7 Days to Die Electricity Guide | A17 Basic @Vedui42 [KOR ENG SUB] ✔️

29 thoughts on “7 Days to Die Electricity Guide | A17 Basic @Vedui42 [KOR ENG SUB] ✔️

  1. We go back to basics and re-cover electricity in Alpha 17! Much is the same, perks different though!
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  2. this is where we should make our next base on saterdays goofy stream 😀 top of the mountain

  3. Hey Vedui! Nice video guide man thanks. I was wondering where can I find those UI mods you're using? Cheers

  4. Here's a note to make your alpha 17 base-building happier, I hope. It was my contention that zombie spike behavior was maligned, and I tried out my on theory here: https://youtu.be/VsHRgPfQoj4. The theory is simple: zombies see spikes as solid blocks. It's the jump cost they are avoiding, not the spikes, and that can be used against them. On the second half of the video I try out layouts that put spikes on the ground, so that the path through them is flat, and the result is zombies actually going for the spikes, instead of going down the ditch where spikes were broken.

    It's not the kind of base I've seen you ever build, but I think you can have exploiting that behavior against the zombies.

  5. good basic tutorial – as always 🙂 I dont unterstand why there is no wireless relay . they could implement it at high lvl for endgame-base-build. but these wires are such a pain. in a16 there was a way to implement such an item but i forgot how to do it.

  6. Nice tutorial, also your other videos seem well done and informative, you got my sub.

  7. Hello Vedui. Been a subscriber since alpha 16.4. You're one of the best 7dtd youtubers out there.

    7dtd is probably one of my favorite games of all time. Played hundreds of hours. I need help with something!!

    I see that you know stuff about xml and coding and all that. As a builder, one of my favorite parts of the games is lighting and electricity. Love to puts lights and traps and make it all neat by hiding the cables.

    As you know, Alpha 17 (which I love) has removed most of the workable lights in the game for now.

    On the 7dtd forums, there's a guy named FastBurst (if you write POI Light Enabler real time 7dtd on google, you should find it quickly) who made a mod or script or something making it possible to toggle POI lights (in creative mod) on or off without electricity. When we press E we can even customize light color, intensity and area covered. It was a God send hehe. He updated it to alpha 17 B240 but then stop. It doesnt work for this version since he needs to update it each time a new versions comes out. The original mod was from P_E_T_E.

    I would love it so much if you could make a video showing how to make POI and older lights work in game with this version (and new ones, when they come out) so that we could do it ourselves if possible. Make them customizable like FastBurst would be perfect. And maybe make them work with electricity. (Customize is important since the lights are very bright on default for now) But if you were to make them work with electricy I wouldnt mind for now hehe.

    I think a video like that could get views too since lots of people would be happy to have working lights (POI and old) for alpha 17, even more if they are customizable and or working with electricity.

    If you cant or wont make a video, any tips or help would be very much appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!!

  8. Don't know why this just popped up on my notifications, but its perfect timing. I'm just getting ready to start using electricity for the first time. Thanks!

  9. why for example my open sign doesnt work.i cant connect any wires to it .how to enable it

  10. Hi Vedui, i have a question off the subject. Have you had any vehicles physically disappear but remain in the map? I have a 4X4 and a gyro-copter that did for me. Any help on that subject please. thanks

  11. Unintended I'm sure but that sounded creepy. Brought back memories.
    "Welcome, Welcome to City 17. It's safe here" 🙂

    Thank you for the video.

  12. You need more subs man, how are you only on 4.6k ? So much work has clearly gone into the content of this video….. LIKED and SUBBED

  13. Does this work with auto turrets? I've connected a switch, relay, battery bank, and a generator bank: but the wire will not connect what so ever to an auto turret. We're approaching our 2nd blood moon on a 120 minute day, would be nice to have this fixed by then.

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