5 Reasons to visit ODESSA, UKRAINE in summer 2019

[Russian] Hi from Odessa, Ukraine!
[English] Welcome to Odessa Mama my spiritual home here in Ukraine on the shores of
the Black Sea it is early summer and I’m super excited because it’s the start of another summer
season but should you bother coming to Odessa anymore it’s 2019 you want to go
and check out my summer videos from 2018 and 2017 go link them up on a card and
down below in the description but maybe just maybe Odessa is a little bit passé a
so in this video I’m going to give you five reasons why you should consider
coming to Odessa this summer let’s go! So the first reason why you should
consider coming to Odessa this summer are the prices and that doesn’t
mean just because it happens to be cheap it’s the value for money you’re gonna
get here in Ukraine that is unmatched in the rest of Europe in my opinion my
experience now prices have been increasing though since the annexation of Crimea
and the war in Donbass and obviously the revolution with EuroMaidan the currency
took a huge drop it depreciated by about sixty sixty to seventy percent that means
the prices here were incredibly cheap now that has started to change there is
a bit of inflation in the last a year or so and definitely this summer prices are
more expensive than the previous one but for value for money I just haven’t seen
anywhere else that’s gonna compete with you know Odessa as a seaside resort
seaside city in Europe it’s still gonna be half the price of going to most
of your other options in Western Europe and Central Europe it’s noticeably
cheaper here as you can see it’s a very very hot summer’s day late May and
already it feels like the heart of summer here and it’s not just about you know
low prices because then a lot of the time places are just tacky and that’s not what
you want you want something that’s gonna be high level and where your dollar your
euro pound is gonna go a lot further and here in Odessa for sure it provides
excellent value of your money it’s in my experience maybe even compared to
Central Europe it’s like noticeably 50% cheaper still
here in Odessa so that’s reason number one I just got back into the shade so
somewhat as a corollary to point number one or reason number one and it’s gonna be
reason number two is the ambience here the restaurants the entertainment just a
vibe the Odessan humor it just provides a very unique experience in terms of just
amazing food and options I just love different variety of cuisine that you
have here it’s not just Ukrainian obviously and I personally I happen to
love Georgian cuisine one of my favorites and that you find here find
also like Crimean Tatar you’re gonna find obviously more international food
like Italian very high quality what else see how if you have Moldovan otherwise known as Bessarabian Odessa cuisine Jewish cuisine you just have
you know an amazing variety that you’re not gonna see definitely not in Western
Europe and even in Central Europe and even when you go further you know to the
east to Russia it’s still not exactly like in Odessa I think it really has the
uniqueness about it and that’s my second reason to consider coming here so reason
number three and it’s a very obvious one you probably thought I was gonna start
with it actually which is of course the beauty of the local girls of Odessa yeah it’s another reason to come here
and especially with the atmosphere the party atmosphere the beach scene here in
Odessa obviously it’s a place where not just girls from Odessa but from other
parts of Ukraine and maybe Belarus in particular come to hang out let loose
and have fun during the summer so that’s another reason for you to clearly come
here to Odessa Mama Reason number four is what’s right
behind me there you should be able to see it is the Odessa Opera House and the
architecture because this city like I was saying in my Odessa Summer 2018
video it’s not a typical say Russian or Ukrainian city I mean this was founded
during the Russian Empire that’s why I say Russian as well it had a lot of
influence from further west in Europe and you can see that reflected in the
city’s architecture which was very heavily influenced by architects from
Austria Italy France you can see a lot of names like the founder of the city
Richelieu Langeron de Langeron so you can hear the French influence
and you can see that reflected in the architecture of the city it’s not a
typical Ukrainian city in the traditional architectural sense or you
know the fact that the Soviets had to rebuild a lot of Ukraine and that meant
that they built it in that kind of ugly Stalinistic way here you have a lot of
the original architecture of course then when you go down the coast you get that
beach scene and just that seafront that goes on for kilometers which gives it a
obviously a very maritime appearance and that is something that’s part of the
city’s DNA it is a port and the fact that it’s by the sea and personally I grew up
in Ireland so for me coming here that’s why I said it feels like my spiritual home
really Odessa it’s really is an amazing place and I love being by the sea
especially the weather’s like this man. incredible! okay all right then I’m gonna take off
because I got a I actually have to go to Lviv today okay thank you bye bye so
that’s cool seeing the influence already today that these videos are having on
people who visit Odessa that’s the second person has come up to me who watches the
channel so the fifth reason is the language and that’s because people here
speak in Russian in daily life like I know of course that the official
language of Ukraine is Ukrainian and I have a lot of other content about why I learnt
Ukrainian but here in Odessa people speak Russian in everyday life and
definitely that is a plus for me because they speak it in a very peculiar special
way Odessan humor or ‘Odessan humor’ and yeah it just adds a different flavor
especially once you’ve gotten over that initial kind of basic level of Russian and if
you’re considering to learn Russian this is a great place to consider doing it
you’re gonna have a fantastic time you’re gonna be by the seaside and
that’s something I really encourage you to do is just at least get to that basic
level it will transform your traveling here and this is the city to do it in that’s it for today’s video this Tip
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it brings me to a very good point you know you’re watching my videos like a lot
of people have come up to me on the street today in Odessa and why don’t you
go come and live the tsar experience with me and how you do that is you write
can write me an email at [email protected] you can DM me
on Instagram and what’s gonna happen there is they’re gonna send you a few
questions to make sure that it is a good fit for both of us to work together
potentially and then we’re gonna jump on a free ten minute strategy call and
gonna discuss how you can come and live the tsar experience because you know
what are you doing next weekend like next weekend I’m heading to Minsk for
example with a client it could be you and that is the thing you know we tend
to have this tendency to keep putting things off and think I’ll do it someday but
if you’ve been watching these videos and this is what you want to live then
definitely you should write me and we will jump on that strategy call if it
works out and it could be you next weekend it might be here in Odessa
Odessa Mama or it could be in Kiev it could be Minsk could be another city in
Eastern Europe I am actually gonna be going to Russia very very soon I’m
starting to ramble on at the end of this so до свидания до побачення see you in the next video! [Russian] – Hello! – Hello! – How beauty you speak … – Thanks – You wouldn’t have a … you

