65. Narrowboat journey from Leeds to Castleford. St Aidan’s Flooded Mine and HUGE Canal Locks.

Oh wobbly jetty, wobbly jetty. We’ve got stay very very still [laughing] It’s still going in isn’t it. It’s you you got the shakes haven’t you
from all that wine. Oooooh We’re in Leeds if you haven’t already guessed, it’s very
noisy. There’s like lots of work going on there, big new buildings sprouting up out
the ground and we are in Granary Wharf. We’ve got a huge great apartment
building on one side of us. Massive! It’s like a big tube, like a big toilet roll
tube with windows in it [laughs]….. and it’s not made of cardboard. I hope there’s nobody living in there watching. And then on that side is the Hilton Doubletree. It’s actually
a hotel it’s not trees it’s not like two trees it’s a hotel. So we’re between
locks 2 and 1 on the Leeds and Liverpool canal, it’s the beginning or
the end of the Leeds and Liverpool canal whichever way you want to look at it.
And it’s kind of sad cos we’ve now finished the Leeds in Liverpool,
it is a bit sad because it’s a lovely canal. We’ve got some lovely footage.
New canals to explore. But yeah, new canals, so tomorrow or the day after, we’re going to
drop down onto the Aire and Calder Navigation. It’s gonna be a bit special
because the Aire and Calder is like our home canal isn’t it? Yeah it is. where
we used to live. We used to work in Leeds. I used to work in the railway station
which is just above us there we met in Leeds, we grew up in Leeds and so it’s
kind of like our home city. But the Aire and Calder navigation will take us
down towards Castleford which is where we lived for years, many years, 20 odd
years. But it’s nice to kinda come back into civilization even if it’s just for
a couple of days, tomorrow we’re gonna head out down through the river lock,
lock number 1 onto the Aire and Calder and it’s mostly river, we go down the
River Aire towards where it meets the River Calder at Castleford
and we’re gonna more up there for a couple of days. Get some family on board. [laughs] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] It’s a beautiful morning. We’ve just
set off from the river lock, lock number 1 off the Leeds and Liverpool canal.
We’re now on the River Aire of the Aire and Calder Navigation main line ahead of
us. Just about to go under the Leeds Bridge, we’re heading for the next lock
and we’re just going to stop off and use the services. [Music playing] [Boat horn sounding] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] Bye-bye Leeds…. By Leeds! It’s actually been really nice to get
back into civilisation for a few days. But it’s good to get back out. It is nice to leave.
Although I don’t know about you but it feels a bit weird leaving Leeds, cos it’s
like we’re leaving home again, do you not feel that? No. I do.
I get homesick really easily. So when I’m leaving places that I’m
familiar with, it kinda makes it feel a bit sad. Ooooh look at that, it’s like World
War 2. God look at all those sandbags. But saying that, we’ve left Leeds and
we’re on our way down to Castleford, which is where we used to live, we lived
there for many years I’m actually not sure if I’m looking
to going back to Castleford. It was recently voted the worst place in
Britain to live. It’s very tired. It could do in a bit of a….. Boost! Yeah. [Music playing] One of the things I love about the locks
on the Aire and Calder Navigation is, A: the size, some of them are like 200
feet long and they were built that way on purpose
to get all that commercial traffic through and they all still have these
well kind of new type of lock keepers cottages, I suppose you could call them
like control rooms and the lock keepers now move from lock to lock to help the
commercial traffic up and down the Aire and Calder Navigation towards Leeds and
Goole…. and all the lock mechanisms are now electrified, so all you need is a
British waterways key you don’t need to open and close the lock gates and wind
the gate paddles up and down, none of that anymore. Just touch a button.
Which I’m going to show you in a second [Music playing] The Aire and Calder really follows route
of the River Aire between Leeds and then down towards Goole, but there’s a lot of
weir’s on the river, especially between Leeds and Castleford and just after
Castleford. So they built Locks to get around these weir’s,
but sometimes the river can flood because it’s a river it flooded the
other day while we were in Skipton with all this heavy rains, so if you just
look behind me you can see at the side of the lock gate it’s like a colored
board that comes with power at the water it starts off red then you’ve got orange
amber and then you’ve got green. So as long as the river is on the green part
you’re all right to go if it goes onto the orange you’ve got proceed with
caution because the current might be flowing fast because the rivers rising
or coming out of flood, if it’s on red don’t to it, because the river is in
flood and the currents are gonna be so strong it can be quite dangerous and it
once happened to us on our last boat we were actually on this river in some
heavy rains it been raining for a few days and the river level was rising as
we were on it. By the time we got to Altofts where we would go in the lock
lights were flashing red and it was red on the board behind us, so we were lucky
to get off in time. [Music playing] Tucked away on the outskirts of the
southern end of Leeds on the Aire and Calder Navigation is this…
It’s Thwaite Mill. and there’s been a mill on this little
island next to the River Aire for like 380 years. Not in this form though, this was
redeveloped about 200 years ago and they put two water mills in that run from the
weir and have milled all sorts over the years, seeds and Flint and China and even
made Putty up to like 40 50 years ago and the two water mills are still going.
