57. Navigating the Tidal River Trent on my narrowboat

So I’m in Cromwell Lock now, there’s two
locks here. It’s a bit of a staircase and then it’s the tidal part of
the River Trent as well as five, six, seven hundred tonne
boats. Let’s just say I’m a little bit nervous and if I can follow the
charts everything will be fine. {incomprehensible shouting} However, before we even got out of the lock, the
paddles had to go into emergency shut down. The bow rope of the neighbouring
narrowboat had got caught on the ladder. {Tension Music} Nothing the lock-keeper hadn’t seen or
done before by the looks of it. The journey is to take me just under
five hours and as its tidal, requires a very different approach.
I’ll leave Cromwell Lock and head north along a rather windy (curvy) section of the
river just to the east of Sutton on Trent. I’ll pass the five distinct towers
of High Marnham Power Station and then after a final s-bend of navigation,
I’ll leave the River Trent and moor up just before Torksey Lock. The weir at Cromwell is the largest on
the River Trent and the huge lock is manned from 8:00 in the morning till
9:00 at night during the summer season. There are plenty of high and low mooring
spots available here but when I arrived, the only spot left was high.
This made Molly getting up on the roof of Alice and then on to the bank,
an interesting experience! Before I attempted to navigate this part of the
river it was important I had an anchor. Ensure it was to hand and obviously
ensure it’s actually connected to the boat. Lifejackets are required for all
crew. I won’t be traveling in the dark but if I did, I would have to have fully
installed red, green and white navigation lights. {Music} So far all things are going well. I’m
pleased to have the charts because there’s a little bit deceiving. You think
I’ll go on that bit. You look at the chart and it says no stay over to one
side. You stay over to the one side and you
get close and you realise actually, the bit you were going to go along, it’s
really shallow. There’s loads and loads of pointers,
buildings to look out for in the distance that you can line up to as well.
So very, very well worth purchasing. I’ve got one other narrowboat following me and
I think he’s basically following the wake
because when you go along on a boat it sort of creates a, like a clear path
almost. I think he’s just following that. I purchased the charts from the Cromwell
lock-keeper and they were £10.00 Silt builds up on the inner sections as
the river bends and the water moves slower. Despite my narrowboat having a
relatively shallow depth in the water, the lock-keeper told me just the day
before another narrowboat had got stuck on a shoal and had to embarrassingly
wait until the next tide before continuing their journey. {Sounds of water and light wind} Today I was not having any issues
and just plowed on. Some areas of the river are really quite
windy. Just around this corner is a sunken island called Normanton Island.
You apparently can’t see it at all from the water but because I’ve got the charts,
they’ve detailed extra level of detail for certain areas, and this is one of
them and it indicates to keep to my port side a lot more than in the centre
otherwise I will grind… grind myself? Ground myself and I’ll hear grinding! {Chuckle} Typical. Just as I come up to this sunken
island where I have to keep left, a great big cruiser is coming in the opposite
direction. I’ll go on the shallower bit because he
needs a lot more depth than me. {Music} There are not many mooring spots along
this section of the river. There is a pontoon here just before Dunham Bridge
with one 24 hour and one 48 hour mooring spot. If you get tied and decided to moor up here
instead of travelling onto the lock, it’s important to let the lock-keeper know
either by mobile phone or VHF radio. Just to the west is Cottam Power Station with
its large cooling towers. The power stations dotted along the river within
the Trent Valley produce more than a quarter of all electricity consumed in
England and Wales. The river’s water makes a plentiful supply for steam
production as well as cooling the steam, once it’s passed through
the generation turbines. Well I’ve arrived at Torksey Lock. I’m going to
walk up to the lock now and see if we can get through. I’ve just spoken to the
lock keeper. What’s really good is Cromwell Lock has
spoken ahead and told how many boats are coming up the river and this lock
keeper has been expecting us and will open the gate shortly and let us through. You need to have a long centre line for
Torksey Lock as the difference in water level is quite large. My 30-foot
centreline which reaches me on the stern was not long enough to reach up to the
lock bollard and back to me on the stern. So Jim the volunteer lock keeper was kind
enough to tie me up to the bollard and he kept an eye on its tension as Alice
rose in the lock. After passing a number of cruises I
moored up on the final mooring spot ready for my journey down the Fossdyke
Navigation. I was planning on heading down to the cathedral city of Lincoln.
Find out how I got on in the next episode. If you’ve not already subscribed
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