53 thoughts on “5 Reasons to visit ODESSA, UKRAINE in summer 2019

  1. Thanks mate useful information. How much $ u suggest for a one week visit for 2?

  2. …..When I was in Russia, it was 29 :1 exchange…It's far better now, but even then it was mind- boggling how far your tourist dollar went…Adds the icing to the cake when things are 1) Cheap….2) Having you surrounded by girls…..3) An astoundingly good exchange rate…

  3. Hello, I confirm everything Conor said, I visited Odessa first time because I watched Conor's film on YouTube, I fell in love with Odessa, this is my third and the longest visit in Odessa, tomorrow I am leaving and I am crying ha ha. This time I had a bonus, I had a chance to meet Conor in person in the front of the Opera, my favourite place in Odessa. Thank You Conor, you are doing a great job, and speaking about money, I am from Krakow, Poland and this is a cheap holiday for me, so if you are living in western Europe imagine you can have a tasty meal with delicious ukrainian beer served by beautiful waitress at the price of a cup of coffee in your city. ps. learn some russian, it helps here. Artur

  4. and I recommend this great polish comedy about Odessa, russian version,

  5. Awesome video! I'm going to Odessa next week as my first ever solo trip, and really excited! How long do you recommend staying there for?

    P.S. would have loved to hear the end of the convo with the lady who asked if you teach English haha

  6. Thanks for your valuable information. If I can go to Odessa in this August, it seems to be my second time to visit Odessa. Because I like to take a photograph, therefore Odessa is one of the greatest places in Europe to take a photograph. Have a nice weekend and hope that you will continue to upload valuable video via Youtube

  7. I love your 🇬🇧british english more than 🇺🇸 american english, пока пока увидимся

  8. Conor, I saw five reasons to visit Odessa at 2:36 and they were all adjacent to one pair of cut-off shorts!!! OMG!!!

  9. Enjoyed this video, Conor. Odessa looks like a beautiful port city that's affordable. Love the old architecture. Looking forward to more videos from you.

  10. Odessa is a really nice little town I really liked it except half of it or more seems to be uphill and some of the inclines are very steep and my legs are terrible, they hurt like hell when I use them. It was clean, no bugs, and I did not notice anyone wearing cologne or perfume that would choke a horse or any strong or bad odors, there was really a nice spirit most of the time,God(Jesus) goes with me everywhere I go so that was probably what that was.

  11. Yes! Go to Odessa! The people are great. The food is great.
    The ladies look so nice because they dress so nicely. They still wear dresses in Odessa in casual situations.
    You can get an airbnb within 1 km of the Black Sea for 50 US dollars per day.
    I can't wait to get back.