So the mills, the warehouse, the managers house, the stables are all like
self-contained on this island and there were self-sufficient. It was only a few
years ago that they actually got electricity into this place. [Music playing] We just realised that today is three
months since we moved on to Silver Fox Oh Wow yeah. Even you didn’t know that did you? No. Three months Well we’ve out done how along we lasted
on the first boat by about… three months. [laughs] even Dillon’s laughing. Yeah.
If you can hear panting it’s Dillon it’s not Shaun.
So yeah three months. In three months we’ve gone from Rufford to Liverpool to
Rufford, up the Lancaster, back down the Lancaster All the way across the Leeds
in Liverpool. Now we’re on the River Aire. and yeah we’re back where we started
three months ago, well not on the boat, but we moved from this area.
Any regrets yet? Absolutely none! What would you have changed if you could
change anything? Errrr nothing. Really? Yeah. I’ve loved it all so far. It’s supposed
to be less stressful and it isn’t less stressful, it’s different stresses….
different stresses yeah. The way of life is better for me and I think
we’re more relaxed overall, which is what we wanted but I was never under any
illusion that it was gonna be stress free. we never got any time together before
did we? No, that’s one thing that’s changed, coz I was working
like six, seven, eight hours a day and he was working… Crazy shifts! Yeah.
I mean with traveling time like ten, twelve hours sometimes five days a week. Yep… Yep.
So we are getting on each other’s nerves a bit now. No! He’s getting on mine [laughs]
I get on everybody’s nerves [laughs]…… except Dillon’s. Except Dillon’s, he’s laid on
his back ones in his chest rubbed. Right are we off? Let’s go.
Come on then, back on the boat. [Music playing] After leaving Woodlesford, we soon
arrived at Lemonroyd marina near Methley. Now Methley is where my grandparents
lived it’s where my mum was raised and it’s where I was born, so it’s a bit of a
special place for me. It’s also where we were offered our very first mooring when
we had our original boat 15 years ago. Now you’ll know that Yorkshire is well
known for coal mining and St Aiden’s pit was right next to the River Aire
here and back in 1988 the subsidence from St Aiden’s along with some
geological faults that ran underneath the canal on the river both gave way and
it caused the bank of the River Aire to collapse and it flooded the entire
opencast mine, three million seven hundred thousand gallons of water poured
from the river into this opencast mine. So the River Aire flows down here from
Lemonroyd and the River Calder a few miles away comes in from Wakefield,
it joins the River Aire at Castleford and then it flows on towards Goole and the
Humber. Now when the bank failed not only did the downstream River Aire flow into
the site, but the River Calder the miles away flowed upstream into the River Aire
from Castleford. Now it cost over 20 million pound and about seven years to repair all the
damage and they actually rebuilt and re-routed the river and the canal away
from the breach, it took years to re-route and rebuild the river and before the
bank collapsed there used to be two locks on the canal here but when they
re-routed it they replaced Kippax Lock and Lemonroyd Lock with just one
single Deeper lock, which is this one Lemonroyd, it’s where we are now.
30 years later it’s actually quite nice the flooded mine is now a Country Park it
opened about five years ago and it’s looked after by the RSPB. [Music playing] We are back on the riverrrrr!
So that was Lemonroyd Lock, deep one… thirteen foot six, it’s like two and a bit of me.
God, can you imagine two of me? No! The bit might be alright, depends which
bit you want though doesn’t it. One’s enough. So Yeah that was Lemonroyd Lock.
