50 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars – Featuring Kariba Dam and the African Bush Elephant!

Today I’m going to give you an overview
of the Zimbabwe 50 trillion dollar banknote. Along with a basic overview, I
will also be adding in some historical context and interesting facts behind the
design. In 1980 the Zimbabwean dollar was established to replace the Rhodesian
dollar and signify the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom.
It’s face value was redefined three times before its eventual collapse in
2009 due to hyperinflation. The front side of the Zimbabwe 50 trillion dollar
is practically identical to the 100 trillion dollar banknote with changes
only in color from the light blue and orange that we know to a light green and
gray and a clear differentiation in denomination from the 100 trillion
to the 50 trillion. On the front side of the Zimbabwe 50 trillion dollar banknote
we see the famous Chiremba balancing rocks from Epworth, a Harare province
these rocks are said to represent the delicate balance between man and nature. This banknote has a hidden watermark that displays its complete denomination
when held up to a light source the letters RBZ repeat along the left side
of the banknote and are printed in a gold color shifting ink.
Lastly we see an under print of a cow with grains and a color shifting
security ink that features the country’s official emblem the Zimbabwe bird. The
back of this banknote is where the two designs truly differ.
Unlike the hundred trillion dollar banknote the 50 trillion dollar banknote
features the famous Kariba Dam that is formed by way of the Zambezi River Basin
which in turn creates Lake Kariba. The word Kariba is derived from Kariva, which means “trap” and refers to the local Tonga legend of the Zambezi River God
Nyaminyami who would trap canoes in the river and submerge them. To the right of
the Kariba Dam image we see the African bush elephant the largest living land
mammal on the planet. Seen here reaching for some leaves on the banknote, these
animals diets rely solely on the native plants. Thank you so much for tuning in,
please feel free to visit our website for more educational videos at banknoteworld.com

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  2. You look amazing, maybe you should consider making your own collectible bank notes.

  3. Another nice video. You've got clear pronunciation and a very attractive presentation. I've been slowly building up my collection through BW. 🙂

  4. Who is this presenter? Her voice is massively soothing. I just want her to read stuff at me

  5. At the next Long Beach Expo Im going to make a stop at The Banknote world store as well!! I can’t wait!!

  6. Im getting the $2 from 1980 how about that eh ? The Kariba dam is on the back of it aswell as a fish and on the front there is a Buffalo and the 3 balancing rocks ,pretty simple design but a very cool banknote . Do you guys have a 2$ from 1980 ? If you do you should make a video about it , You guys really like the Zimbabwe dollar , I wonder if my relatives in Zimbabwe have any of the 2008-2009 , but I do know my aunt has the 50 billion dollar, My cousin had to go through the hyperinflation , It must have been a struggle ……

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