5 Types of Content to Include in Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

alright alright alright good afternoon
everybody and welcome to expert influencer Academy happy 2020 I am your
host Charles Watson and today guys I wanna talk to you about five types of
content that you can include in your marketing strategies for 2020 you know
if you’re a fan of our channel and you’re a fan of the page
you will know that last year well a couple months ago I mean last year in
October I did a video and wrote a blog post about social media strategies for
small businesses and we all know that in an effective social media strategy you
gotta have four things that you gotta keep track of right in order for your
social media strategies to be successful number one you got to know your goals
you got to define your goals number two you got to define your target
audience number three you got a choose the right a social platform for you
number four you have to audit and measure your performance to see how
everything is doing in fact I will post this I could do this this is sweet I
will post that in the comments down below that is that blog post and I just
kind of want to build on top of that the other day I shared a post how to
monetize your content using the Amazon affiliate program and I got a lot of
questions and I got a lot of responses asking you know how do I do this what
what type of content do I do I produce what type of content should I be making
in order to capitalize on an affiliate program so today I want to share with
you guys five types of content that you can include in your marketing strategies
and on your social media platforms for 2020 the first type of content or the
first modality as I like to call it is images you could
share pictures these can come in the form of inspirational quotes every
morning on the expert Academy page influencer Academy page I try to start
the day with a motivational quote I have it branded with my company logo on it
and our website near the bottom so that it gives my brand a personal branding
touch you can do inspirational quotes you can do means funny means if that’s
your industry if that is your market you could do funny means inspirational
quotes pictures of yourself pictures of your brand pictures of your products
pictures of your services basically images any type of image and you always
want to personalize these images so you want to put something along with it so
like for Wednesday I’ll put you know Wednesday wisdom for Thursday I’ll put
Thursday thoughts for hashtags things like that or I’ll add a little blurb if
I share articles if I curate articles from you know success magazine or places
like that I’ll usually put my thoughts on top of it but images that’s that’s
number one type of content that you could share the second type of content
and this is the most popular in 2019 and will continue to dominate the social
media platforms at 2020 is videos just like this live videos will continue to
have priority on social media platforms if you really think about it these days
every social media platform has live video capabilities just like Facebook so
videos now what kind of videos can you produce I have covered this many many
times but I will cover it again in this video the types of videos you could
produce our educational videos like this one informative videos like this one
product review videos you know if you want to review a product
or anything like that you can do product review videos you can do first
impression videos if you get a new product we actually did one of those
last year for simply safe we acquired a simply safe home security system and we
videoed and made a video of us actually installing it and talking about how easy
it was to install and how easy it was to use and learn you can do those types of
videos unboxing videos you know these box services are still extremely popular
we used to do it with loot crate but then we cancelled our subscription
because a service went crappy but you know those makeup kits from like Jeffrey
star and Shane what’s-his-face are really popular these days
so if you subscribe to one of those you can make an unboxing video an
informative video a how-to video a tutorial video and product review videos
are probably the most the most popular that is cool and refreshing by the way
this video is brought to you today by Yeti I will have a link to Yeti down
below if you click on that link and you purchase yourself a Yeti I will make a
commission off of it it is that easy it’s that easy to integrate products
into your videos guys I just used a Yeti cup I’m gonna sink a link in the
description when people click on it I’m gonna make a commission off of selling
yetis that’s how it’s done so videos super popular I just gave you an example
go do it the next third type of content piece you can make is infographics and I
have actually started sharing more infographics on the expert Academy page
now an infographic is something that you know just a like a mean it’s usually um
cartoonish it’s usually graphic graphically heavy it’s usually visually
appealing and it shares some stats like I think the last infographic that I
shared on expert influencer Academy was actually how to create
eight content for 2020 so if you scroll down on the page you’ll be able to see
that infographics are really popular these days and I have to admit that in
