9 Rare But Amazing Events Almost Never Seen Before or After

What occurrence would you call rare? A one in a million chance? A once in a lifetime moment? Nah, that’s child’s play! What about something that happened only once
or twice in history? That’s a challenge worthy of a true wonder
seeker. So check out my list:
1) The Mississippi running backward Starting with something not quite as rare
as you might think, let’s examine one of the most famous rivers in the US. This fame comes from the sheer size and power
of the Mighty Mississippi. It goes through 10 states and more than 900,000
gallons of water pass through it every second. Rivers can’t naturally turn back at all! Well, it looks like they can, and even the
Mississippi River has been spotted running backward not once, but three times. The first time it happened, in 1812, the river
stood still and then went backward because of a so-called ‘fluvial tsunami’, which
originated from an earthquake nearby. The other two times were relatively recent,
in 2005 and 2012, the Mississippi turned its flow back because of monstrous hurricanes. The 2nd one, caused by Hurricane Isaac, made
it go backward for 24 hours at an even faster pace than usual. 2) Catching a real-life Kraken
Once a horror from ancient myths and legends, this colossal creature is no longer part of
a dream world, but a fact of reality. Some time ago, even its lesser sibling, the
giant squid, was nothing more than just a tale you’d hear about from an old sailor
or fishermen. But since more and more giant-sized beaks
were found in the stomachs of sperm whales known to fight and eat these huge creatures,
scientists considered giant and colossal squids to be a real deal. Yet, until 2007 there was no other evidence
of their existence except beaks. On February 22nd, 2007, fishermen on the San
Aspiring ship became the first and only to capture a thousand pound squid alive. They were able to catch the sea monster in
nets and freeze it for further study. Funny thing is that this colossal squid appeared
to be a small one, even at 15 feet total length. The beaks that were found before were much
larger than its beak, so we can assume for sure that the mythical Kraken is out there
somewhere in the deep. Oh let’s go on a cruise! 3) Going to the borders of the Solar System
and beyond Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are two of the greatest
achievements in any space programs ever conducted on the Earth. Both of these spacecraft are research vessels
aimed at going as far out in our Solar System as they can, (far out!) and the results are
stunning. Voyager 1 is the first space probe to go beyond
the borders of our sun’s magnetic field and gravity pull. And the following one, Voyager 2, was the
first to pass by the farthest planets we know to exist in our proximity – the ice giants,
Uranus and Neptune. Voyager 2 discovered 11 moons around Uranus
that were never seen before. It also took a close look at its rings and
the higher layers of its atmosphere. Three years later, in 1989, it also found
rings and 6 new moons around Neptune. Now the probe is in interstellar space and
its mission is finally accomplished. We’ll keep receiving weak radio signals
from Voyager 2 until 2020, and then it’ll fly towards other stars on its own. 4) River Piracy
Stealing is bad enough as it is, but stealing a whole river with all of its water which
is crucial for the environment – that’s some super-villain level of crime here! Good thing it happened only once for as long
as humanity can remember, and it wasn’t actually an intentional action. Instead, it was the result of the Kaskawulsh
Glacier in Canada melting, opening a way for water to go on a course from the Slims River
to the flow of the Alsek River. It took only 4 days in 2016 for the Slims
River to almost completely dry out because of this event, which is certainly one of the
rarest occurrences ever. 5) The ‘Wow!’ Signal
Let’s face it, if there’s one unique event we’d all want to witness, it’s to meet
some real aliens! Unfortunately, we’re as far from this moment
as ever; we still haven’t found any tangible proof of their existence. Except for one single moment in our history. On August 15, 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman
was going through his normal routine at the Big Ear radio telescope at Ohio State University. But then he caught a strange radio-sequence
in a usually unintelligible wall of radio noise. But this signal was 72-seconds long, and powerful. It provided no information, and scientists
couldn’t decode anything, but the source of the signal was never figured out. One thing is for sure: it has no natural explanation,
nor can it be explained as a part of human interaction or a malfunction of a radio telescope. This is the only probable clue we ever got
that points to the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. 6) Tunguska Meteorite Explosion
Meteorites didn’t just fall to the Earth once or twice. We all know how it went with the dinosaurs,
I guess. But this one is really special because it
happened not so long ago and in close range to human settlements. On June 30th, 1908, in Russia’s Central
Siberia, an object went through the atmosphere of the planet and then exploded right over
the tops of the trees. The echo was heard over 500mi away from the
explosion itself, which wiped out more than 800mi2 of the forest. Strangely enough, there was no crater and
no other major destruction caused by this event. It left scientists scratching their heads
over the question of what this meteor really was. 7) Niagara Falls dried out
The crown of American Falls may well be a symbol of reliance. Other nearby waterfalls go frozen or dry regularly,
but finding one day that Niagara Falls itself was gone, was probably the scariest event
in someone’s life. No wonder this image gave birth to quite a
few superstitions and prophecies about the end of the world happening in the near future. It happened in 1848, when a particularly powerful
ice-cold wind led to a build-up of snow and ice up the river from Niagara Falls. This eventually led to the formation of a
huge ice dam that blocked the water entirely for a little more than a day and left the
riverbed dry. In 1964, an ice boom was installed in Lake
Erie to prevent something like that from happening again, so we can be sure that this was the
one and only time Niagara Falls would ever dry out. 8) The Carrington Event
Auroras, also called northern lights, are a miracle specific to only the Northern regions
of the world, except on the 1st day of September 1859. That day, auroras of all shapes, sizes, and
colors filled the sky in half of the world, going as far south as Jamaica, Hawaii, and
Cuba. The first to witness it, and theorize about
why this happened, was astronomer Richard Carrington. He was inspecting sunspots on the surface
of the sun and noticed two big spots that produced an immense light. He suggested that those spots were the reason
why the auroras were so intense, and he was right. This event was a super solar flare – one
of the rarest occurrences in our relationship with the sun. And that scarcity is good for us. Maybe it didn’t do much damage back in the
19th century, but today a similar flare would damage a lot of electronic equipment. Let’s hope we’ll be ready for the next
one, and will just enjoy the view! 9) Observing the rarest thing possible
Everything else will be more frequently occurring than this one, because I’m talking about
the recorded moment of the radioactive decay of the most stable element in the Universe. Xenon-124, the sturdiest tiny brick in the
fabric of reality. It takes more time for an atom of xenon-124
to fall apart than has passed since the Big Bang – a trillion times more time, to be
fair. Xenon is so stable, that it won’t react
with any other element, and it’ll ignore almost any kind of radiation. It’s the perfect candidate to make a unique
sensor to find an entirely different mystery of reality: elusive dark matter. What else would you use to find a form of
matter that won’t react with anything, if not the most inert and stable element in the
world? But instead of dark matter, they saw the very
process of xenon-124’s decay. Maybe it’s not the result scientists were
looking for, but at least their sensors won’t fail them ever again. Hey, I think we’d all like to decay a little
slower, don’t you thnk? Now, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
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