5 Scary & Unforgettable Moments Broadcast Live Around the World

Probably the most disturbing and horrific thing ever broadcast live around the world was the 9/11 terror attacks. Some of the images seen that day will remain with those who viewed them for the rest of their lives, and almost all have a story of what they were doing that day when the live TV broadcast was shown and people tuned in. But over the years, and with the emergence of more sophisticated technology, TV channels have been able to broadcast many previously unseen events live to our living rooms and while most of them are memorable for a good reason, Every so often things are transmitted that cause the audience to be shocked, scared, or anxious as frightening events unfold in front of their eyes, often and intentionally due to being live. Here are five such events that were broadcast live around the world, some with truly tragic outcomes. Before we start, hit the notification bell for this channel. It seems YouTube haven’t been sending the videos out to many of the subscribers, and if you click the bell you’ll be guaranteed to be notified on each upload Enjoy Slobodan Praljak Slobodan Praljak, a Bosnian Croate who is a successful and respected professor, film and theatre director, businessman, writer, and former general from the Croatian army and the Croatian Defense Council between 1992 and 1995 was accused of failing to prevent the armed forces under his command from committing many crimes of which, he was informed of, and that he could foresee On November the 29th, 2017 during a live broadcast in a courtroom the world was shocked when Slobodan, who had just lost his appeal against a currently-serving 20-year prison sentence, declared, I, Slobodan Praljak, reject the verdict.
I am not a war criminal. He then drank from a small bottle containing a brown liquid before saying, “What I am drinking now is poison.” Shortly after the cameras cut he slumped to the floor The proceedings were halted and medical staff were called in, who took Proljak to a nearby hospital where he later died. it was confirmed that he had ingested potassium cyanide, presumably liquid version, which led to heart failure. The question was, how did he manage to smuggle a vial of poison into such a high-security building or even get his hands on it in the first place? Now if, like me, you’ve always been interested in how exactly potassium cyanide destroys the human body and how he would have died I’ll quickly explain it In its simplest form, cyanide prevents cells from using oxygen to make energy Those who think it’s a pain free suicide are wrong. It’s said to resemble a massive heart attack as the body produces lactic acid whilst the cells become damaged and the body is deprived of oxygen, despite still being able to breathe. Death then follows shortly after if the dose is high enough. In Slobodan’s case, it most definitely was. An interesting side note: cyanide capsules such as the ones used by the CIA, are usually made of glass so when they are tubed the mouth would be cut, making cyanide enter the bloodstream even quicker killing the person in around 15 seconds. Waco siege On February 28, 1993 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms stormed Mount Carmel Center, a compound that was owned and occupied by a break-away sect from the Seventh-day Adventist church led by self-styled prophet David Koresh. The raid resulted in the deaths of four agents and six Branch Davidians. The raid was prompted after a local newspaper, the Waco Tribune-Herald, had published series of articles claiming, within the compound, there was criminal behavior. This included abuse of minors and illegal weapons stockpiling and that Koresh was having improper relationships with the young girls often with their parents consent. After the initial raid the FBI hostage rescue team took over and contact was established with Koresh from inside the compound. This was the start of a 51-day standoff that was played out live in front of the media. During this period some of the Davidians could be seen voluntarily leaving the compound but despite being seriously injured by a gunshot wound, David Koresh, along with his close male followers, refused to surrender and continually negotiated delays. The situation was being treated as a hostage crisis with agents believing many women and children were being held against their will by Koresh and his leaders. It wasn’t until April the 19th that the then US Attorney General Janet Reno approved FBI requests to forcibly remove the remaining sect members. During the course of the assault, the church building caught fire in mysterious circumstances And 80 Branch Davidians, including David Koresh, perished in the blaze. 