74. River Thames through Reading & Kennet & Avon Canal begins

Good morning. Thank you very much for
watching. Well I finally left the River Thames at Reading. I turned to my
starboard and headed west on the Kennett and Avon Canal. Now, as you go through the
centre of Reading it’s all very built up and there’s lots
of food and cinema outlets but the navigation itself narrows. Ever so
slightly. It wouldn’t affect a narrowboat at all but it would affect the larger
cruiser style boats or wide beams and because of that, it’s quite unusual. You
press a traffic light system. You go over and press a button, as though you were
at a pedestrian crossing and you wait for the green light and you travel through. I
can imagine it getting quite busy in the summer months or in the evenings but I
went really early in the morning and there was absolutely nobody about. [Music] The first lock Molly and I came to was
Whitchurch Lock and it was strange navigating with such quiet surroundings. [Music] I’ll continue past Mapledurham House
down into Reading. After filling with fuel, I turned west onto the Kennet
and Avon Canal passing through the built-up town along the river. I was eager to move
up outside the hustle and bustle at Fobney Lock. [Natural water sounds] The river continued to be popular for
rowers and unlike my experience on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, everyone
was very polite and followed the whole engine gives way to sail, and paddle
gives way to engine rule. Just past Caversham Bridge there is a
Fry’s Island where I filled up with fuel, which was probably the most expensive I
have ever purchased. [off mic] Molly you need to remind me not to buy fuel on the River
Thames okay {Woof woof woof} Just before the final lock on my Thames journey I needed to wait as
workman past building supplies across the water on a floating pontoon. When
doing my house up it was hard enough to get a time delivery, let alone one that
required to cross the Thames. [Water sounds] Then it was time to finally leave the
River Thames and head west under a railway bridge and up onto the Kennet
and Avon Canal. The K&A as it’s known, is just over a hundred miles in length, has a
hundred and seven locks and 26 movable bridges, of which two are usually left
open. The initial section follows the River
Kennet through the town of Reading. Between Blake’s Lock and County Lock
there is a traffic light system, as the river channel narrows. Make sure you
navigate right up to the side of the river so you can press the button. I
miserably failed and needed to reverse and try again. Then just like any other
traffic light system, wait until there is a green light. As it was still early in
the morning, it changed right away and off we went. With very little designated
mooring and quite high walls, you’re almost deterred from stopping and
spending your hard-earned money here. The navigation does narrow a bit but nothing
like on a canal, so easy to navigate. Just after Berkeley Avenue Bridge there
is a very strong flow of water entering the river from the right. It is
signposted so I pointed Alice my narrow boat towards the flow a little more,
which in turn pushed the boat back towards the centre of the channel. [Music] Here at Fobney Lock 105, be careful as
you approach and leave the landing-stage below the lock. There is a strong stream of water
falling down from the weir here. I had read about this in my Collins
Nicholson Waterways Guide, so moored up right at the start of the landing. In
reflection, I should probably have opened both locked gates to allow Alice to
drift a bit. Instead, I put the engine to work and with a sudden burst of thrust,
quickly navigated past the flow of water into the lock with little time for the
stream to cause too much of a problem. [Music] It was here that I decided to moor up
for two weeks. The river travels around this section, so it was protected from
flood. Despite this section being so close to
the centre of the town of Reading, it turned out to be super quiet at night
and with a nature reserve neighboring the cut, it was a great place to stay and
relax. I’d like to give a big shout out to Bruce Boschek who has just become a
top-level Patreon supporter. Thank you so much Bruce. Don’t forget you can also
follow Molly and me on Facebook and Twitter. Links are in the description
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96 thoughts on “74. River Thames through Reading & Kennet & Avon Canal begins

  1. I would guess that you set off about 5am through Reading, very early for sure I feel !, I worked in reading for over a year in Green Park, from the narrow boat Reading really looks very nice, I do like to see open green fields either side, I would agree with you that Reading is quite a built up city, only ventured into the city about 5 times, there is a very cheap noodle take away Kokoro in Reading near the main shopping centre, if you like hot spicy food !,
    very nice video Juno keep up the good work :),

  2. Lovely cinematography. ..and we walk and talk at the same time.
    You are really fit … I guess it's winding all those lock handles.
    Nice vlog.

