9-1-1 Season 3 Trailer (HD)

An emergency is the absence of choice. [“Cruel Summer” by Banarama plays throughout] The randomness of the world. The crazy chaos of life, [song ends]
[silence] robbing us of our safety. [emergency sirens] Mommy? [emergency sirens] [seagulls] Oh my God! Get off the beach! [girl sings “Cruel Summer” throughout] So when the storms rage, we call out… to the light up ahead.
[song ends] 9-1-1, what is your emergency? Bobby! Move! Move! Stay away from the water! Get away from the water! [girl sings “Cruel Summer”]

100 thoughts on “9-1-1 Season 3 Trailer (HD)

  1. Can anyone tell me where to watch season 2 because hulu took most of the season 2 episodes of 9-1-1 Show.. 😭 i really got lost when I was watching it

  2. i watched it yesterday its reallye sad and hope you enjoy it and when christopher fell in the water again and buck couldn't find him i hope buck finds him… sorry for spoiling if you haven't watched.

  3. This trailer was bullshit…the tsunami scene in the actual show didn’t have 99% of these scenes

  4. My family knows exactly what a tsunami looks like. And that if we saw the water retreat like that we’d would have been running 30 seconds before everyone else

  5. This is officially my new favorite show 🙏🐐 this show will definitely be around for a long time I’m Predicting season 30 🤷‍♂️

  6. What happened to the earthquake scene that was on here? The trailer was better than the episode.

  7. I wasted $4 trying to watch this scene in the episodes and did not see it.

  8. Propaganda show,every Relationship is interracial,Homosexuell or Both at the same Time😂😂😂🙈

  9. Does anyone know who sings this song. It doesn't sound like kari kimmel'' version.

  10. If anything happens to Bobby ill be sad and depressed and angry, that voice Bobby stay away from the water is killing me,hope he is gonna be fine,he is my favorite

  11. I’ve only seen trailers of this show but it looks hilarious. It’s so over top it looks like a comedy.

  12. Just have to say Buck annoys the hell out of me. In the last few episodes and only does he sue the department, He whines Endlessly when he gets back to his Department when he’s stuck in the garage I’m not able to get back on the truck.


  14. Does anyone knows the version of the song put as soundtrack. I know its cruel summer but I don't know the version

  15. Shitty little wave. The wave in 'the impossible' was better. Doubt it would be bright blue due to the depth of the wave. Also this show is corny. What with that kid that buck dudes looking after!? He's cloned how many times!? There was a cheesy af fuck comment in this episode lol. Hmm what was it 🤔. There's was loads. Americans are cheesy af. Oh yeah it was the 'ex husband to be' on the ferris wheel. He said he and his wife were a beautiful disaster. He got the feeling back in his fingers so he could hang around and scribble on that paperwork 😂.

    Also everyone had a speech while emergency services waited for them to finish talking before saving them 😂. Another waves coming "and another thing!" 😂. This Ferris wheels going down! " Anyone got a pen?" 😂

    "Just cut it off my fingers are numb" maybe because it's been in the same position 🤔. " Nah use the shears" 😂
    Where's Wally? Has anyone seen Wally. Yeah he went for a doughnut and some water. More water? Yeah 🌊 Wally, Wally 🏊🦈
    There he is! Where!? In that boat 🚣 omg Wally get the fuck back here you lil shit 🏊🐠 nooooo it's not him 😭. Oh shit there he is! Where!? Riding that wave man! What wave? OH FUCK WALLY!!!!😵🏄

  16. This Was One Of The Scariest Episodes Ever- So Many Innocent People Lost Their Lives.. the Fact That The Main Characters Still Have To Deal W/ Their Own Lives Make Matters Worse.

  17. I Love How Everysingle One Of The 9-1-1 Episodes Relates To Something That Has Actually Happened.. law And Order Could NEVER.. I Love The Series, I Hope Season 4 Comes Quickly

  18. LOL dude has a skateboard he could of been outta there. Why would you just stand there and look, they want to die.

  19. I'm I like the ONLY one that is actually here BC the background song is AMAZING?! 😂😐

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