  12. I lived in Odessa for 2 1/2 years and always looked forward to the summer. Plenty of restaurants and outdoor cafés, there was always something going on in the city so it was hard to get bored. Definitely a great place to spend the summer!

  13. Haha, Connor is on a level where he gets approached on the streets by girls 🤣

  14. hi from cyprys conor!maybe see you in odessa after 2-3 days!good job keep going

  15. Hi Conor! As you know it’s my favorite city in the world, how can you not love Odessa right! We may be there most of August, will you be around at that time? Thanks for the memories as you walk around the city! I understand about being your spiritual home, I will live there one day when my wife is ready to return home! Lol

  16. I lived in Odessa for 2 years. I became so attached to it, I did not want to leave. It is true, the cost of living and food is cheap. I love the culture of Odessa and yes beautiful women, but watch out, they see a big $ sign on the foreheads of foreigners and sees you as an opportunity to have a date at the restaurants of their choice where they return the following day to collect their 40% commission from the total bill. I've met many Westerners who return to Odessa once a year and make this their home away from home.

  17. Hey!

    71 year young retired American here! I pulled the plug last year and am fascinated with Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Spent my 1st three months on the beach in Durrës, Albania. Then 3 in Belgrade, 3 in Sofia, 3 in Montenegro then back to Saranda, Albania for the last 4 months! Loved all of them and their associated beautiful women👍, needless to say!

    I am leaving Albania again for another 3 month adventure on July 1. I had planned on a month each in Kiev, Odessa and maybe Bucharest…but…am burning out on all the moving so I’d like your opinion….One place for three months? Odessa or Kiev? I should say that I not speak either language😫

    It would be fun hearing your advice and if our paths ever-would cross, throwing one or two back together! If it’s easier for you, and if you’re interested, My E-mail address is: easier you could contact me via email at. [email protected]

    Thanks for all your hard work for the channel and enjoy Ukraine!

  18. Hi Conor – Hoping to be in Ukraine in September. does it get cold by then?

  19. I totally agree with the beauty of Odessa architecture and the nice summer vibe. True also, all is of very good value, not only about being cheap. I remember of awesome Italian restaurants with amazing cuisine, like I have never come across anywhere else in Europe. All that with no Russian/Ukrainian, but as I'm learning for next time, that will probably only make the experience even better! Thanks for your videos, watch them often, but don't always take the time to leave a comment, done now 🙂 – Simone

  20. You are great! I enjoy your videos. You are in the details and show the real life!

  21. 7:30 – Nice blanket. 🙂 Is it cold there? Maybe that was a morning shot.

  22. Спасибо за мой город thank you from my Odessa

  23. have you visited the Odessa Steps? You have any idea of their significance?

  24. Catherine the Great built Odessa as a major imperial city along the Black Sea. For strange reasons, it is now Ukrainian which should not have been. Anyway, there is Sochi and Crimea for the Russians to go to now.

  25. Great video, man! I'll visit Ukraine on August (First Odessa and then Kyev). In order to exchange money to get some hryvnias in Ukraine, do you think it's going to be better if I exchange from euros or rubles?

  26. Hope they speak enough English 😅 otherwise I’ll be screwed

  27. I'm going to Odessa with my husband, who's white and two small kids. I was too impulsive and didn't do much research on the country prior to booking the trip – i guess I just thought it was in Europe so it must be Ok. And I didn't know the crisis with Russia was an ongoing issue – because there hasn't been any news coverage of late. Anyway, is Odessa safe for black people? Can anyone who lives there or has visited share their experience? I'd really appreciate any advice as I'm very close to cancelling our trip at a risk of losing all the money we've already paid. I just can't risk my kids' safety. Most government website advise against travel to certain areas and they advice caution in the rest of the country, but i just want first-hand experience from people who know Odessa. Thanks

  28. Authentic and inviting description of the key facts of this charming city! I will go there in August (12th to 26th) for the third time to enjoy Odessa and also to improve my Russian skills in a course 🙂

  29. What a spectacular city!
    What are rental prices like in Odessa? I can't lie……your videos have me thinking about Odessa rather than Kyiv.

  30. Is it warm in September? Have a trip on Sep 1-9 to Odessa

  31. Mr. Conor. Thanks for sharing your video with us. I plan to go to Odessa mama on the next Thursday from Seoul as my summer vacation. I will take many photographs with beautiful scenery in Odessa mama and watch many operas and ballets in Odessa opera house. And I also hope that I can see many какая красивая Украинка in Odessa as well. Have a nice day !!

  32. Хорошее видео ! Девушка в конце хорошо вписалась с курсами )

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