92. FLOOD! Narrowboat Stranded by Flooding after Storm Dennis! Stratford-upon-Avon Flooded!

Did we tell you where we were last time?
I don’t think we did, did we? No we didn’t. We we’re stood in front of a big building,
with like we had grey doors and a canopy that I think they bought from John Stalker, on line. John Stalk. . . Who’s John Stalker? He was. . . Chief of Manchester Police,
but he sold canapes online. . . part time when he retired. As you can hear. . . there’s a lot of sirens about. . . we’ve worked out by the 28 sirens an hour that there are a lot of poorly people
in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Rushing about in. . . Wooo Wooo Wooo! Oh by the way subscribe if you’re
not already if you enjoy this madness. So, we left you over there, that’s where we were. We were just stood in front of those
doors over there, teasing you. Although we didn’t fool many of you, I don’t think. We’re in the medieval town of Stratford-Upon-Avon But here’s the weird thing. . . This is gonna just pop you’re head is this. It’s gonna blow my mind. We spent two weeks in Birmingham. . . We spent two weeks in Lowsonford. . . and we spent two weeks here in Stratford-Upon-Avon Yes, we have. But yet the Birmingham vlog was 2 or 3 weeks ago. That doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t make sense. So. . . that must mean that we’re now
creating vlogs before we’ve done them, or to put it in other words what you’re seeing. . . it hasn’t actually happened yet. [Laughs] I’m confused. I’m confused. I’m confused. You’ll have to excuse us, there’s
a swan pecking as our feet. We we’ve kind of adopted a couple of
swans while we’ve been here. They keep following us all around the basin don’t they? They’re quite friendly, one followed
me to MacDonald’s yesterday. [Laughing] One thing we’ve learned about
Stratford-Upon-Avon, is it’s really busy. It’s the second most visited place in Britain after London That’s not surprising. It doesn’t surprise me actually
there’s a lot of people here. . . and I think it’s all the like Shakespeare thing. Beam me up Scotty. Shaun’s still trying to work out the
Shakespeare William Shatner. . . kind of difference. Are we allowed
to say [Beeeeep] on camera [Laughing] No? NO! So all the tourists come for that. . . and you can kind of. . . it’s like steeped in history when you’re walking around there’s all
these like black and white buildings. . . they all look the same, a bloody great fire risk. It’s like Nantwich isn’t it? One day will come
and it’ll be like [blows raspberry] Everything built of wood. [Laughs] So today we are leave in Stratford-Upon-Avon, we are joined by fellow YouTubers. . . Well Deck Diaries. . . and their lovely boat called,
I don’t know how you pronounce it. . . Mussa Madger [Laughing] Mussell Magic. I don’t know. Mussell. . . [Whispers] I’ve no idea. They’ll correct us. [Music playing] When we arrived in Stratford, it was just between
Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis and the River Avon was already about a foot
higher than it normally is. We weren’t that worried because there’s about a
metre difference between the river and the canal basin, but then storm Dennis
arrived and we started keeping an eye on the Environment Agency website and
noticed that the forecast was for it to go up another 2 or 3 feet. That would
have taken it over these locked gates flooding the basin. Now the jetties are
on like these poles that raise up and down so if the water goes up and down
the jetties move up and down with it so we weren’t too worried. . . but we were biting his nails for a little bit. [Sound of rain] [Sound of hailstones] [Sound of rain] I’m just stood on the banks of the River
Avon just by the mooring. As you can see behind me it’s actually quite high it’s
about half a meter above where it normally would be and the Environment
Agency has said that over the next 24 hours it’s going to go up probably about
another half a meter. So as you can see it’s already over topping the banks just
at the side here it’s really windy too. So imagine another couple of feet, about
another half a meter on top of this and that’s probably where it’s going to be tomorrow morning. [Music playing] [Music fading] The river ended up peaking a meter over
it’s average, but it stoped just about an inch from the level of the canal which
brought a sigh of relief for us but the flooding has been much worse elsewhere
around the country, especially on the River Severn in Shropshire and
Worcestershire where levels have been up to 7 meters higher than normal.
Seven meters, WOW! Even as I’m editing this, there’s more heavy rain on the way
so I’m kind of glad that we’re leaving the basin today. Even though it’s time to
go I’m gonna miss the Swans, there’s a really sweet couple and they’ve
kind of claimed the basin here as theirs and they’ve got really
friendly with us. Every time I open the duck hatch they’re there waiting to pop
the head in for a bit of food. There’s dozens of swans on the river and one of
the trip boats managed to trap a few of them in the Loch the other night. It was
a bit hairy to watch it because you could see them panicking as they got
cornered between the boats and the lock gates. Luckily though the staff managed
to stop the boat pull it to one side and he gave this one’s just enough room to
escape out the side and back onto the river. Today the sun’s back out so we’re
going to join Mark and Debbie from a narrowboat Musa Maja. . . to make the
locks a little bit easy as we leave Stratford and head back north on the
canal towards Wilmcote. [Music playing] All the locks on this stretch have got
single gates at both ends of the lock and some of the bottom gates are quite
heavy. The one at Maidenhead Road lock is a rice stubborn one because you don’t
have that long balance beam to give you leverage to open it. The balance beam is
a long piece of wood on top of the lock gate and the longer it is generally the
easier it is to open the gate, but because of the road bridge just on the
side of the lock here, this lock can’t have the normal type of beam so instead it’s
got this shorter metal version and I’ll tell you what it’s a good job of I’ve had my
Weetabix this morning. It’s really tough to open, it’s a right battle and it’s
even harder to try and close it. So I gave Mark a wave and he came to help me
close the gate and then I just held back a few minutes to help him open
and close it again for his boat. [Music playing] [Music fading] Just over two miles and four locks after
we left Stratford, we reached the Wilmcote Lock Flight. Spaced out over just
under a mile the 11 locks will raise us up by about 77 feet and it looks like
there’s some shower clouds bubbling up, keep your fingers crossed for us. [Music playing] [Music playing]
[Clanking of lock mechanism] [Music playing] [Music fading] [Natural water sounds] That was the six or seven hundred
Wilmcote Locks, the Wilmcote Flight, or. . . WILMAAAA! [Laughing] I’ve been wanting to say that all the way up. [Laughing] We passed a homeless man halfway up the
locks and Shaun gave him a pastry and I’m just stood there shouting. . . WILMAAA!I [Laughing] I gave him a Pastry and a Shotbread and charged him £1.96. No I didn’t [Laughs] So that was lock 40 which is the
top lock of the Wilmcote Flight. We’ve got about quarter of a mile or so, I think, I don’t know. According to the book.