  3. Without a doubt that was one of the most beautiful canal boat vlogs I have ever seen! Thank you so much for your artistry and cinematography excellenceโ€ฆ And for always including a Molly dash-past! Absolutely stunning adventure. I'd nominate this for an Oscar if I could! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. Thanks for the video it was great, Avoid this stretch of the river during the festival it gets a bit crazy. *in reading

  5. The first and only time I have been on a narrowboat was on a holiday along the K&A. coming through at that traffic light we were very grateful for a passerby who pressed the button for us saving us the trouble of trying to work out the best way to do it ourselves.

    going through initially down stream we were told that part of the reason for the lights was the strength of the current but i dont know how true that is

    we also came a cropper navigating the sharp right hand turn just before you get into reading and over cooked the turn towards the weir. unfortunately the boat immediately behind us did pretty much the same and collided into us. it was very eventful considering we had only had the boat a couple of days with no prior experience. the holiday turned out to be highly stressful but the experience learned then would be easy to rectify for the next time we go on such a holiday, it hasnt put me off.

  6. Wonderful images, nice to see you two doing well.
    Though at 9:07 it's clear Molly's thinking "run up and down again for the camera? Let me catch my breath first, I can't help it you forgot the lens cap the first three times….I'm not getting paid enough for all this… oh well… here goes"

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  11. Hello Jono, as the saying goes, been there, done it, got the T-shirt and the scars to prove it. This video brings back very pleasant memories. I really hope that you will take time to show the (possibly unique?)* turf-sided locks on the K&A canal. *Others please comment.

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  14. Another cinematic gem to remind us all that the UK is such a beautiful, peaceful place away from the "real world".. or is it the other way round?
    This reminds me of a Mary Norton book, with the canal and river "Clocks" weaving their way beneath the "Human Beans" scurrying around in their busy world of offices, supermarkets and bars, oblivious to the tranquil world hidden from them.
    Didn't come as a surprise that fuel is expensive on the Thames… doh!! …with your meticulous planning I would have expected a full tank at Banbury or Oxford.
    Did you find somewhere for your car near the old sewage works?

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  17. Nice to see my old beat from when I used to be a local policeman in Reading. Part of my beat was the canal between County lock and Fobney Lock . I have lots of funny stories to tell of goings on on along that bit of canal. There was the time when one of my locals found intruders in his garden along the stretch of Victorian terraced houses. He called out "You've got two choices. Either jump in the river or I set my dog onto you". He then heard splash splash "help I can't swim…." My colleagues found them further up the canal path dripping wet.

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  34. You have just reminded me, I had the pleasure, yes pleasure of assisting my elder brother who supplied Action Vehicles on the filming of The Eagle Has Landed. Mapledurham House was the location for the water mill, village and church, the owner would not allow filming inside the church, so a mock was used built in an adjacent field. our job was supplying, maintaining and driving the WWII jeeps and White half track this carried the Bren gun, my job was to drive into the village vision was only through a slot in the steel wind screen. Take 2 was the Bren being used, well I knew it was going to happen but I still jumped in the seat and hit my head. wardrobe made me wear a Helmet and scarf as I might be in shot, well the helmet saved my bonce. The next few takes were with the White stationary so I got out, the onlookers cheered and laughed at my attire trainers, shorts, no top, helmet and scarf., well it was a hoarily hot summers day.

    My brother and I went on to work on the 007 film The Spy Who Loved Me and travelled to Sardinia and Egypt. What an experience we had.

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    PS Because, odds are, I wouldn't have a clue if it were explained. x

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