not just look away. What you need to do is reluctantly or slowly
look away from that person that your’e talking to, so which means that don’t break your eye
contact instantly. The third trick that I have for you is the,
Big baby pivot. Now here what I mean is people are very concious that how a person would
react to them, so when you meet someone make sure that you turn completely, turn your body,
keep your head straight and your tore sell straight, when you are meeting someone. You
don’t have to just look back and say hello to him, that’s not right. So give a completely
undivided attention like you would do it for a baby. If a baby crawls up to you and you
know is trying to seek attention, of course with open arms and with a straight body, you
are gonna give him that undivided attention. So that’s what even every adult likes. He
will be highly impressed, if you do that, complete attention is what everybody loves. The forth trick that I have for you is, Limit
the fidget. So here what I mean is, if you want to appear credible, do not move much,
when you are having a conversation with someone, not professional and definitely not appreciated
by anybody, so do not move much. Also stop fidgeting with your hands, like stop wiggling
or even stop scratching like many people have a habit of scratching, while they are talking
or you know scratching in this manner, doesn’t look good at all. So please stop that, also
even if you are really tempted to look at your phone to see what emails have you received
or what messages have you received. Stop multitasking, please give or please be attentive to the
conversation that your’e having, this would impress the opposite person. The fifth and the last trick that I have for
you is, Use your hands. Hands the most important part of a body, do use them. Well, do not
cross your hands, crossing your hands or your arms shows disinterest or boredom. Are you
really bored of a conversation? Well, yes then you can cross your hands, just kidding
but do use your hands, when you are talking to someone. In fact I read it somewhere that
when you use your hands, while you are talking. It helps active speech production, which means
it helps you to take those words out, you know your mind is set that you have to use
these words or use this vocabulary. So it’s the hands that help you to take it out of
your mouth, so do use it. Do not stand straight or do not cross your hands, while you are
talking to someone. So this brings me to the end of this session. Do use these tips, because our body language definitely speaks out better. People will like you, if you end up using
these tricks, if you end up using all your body gestures in a wonderful manner and of
course, do subscribe to my channel and you will be posted with lots of videos. I’ll be
back with a new lesson for you. Till then you take care.

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