60 Second Security – Light Timers

Hi, my name is PC Chris Hayden. Welcome to a series of videos all around simple security tips. We’re going to do it all in under 60 seconds! This video is all about light timers, why use one, fitting and how they work. Burglars prefer an empty or unoccupied home. The idea of a light timer is to trick a burglar by lighting up your home and making it look like somebody’s in. They take very little time to install, they’re cheap and you can get them from lots of local shops. So I will show you how easy these are to use. Firstly, set the arrow to the correct time. Now by pushing down the outside segments select the period of time you want the light to go on and off. There is an override switch if you need it on the side. Plug the timer into the wall and the lamp into the timer, making sure of course that the lamp is in the on position to start with. In this short clip from real CCTV footage, on a street in Greater Manchester, watch how effective a light on in your home can be in deterring burglars. This is simple security, but effective!

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