my strategy moving forward for 2020 I totally plan on taking advantage of
infographics both curated infographics which means if I find one that I really
like I have a couple trusted sites that I’m gonna grab infographics from but I
also want to try to get into and build my skill and actually making
infographics myself remember guys entrepreneurship if you got an idea you
don’t know how to execute it it is your job your duty and your responsibility to
go out train yourself and acquire the skills necessary in order to to be
successful so definitely building infographics is something that I want to
specialize in is something that I want to concentrate in in 2020 you should as
well the fourth type of content is slide shares now slideshows are really popular
gaining traction in momentum especially on platforms like LinkedIn you know you
put like two or three slides together two or three visuals together this is
really great if like the the example that comes to mind is we have a client
they are interior designers and they do window treatments and an interior design
so sharing like a couple pictures of before maybe the middle process and then
after three to five pictures put together in a short slideshow is is very
effective and it’s a great way to show off your skills and it’s a great way to
show off your talents and it’s a great way to show off the products and
services that you offer as a brand and finally guys the fifth type of content
that you can start making and in integrating into your your marketing
strategies is reviews reviews you know reviews are super
powerful they really are any kind of review a review of a restaurant a review
of a product a review of a service a review of a vacation a review of a hotel
reviews are super powerful product review videos and just regular review
videos are super easy to make all it requires is a smartphone we all
have the tools at our fingertips the majority of smartphones today shoot in
1080p that is plenty to start creating content so the excuse of you don’t have
the equipment and stuff like that really doesn’t hold water anymore because the
majority of everyone has the power to create content and be an influencer in
their hands you know that the average smartphone today is more powerful than
the computer that the astronauts and NASA used to land on the moon that is
crazy that’s crazy talk all in our hands so there really is no excuses and review
videos product review videos are super easy to monetize like super easy to
monetize all you have to do is join an affiliate program like Amazon or if the
Best Buy Walmart Target all these major brands and all these major stores on
they all have affiliate programs and there’s also affiliate sites that you
could join like a Clickbank and share a sale all you got to do guys is grab a
product Amazon is my favorite though because it’s super easy Amazon is the
third largest retailer in the world behind Alibaba and and Walmart millions
of people have an Amazon account it is super trusted it has all the reviews you
could possibly need on a product all you got to do is order a product grab a
product get it home make a review about it use it share your honest opinion by a
yeti cup and then you’re good to go that’s in it’s super easy to monetize
and there’s people I mean us included we’re making an extra like two hundred
to five hundred dollars a month just shootin like one video a week talking
about a product we use everyday it is so easy so guys
there you go I went off on a tangent I apologize about that it just it just
blows my mind sometimes though to hear people complain when it’s really I mean
we live in an unprecedented time of opportunity today with with the internet
so I get kind of worked up about that it’s my passion to show people that you
don’t have to seven but there you go guys
five types of content that you can start making and sharing across the top five
social media platforms I had a gentleman ask me a good friend of mine Justin who
is the podcast King he actually got me into podcasting and he was actually a
pioneer in podcasting before it became super popular and he asked if he had a
podcast could he monetize his content and my response to that was any medium
any platform where you have a description or you can write some text
and sync some links in I know on pod being you can write a description for
your podcast because we’re actually on there anywhere you could sink links this
will work so this will work on Facebook this will work on LinkedIn this will
work on Twitter this will work on YouTube it will not work on Instagram
because you only get one live link in your description on Instagram a pod
being your blogs your websites anywhere you can post reddit tumblr it works
everywhere a blogger you guys use blogger we use blog anyway alright I’m
running I’m running block guys that was five types of content you can start
creating right now in 2020 to help grow your business or brand guys if you like
this video please give it a thumbs up and please share this video if you know
somebody that’s looking to break the 9 to 5 and grow their business or brand in
2020 we are here to help please share this video give it a thumbs up I wish
everybody a really Happy New Year a prosperous new year
thanks for tuning in and we will see you in the next video you

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