7 Foot Mound Builder Skeleton Found – Nephilim True?

Hey guys, here’s a piece of news that
shows that a giant mound builder who was over seven
feet tall was excavated. This was published on
October 2nd 1907 in a newspaper called the Sydney mail. It reads under the title science giant of 200 thousand years ago some of the
prehistoric peoples of two hundred thousand years ago where
Giants more than seven feet tall living on roots,nuts and raw meat. Considering this immense size, the individual of
these races had a ridiculously small brain but what he
lacked in intelligence was more than compensated for by
muscular development for he was twice as strong as the most powerful modern athletes. This ancient giant, the very earliest of which science has ever found a trace, lived and fought among Giants, say’s science siftings. The second paragraph
talks about how these giants hunted and so on. Skipping to the next one. All these and
many other facts have been gathered by Henry Osborr, professor of zoology Henry Ward, another professor of zoology and other scientists engaged in
the literal reconstruction of this prehistoric giant of two hundred thousand years ago. The Skull was found last month in a so-called red-Indian mound. Now, this confirms that
this giant was a mound Builder because he was found under a mound. Here’s a picture not a photograph but a drawing of the
reconstruction of the giant from its skeleton. We don’t know if the artist drew this
picture from what he saw or from his imagination but you can see how tiny human beings
look near his giant. You can compare that with
a picture of me standing next to a modern-day giant. Let’s read further: we now know that in
appearance he somewhat resembled the ape-man. In height this ancient was evidently, as we have just said over seven feet. The bones are large and heavy and there’s every indication of a
massive frame, enormous muscles and strength. These are just the important points that I thought were interesting. If you want to read the whole piece of
news you can click on the link below and read the entire article. So, what
do you think? Do you believe that the mound builders
were Giants? Are these mound builders somehow related to the Nephilim that the Bible talks about? All over the
world there are ancient civilizations which
believe that Giants built enormous megalithic
structures. Did these giants build these gigantic mounds all across the US too?
What do you think? Please let me know your opinion in the
comments section, thank you for watching and talk to you soon

14 thoughts on “7 Foot Mound Builder Skeleton Found – Nephilim True?

  1. i had some of these old newspaper articles in my bookmarks, but somehow they magically disappeared.

  2. 3:08 this photo right here is just another proof in the pudding of the mixing of giant dna, they were called abominations in the bible.

  3. I love s…We have a mound in the center of our town…I live only 40 mountain minutes form the Cherokee reservation…The actual plaque beside it said,The Indians believed that they protected the mound bc if they always maintained it ,then 40 giant white entities can protect the town…Franklin,NC USA

  4. You have a very clear and concise way of speaking, I love listening to you.  Your videos are also awesome, thanks for being so awesome!

  5. I love the way you say "GIANTS". I'm obsessed with this topic as I am native. Keep them coming bro

  6. The mounds were built as tombs for the giants, doesn't that make sense ?.

  7. I agree that the existence of giants has been proven, but this was the early years of the people who pushed Darwinism. I strongly doubt that there was a connection to apes. I also don't believe for a second that the giants were dumb with small brains. They created some of the earliest forms of technology. They were smart and utilized science and math. Good video…

  8. in the 1500's the Spanish wrote about native American Indians in Florida that were very tall and very muscular , our family found very large human bones and after talking to the Smithsonian ins, returned them to the place where they came, which was not told to any one

  9. The Nephilum were the the catalyst for the flood myth in the bible. If there are Giants after the flood then that makes the bible story a myth and not true, as some people claim. If this is the case then God is a murdering bastard and not at all worthy of respect.

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