86. Worcestershire Sauce & Malvern Hills by River Severn

Hello, thank you very much for watching. Well,
I’ve come up the River Severn to Worcester and today it’s time to climb the Malvern Hills.
Before that, I have a long and slow journey against the flow of the River Severn. And to be completely honest, it’s like wading
through treacle! Hense why Alice is really having to use all her 42 horsepower. The flow
is against me and it’s going to be like this all day. [Water flowing sounds] There’s going to be a lot of us fitting inside
the lock at Tewkesbury. There’s a large wide beam ahead of me, there’s obviously me and
three cruisers behind me so we will all get in easy-peasy but, it’s gonna be a bit of
a squeeze. The lock keeper is shimmying everyone along
and trying to squeeze us all in. Even though that lock has like a large diamond
area, the lock keeper wanted us all in the straight part. Because apparently, the diamond
area has quite angled sides and when the lock fills up or empties, it can strand people
on the sides. So we were all squashed up in the straight bit at the front. It was quite
tough not to, allow your boat to bash into the other boats. I was holding onto my centre
line and the cruiser boat behind me was sort of shimmying back and forth, back and forth
but it was fine. The lock didn’t need to fill up very much and it was nice and slow. [Water sounds] Just round the corner from Upper Lode Lock is the section where you can go over to Tewkesbury
and join the River Avon. I did the River Avon a couple of years ago. Really, really nice
river. Very picturesque, and I did it in really nice weather as well. [Music] These three cruisers are quite close together
behind me so in a mo, when I can see straight ahead and there’s no other boats coming, I’ll
slow down and let them all pass. [Music] [Water sounds] A couple of video’s ago, I had a lot of comments
about why on earth narrowboaters or other boaters don’t seem to say hello to each other,
and they don’t even acknowledge each other. We do, of course we do. Basically, let me
explain the logistics. My camera that you’re seeing is 60 foot ahead of me, and the stern
of the next boat could be anything up to 70 foot ahead of that. So that’s 130 foot away.
Now when you’re walking in a park or along a road, you don’t normally say hello to people
130 foot in the distance. You usually say within say 3 or 4 foot. Morning, hello, talk
about the weather, and that’s exactly the same as on a boat. We will pass each other.
Their stern will meet my stern and I will be within a couple of feet away from them
and that’s usually when we start gossiping and talking about if we’ve left a lock open
for them or if there’s any obstacles in the water or a basic hello, good morning or isn’t
the weather nice. We do talk to each other don’t worry. We’re not all obnoxious loaners
with grumpy faces on, it’s just the fact that there’s 130 feet difference, that’s all. [Music] Well, I just stopped off at Upton Upon Severn, just
for a bit of lunch and I walked around the village here. There’s a number of pubs, a
little shop. There’s a chemist, that sort of thing. Lots of mooring although I think
they probably get quite full later in the day. Just be aware of the mooring just before
the bridge. There’s a great big piece of metal, it looks like some sort of metal fencing or
something that’s fallen into the water. I merrily drove on in went woop over the top
of it. But anyway, being a flat bottomed boat you can do that sort of thing. [Sound of scraping metal] [Sound of water] As you travel up the River Severn, to the
west are The Malvern Hills. They dominate the landscape, and the 8-mile range of hills
cross into Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. The highest point is the
Worcestershire Beacon at 425 metres (1,394ft) above sea level. [Music] She’s loving it already and we haven’t even started climbing properly yet. [Music] Once you get up here, it’s okay. There are
steep bits though. [Music] There are springs all around the hills and
rainwater slowly permeates through the granite and limestone producing natural spring water. It was bottled on an industrial scale under
the Schweppes brand between 1850 and 2010, and the well is believed to be the oldest
bottling plant in the world. Malvern Water has been the choice of the Royal
Family for more than 400 years and the current, Queen Elizabeth II orders gallons of it whenever
she goes abroad. Despite Coca-Cola Enterprises closing their water plant here nearly a decade
ago, it’s still bottled on a smaller scale by the family-owned Holywell Water Company. [Sounds of water] [Music] The afternoon had gone really quickly as I
travelled next to viewers Kerrie and Lee on their boat Swallows and Amazons – the name
of my favourite book as a child. They needed water, and there are no points on the river
itself, so they had to go up into Diglis Basin. [Music] The city of Worcester has all the normal facilities,
and despite me walking across the race ground to pay for mooring, the ticket machines were
out of order and the pay by mobile option didn’t recognise my boat as a vehicle registration,
mm, funny that. Of course, after a hearty walk around the
county, there’s nothing better than some hot soup, a crusty roll and a splash of Worcestershire
Sauce. John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins
were chemists within Worcestershire in the first half of the 19th century. They created
this fermented liquid condiment, and they went on to form the company Lea & Perrins.
Worcestershire Sauce is often used to enhance food and cocktail recipes as well as directly
on steaks, hamburgers and fish. We’re not so cramped in today. I’m only sharing
the lock with a swan and a duck. [Sounds of water] I’m just coming up to Stourport on Severn.
And this is the very last stretch of the River Severn. Beautiful river, really wide, quite
slow going north but I am looking forward to getting back onto a narrow canal. [Sounds of water] So I’m finally up at Stourport on Severn and
I’m going to use my windlass which I haven’t used for well over a month and prepare this
lock. There’s a landing here just before the lock
and there’s no one around. Last time I came through here it was packed full of lots and
lots of people so. Right, let me do this properly because it’s a staircase lock. I’m gonna read
the instructions and do it correctly. I may be in luck today, it looks like there
might be a lock keeper on duty. So he can help me get through these locks. Right, this is going to be interesting because
the very nose of Alice is almost across the front of the lock. So I need to really
push the stern out so we can take the corner. [Engine sounds] That’s really annoying. Just as I was climbing
out of this lock to close this gate, I knocked the windless off the top of the locker, down
into the bottom of the lock. Now normally a lot of windlass’s are steal so I would
be able to use a magnet but stupidly, I purchased a windlass that was lightweight which is aluminium
and of course I can’t get it. So, it’ll sit at the bottom a lock for evermore now. I know
what I’m buying at the chandlery anyway! Right this next bit is horrible because the
locks aren’t aligned so I’ve got to go across a small pound and over. Luckily there’s no
wind but it’s always a challenge. I had multiple goes at getting into this lock from the top
one, so let’s see if I can get into that one in one go. I probably won’t be able to but
still, we’ll have a go. [Crunching noise] Well that was rather embarrassing. It looked
like I was on course to just nudge in and turn Alice in but. It’s difficult to judge the
front of the boat and of course I bashed into the wall and made a right fool of myself but
anyway, I’m in in the lock now and there’s two lock keepers helping so I’m just staying
on board and they’ll get me up through underneath bridge number two into the last lock here.
But I did really well on the first one and appallingly badly on the second one Oh well. And once again I’m up on the Staffordshire
and Worcestershire Canal. It’s been a really long day today. Battling against the flow
of the River Severn but I’m up through Stourport on Severn. I filled up with fuel, I’ve changed
a gas bottle, I filled up water, emptied the bins, emptied my elsan, so I’m really rockin
and rollin and I’m good to go. Now up ahead on the right, I know there’s a couple of special
people that have up moored up. We’ve been communicating all day of where we are, where
we are and hopefully, I will meet up with them shortly. Before I go, I’d like to thank Mark Weber
from Seattle in Washington, United States for his Patreon Support. Thanks, Mark. Until next time, see you later.

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