You think I would’ve checked the book before we reach Wilmcote Visitor moorings.
But are we stopping at the visitor moorings. He gets more bizarre every day doesn’t he? We might be, it depends if
there’s any other boaters there, because us and boaters don’t mix [Laughs] No. . . Me and boaters don’t mix. So if there’s any space at the
visitor moorings, we’ll more there, but we’ve been informed, we are going a
little bit too far that way. No we’re not. We’ve been informed that if we go past
the visitor moorings, there’s actually some nicerer moorings. Nicerer mooring? Nicerer, as in gooses and sheep. Is that Mark and Debbie that said that? Right I’m up for a brew. OK. Ta ta. [Music playing] We’re just coming into WILMAAAAA! [Laughing] Wilmcote. . . all the people are coming out their
permanent moorings now. We’re just coming into Wilmcote. There’s a bridge, there’s like one bridge in Wilmcote, which is bridge 59, or. . . Featherbed Lane. That sounds really nice doesn’t it? Like all cutsie and fluffy Featherbed Lane, bridge 59. Back in
1958, Warwickshire County Council decided that Featherbed Lane. . . weren’t strong enough for the traffic and they wanted to break it down collapse the bridge and
build like a flat road across the canal and [Beeeep] with the bridge.
Really? Rude! But that would’ve meant they would have had to shut the canal, because they were
going to fill it in to build a road across it. So the Stratford-Upon-Avon
Canal Society went WHOAA! Hold your horses. Row it back son. . . and went to courts. . . and the Travel Minister, sat smoking his cigars
in Westminster says, well I got a minute then, if you can prove that anybody’s used
this canal it lasts three years, we’ll let you off thinking, Ahhhhh,
they’ll not be able to prove that. It’s a bit blowy, sorry. Rough around the muff again. Low and behold, the Stratford Canal Society produced a couple of canoe licences and
went there you go this canoes using it. so the Transport Minister nearly choked
on his cigar and went well laws the law sod it, you’re not having your road. Yeah. There you go, it remained open. Well I thought it were interesting. Well. [Laughing] Wilmcote Visitor Moorings. . . and on the towpath, the reason
that we’re not mooring here, no not the jogger. . . the generator. [Sound of noisy generator] and it’s actually put it. . . [Sound of noisy generator] How far away from his boat?
So that he can’t hear it. [Sound of noisy generator] Yep! The thing is. . . what if somebody moors behind him. So whoever moors behind him is
going to get the noise of the generator. [Sound of noisy generator] [Music playing] [Music fading] This sun doesn’t half make my hair look silver. That’s why it’s called Silver Fox. YAYY! We’ve done the Wilmcote Flight of locks, all 1,604. . . of them from Stratford-Upon-Avon [Laughing] [Laughs]. What? It’s taken us. . . 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3 It’s taken us about 5 hours, but we had an hour. . . where the Premier Inn was and Shaun went to Lidl. . . to buy a donkey, a Lidl donkey. [Laughs] 🎶 Lidl donkey, Lidl donkey🎶 Oh you get more bizarre. My flies are undone as well, I hope you didn’t see that. There’s a boat coming. There’s about coming We hope you have enjoyed this vlog,
if you have please give it a thumbs up Comments and leave any questions or
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YouTube will let know every time release a vlog. Join us as a Patreon or a member of the channel, links are on our home page or
coming up after the outtakes. We will see you next week take care, bye bye. Bye. [Music playing] Come on Maude Right, Gert. Stop staring at em. She had her camera out to take a photo of us. It was actually the royal. . . [Laughing] Come on, concentrate. I’m concentrating [Laughs] Have a metre. No, that’s six inches. So, yeah. That’s six inches. So it’s only about half a meter. and you could probably hear, you can prob…
Ye yin yea ya yeah [Blows raspberry] I bet these people come and talk to us. Take 600. I feel very close to the camera. You’re fine, you’ll be fine. [Laughing] What you laughing at? Nothing [Laughs] Do it again. [Laughing] We’ve been out here an hour. He ate a Nando’s and his guts exploded. You don’t wanna know. Sorry, I shouldn’t say moron. No you shouldn’t Valued CRT customer. Yes. [Music playing to the end]

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