9 Reasons To Do A European River Cruise

In this video you’re going to discover
nine reasons to do a European river cruise. Hi, I’m Gary Bembridge and this
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every single week you’ll be alerted when there’s a brand new video packed full of
more travel tips and advice. One of the best reasons for taking European river
cruise is simple: it removes all the hassles and stress and strains of
planning a trip around Europe. Once you’ve chosen your itinerary and booked,
the river cruise line takes care of everything. Some will even go as far as arranging transportation and picking up from your home and taking you to the
airport and seeing you all the way through to the ship and back. But the
great news is once you’ve booked, pretty much everything’s included – so you
know the total cost of your vacation. Most cruise lines are pretty
all-inclusive including your food, your drink, excursions and things like Wi-Fi.
So you’ll find largely you know the whole price of your trip once you’ve
booked it. So once you’ve paid for that holiday
there’s going to be very few extras. All your meals are taken care of, the
place is to go and see, your excursions are taken care of and so your whole time
is just going with the flow knowing that they have sorted out everything. Another
great reason is that it really gives you a great immersion into a region. River
Cruises tend to travel relatively shorter distances, and as you call at
lots of different ports of call and see lots of sites within that stretch of the
region, so it really does give you a chance to immerse yourself and understand that
region in great detail. You’ll go and see lots of places.
Also the Cruise Line will tend to tailor the food and drink based on the region
you’re going through, the tour’s will be with local guides who really live and
know the region, the other great thing is you’ll often find that you will stay
overnight or certainly way into the evening in many of the places you call
on ,so you have a chance to go out and yourself explore the culture or the food
or the restaurants or the nightlife. Also River cruise ships will tend to dock
right in the heart of the town and the cities. So you’re right there in the
center of things. You can just roll off and feel and see all around you the
culture and what’s happening in a particular region. So you are right
in the heart of things. Most river cruise lines will also bring onboard local
speakers or local entertainers so you’ll get a sense of some of the local culture
whether its musicians singers or actors, and they will also give you port talks and
give you some background and detail on the places that you’re visiting. So it’s
really great for immersing yourself into a region. Of course another great reason
for going on a river cruise through Europe is you get to explore and see the
iconic and the really important parts of Europe and its history.
The magnificent and big rivers like the Rhine, the Danube, the Seine the Douro,
Loire these run through really important parts of Europe and lots of
history has happened along the rivers, and many of the really important cities
and towns are right there on the river. Because this is of course the way that
many cultures and countries developed and grew and all of the history happened
close to the rivers, so you get to see and explore the really important parts
of Europe. Another consideration for taking a river cruise is it’s a great
safe and secure way of traveling. So if you want to go and explore Europe, of
course there’s lots of different languages, lots of different cultures,
lots of different things that you might need to navigate. The benefit of going on a
river cruise is you have a tour manager, you have lots of guests around you, so
you always have people that you can turn to and rely on if you need help or
guidance – and they are with you and to help guide and support you as you travel
these foreign countries. Also really really important is what happens is most
of the river cruise lines, during the season, will do the same itinerary
back-to-back so they really know the rivers and the towns incredibly well. So
if you have any issues or problems they know how to solve all of those in each
of the places you go to. Also because you’re on a river, you’re always near
towns and near land so you always have the security of knowing that if you have
any issues of problems or queries as you’re right there near to land and support if
you need it. And of course, related to that, is there’s no chance of getting
seasick because there’s no real motion onboard.
River cruises really is a really safe and secure way of traveling because
these cruise lines and the tour managers know these stretches of the river
so so well. The fact that you only have to pack and unpack once but actually see
big parts of Europe, in fact often many different countries of Europe,
is a real plus. So you basically once you’re on board and you’ve unpacked and
settled in, you move between countries, you can move between places
without losing down time because actually the cruising experience and the traveling
time becomes part of the vacation. Whereas if you’re
traveling in other ways by bus or you’re traveling by plane, there’s a lot of
downtime because you know on a bus you’re on often on motorways, planes you of
course get caught up in airports – but here you actually are able to travelling a
nice calm, sedate, civilized way with great scenery.
So actually your travel time becomes part of your vacation time. It’s a
very efficient way of seeing it because you don’t have a lot of downtime. So
actually if you want to see Europe, river cruising through Europe is a very
efficient way of using your vacation time. Another great reason for going on a
river cruise around Europe is the accommodation. You get to have a
really comfortable cabin. Obviously the grade of cabin depends a lot based on
whether you’ve gone very premium or you’re going more value. But you have your
beautiful cabin which has comfortable beds, your own bathroom and you don’t have
to worry about having different hotels which may vary in quality. You can have
one beautiful room that you travel for your whole time on a cruise, and the
accommodation onboard river cruise ships although they’re relatively small
because of the size of ships, they are very comfortable even on the value lines.
You’re gonna find a great comfortable room that can travel with you the whole
way through your European experience. Food is another really important reason
for taking European River cruise. You have five-star dining, no matter which
cruise line you go on. Many of them have relationships with Michelin or
other famous celebrity chefs. Food is a really important part of river cruising,
and they will often and then link the food to the region you’re traveling
through. But you’re guaranteed to have great food, so you don’t have to worry
about finding restaurants and navigating all of that. You’re going to have
three meals a day and often you also going to have afternoon tea – and you’re going
to have multiple courses with great local wines and great food and because
the way that River Cruises work. And they don’t lots of storage, so they also pick up
fresh ingredients as they constantly travel- so you’re always going to have
great fresh local produce often bought from local markets and then served that night. But great dining is really important. So through European River
cruise you are guaranteed to have great dining
without him to worry about finding a great restaurant. Another great reason
for doing a european river cruise, unlike if you’re going ocean cruising
where you can have really great big ships, it’s a quite an intimate
experience because of the nature of the rivers. These ships are limited in size
and width so you normally have around about 100 – 120 passengers at most
onboard your ship. So it’s a pretty intimate experience and it’s very easy
to get to know people. Also you likely to have quite an adult experience, some
cruise lines only will have adults of example Viking is adults only while other
cruise lines are starting to try to attract more families (and that tends to
be more in this is the key summer vacation months). But you’re likely to
have a very adult experience. If you’re looking for a very adult vacation you
could find that onboard a european river cruise. So you can actually have a
small intimate adult experience. River cruising in Europe is not a big family
activity at this point in time. So whichever cruise you go on your likely to
find it a very adult experience. One of the great things about going on a
European river cruise, and I think one of the really important reasons for
choosing to see Europe on a European river cruise is that it’s so easy and so much
less stressful than arranging a land-based trip. You’re going to cover
a lot of territory, you’re going to see lots of places and you can do it without any
of the hassle and strain and stress of a land-based trip. If you’re on land-based
trip you have to constantly worry about how you going to move between places, you
have to worry about the language, making sure that you find great places to eat.
On European river cruise that’s all sorted. You get on board the ship and they
have sorted out the right things to see, they’ve sorted out the fact you can have
Wi-Fi, you don’t worry about having currency, you don’t have to worry about language.
You going to have a comfortable room and great food. I hope you found that
helpful and that’s given you 9 good reasons why you should do a European river
cruise. It’s a great experience and i strongly recommend that you do it. If you
enjoyed this video, I have many more other videos about river cruising in
Europe which I’d love you to take a look at – because you’ll find many more ideas
and tips and inspiration to help you have a great time traveling and River

22 thoughts on “9 Reasons To Do A European River Cruise

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