The reason for it as you saw on the t’other side is the weir that comes down the
river and we’re now back on the River Aire and no more locks or Weir’s
hopefully, we’re going to go through Methley, through Allerton Bywater and then
into Castleford. YAYY! I’m looking forward to a takeaway when we get to Castleford. Another one… we’ve been living on takeaways this last three days. We had McDonald’s
Sausage and Egg Muffins for two days in a row. What about him that tried to get
on the boat. Oh yeah, a bloke tried getting on the boat
last night. Just because his girlfriend said “Ooooh we need to go and have a look at that boat”
No… the girl, they were walking by the side of the boat and the
girl went “Oh look it’s Silver Fox”, like that as well. “Oh look, Silver Fox, you’re a
silver fox, you need to have that boat” So the guy literally walked around and tried
to get on the boat. I have words! Shaun’s like… Oi… Beeeep [laughs] [Laughs] I’m sat the boat trembling. And we had
a guest on board as well. Yeah we had a guest. Kingfisher! YAYYY!
Our actual first Kingfisher. and you never saw it and it
wasn’t a packet of Dairy Milk. It was flying. That was a proper Kingfisher wasn’t it?
Yeah. [Music playing] We nearly got wet. Very!
It started absolutely belting it down, literally like 20 minutes before we got here,
but here we are. In Castleford. Back in Castleford, Classy Cas…. as it used to be known
It did didn’t it? It use to be know as Classy Cas. Nothing classy about it. It’s alright
it’s my kind of hometown in a way. It’s okay. As you come in towards Castleford
down the River Aire, you come to a junction at Castleford and you can
either turn left and you gotta be careful because it’s quite a hidden turn isn’t
it? onto Castleford Cut or you can turn right up the River Calder, that takes you
towards the Calder and Hebble and then the Huddersfield Narrow and the
Rochdale up that way. Or you can go straight on and go over the weir [Laughs]
Which Shaun nearly did. I didn’t see the turn. There’s already one barge stuck over there. It’s because it was raining so hard. So where we are now we’re at Castleford Cut visitor moorings,
but to say it’s not got a good reputation, the visitor moorings and the
services. Are really nice. They’re always really busy. It’s really tough to get in
the services and get some water. On our right side, so behind you there used to
be this massive chemical plant, my dad worked there and my granddad worked
there as well and it was it was closed down years ago after a big accident,
there’s an explosion. On the other side is Fairburn Ings
so we were talking about St Aidan’s flooding, well all the subsidence created
the Fairburn Ings over there so it’s like a… it’s another RSPB
Nature Reserve and that’s really nice for walking the dog or… well not when it’s
flooding. No, but it is beautiful over there. When it floods, it really floods. So we’re
going to spend a couple of days here. Dillan’s got to have a couple of teeth
out in a few days. So that’s going to impress him. That’s why we stay in here for a while. He’ll be alright. He’s mooching around, it’s all good,
he’s got no idea what’s on it’s way. So, I hope you’ve liked this vlog,
a bit different to the ones we’ve done over the last few weeks isn’t it?
If you have liked it, as usual please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe if you’re not
already and if you click the bell YouTube will let you know every
we have a new video out…. every Friday. It goes ding! DING! [laughs] Well I presume it does.
If you got any questions or comments or feedback leave them down below. It’s been nice to see ya,
hope you’ve enjoyed being with us and we’ll see you next time, take care, bye.
See you later. [Music playing] Are we even in shot now?
Yeah I think we’re in shot. Shower clouds coming. I can feel a draft up my gusset. Up your gusset? Ahhhhhh! and I never knew I’d be gaying it up and down the river one day.
Gaying it up? Yeah. There you go that was professional wasn’t it? [Laughing]. No! Errrrr…. Yeah First kiss on YouTube, oh my god that’ll
be it now. Some people think we’re of that persuasion because they’ve never seen
our wives. [laughing] I’m married I’m married, we’re both married I don’t know why people
think we’re gay [laughing] come on, I mean Shaun yeah, you can see it from space but…. [laughs] I fancy some fruit pastilles.
Where did that come from? I don’t know. I do now. We were getting stared at by a
couple back at Lemonroyd Lock it just looks like river.
Let’s go back to the Ribble Link. What do you think chuckles? Chuckles???
Chuckles. Chuckle Bunny. I was gonna say vagazzle, but that’s not what I meant.
[Laughs] vajazzle? What is vagazzle? [Laughs] Oh yeah… yeah.
A glittery Noonoo. [Laughs] I need a coffee [laughs] [Laughing] [Music playing]

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  65. nice place leeds, been doing some exploring on my own. but, is leeds canal the place where, you drain the canal, lift a hatch an find another river?

  66. Just wanted to tell you that your vlogs are awesome and help me so much to relax and enjoy life and the time I spend watch your adventures.

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