22 of the victims were under the age of 17. However, in the aftermath of the incident it was confirmed that although federal law enforcement officers had not fired any shots that day, 20 people, including 5 children under the age of 14, had been shot and a 3-year-old had been stabbed possibly in some kind of murder-suicide pact. It was also concluded that the Davidians started the fires. For many years this has been disputed and conspiracy theorists and commentators who witnessed the events firsthand believe this is not the true version of the events that led to the death of 80 people and that the government is covering something up JetBlue Airways flight 292 emergency landing. On September 21st, 2005 JetBlue flight 292 took off from the Bob Hope Airport in California heading to JFK International Airport in New York. Shortly after takeoff the pilot realized that there was a serious problem with the landing gear as it didn’t retract as it should. A decision was then made to fly low over Long Beach airport to allow officials to assess the damage from the control tower before attempting to land. It was established that the nose wheel was rotating 90 degrees to the left. The pilot then made the decision not to land at Long Beach, but to travel to Los Angeles International Airport as the runways were wider and longer and the safety equipment was more up-to-date. The aircraft flew in a figure of eight for over two hours to burn off the fuel so as to lighten the plane, lower the risk of fire, and reduced the stress on the landing gear. Contrary to some news reports at the time the plane did not dump fuel into the ocean. The plane’s flight had hit the headlines and was being broadcast live around the world, and because JetBlue planes are equipped with DirectTV satellite television terrified passengers on board the flight were also able to watch live coverage on what was going on. On board the plane that day was an actress and also screenwriter Zac Dean who, while contemplating his mortality, wrote a script which eventually turned into the movie Deadfall. As the world watched the plane started to descend to make its landing. Emergency services and fire crews were assembled on the runway, and as the plane lowered the full extent of the twisted front landing gear could clearly be seen. But in an expert move the pilot was able to keep the plane on its back wheels for as long as possible before bringing the nose down. After being airborne for over three hours the plane finally came to a stop close to the end of the 11,000-foot runway. Less than seven minutes later the terrified passengers started to disembark. Japanese Tsunami On March the 11th, 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake shook northwestern japan and unleashed a raging tsunami. The effects of this catastrophic natural disaster were felt around the world. More than 120,000 buildings were destroyed, with hundreds of thousands more damaged beyond repair, and nearly 16,000 people lost their lives from the initial earthquake, the tsunami, and post-disaster health conditions and although it was not the largest tsunami in history, it was probably the most unexpected and left more than half a million people homeless The residents of Tokyo received a minute’s warning before the earthquake hit, and this is thought to have saved many lives by stopping high speed trains and factory assembly lines. But it was the massive tsunami that hit Japan’s coastlines less than an hour later they caused the most destruction and loss of life. The devastating strength of this mass surge of water was captured live on video and beamed around the world in some of the most disturbing footage ever recorded. The force of the gigantic waves wiped out entire towns and tossed cars and houses around. People’s lives were being washed away in front of their eyes and the world was powerless to help. In another terrifying twist the tsunami caused a cooling system failure at the Fukushima nuclear power plant which caused a level 7 nuclear meltdown. It was the world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. The earthquake and tsunami caused more than $210 billion worth of damage, making it the most expensive natural disaster ever. Space Shuttle Challenger In the weeks and months running up to the launch of the tenth flight of the space shuttle Challenger, newspapers and TV channels followed the journey of one of its astronauts. Her name was Christa McAuliffe, a teacher from Concord, New Hampshire, who had been chosen from more than an 11,000 applicants to be the first teacher and civilian in space as part of the NASA Teacher in Space Project. The plan was that she would conduct experiments and teach two lessons from inside the shuttle. The project garnered a lot of media attention around the world and Christa appeared on various TV programs. After a year of intense training, Christa joined her fellow astronauts, Francis R Scobee, Michael J Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka Judith Resnik, and Gregory Jarvis, in preparation for launch day and, after a series of delays, on January the 28th, 1986 McAuliffe boarded Challenger with the other six crew members. On the ground were family, friends, and the assembled media. The launch was being covered live by CNN and a couple of other channels. But what happened next was horrific and beyond belief. In the aftermath of the disaster, it was concluded that the accident was due to a failure of rubber o-rings that provided a precious seal in the aft field joint of the shuttle’s right solid rocket booster. This failure was attributed to a design flaw as their performance was compromised by the low temperature on the day of launch. It’s thought that around 17% of Americans watched the live launch and saw the demise of the seven astronauts. The incident had a massive impact on everyone who witnessed it; especially the children, many of whom were watching in their classrooms and who still have vivid memories of the accident to this day. So that’s five horror moments caught live on TV and broadcast around the world. Thanks for watching. Appreciate life and the precious time you have on this planet and as always, I’ll see you in the next video.

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