a Day – subtitle Indonesia, english ( Sad Movie Korea )

This is your captain In 30 minutes, we are going to land at Incheon International Airport Temperature in Seoul is currently 12°C Local time is 9:58am, Tuesday, May 17 Thank you Yong-sun!
Excuse me, doctor. Could I have your autograph, please? Yes, sure. Use this. How about a photo?
font color=”#ffff00″>Really?/font>Sure It’s in airplane mode, so don’t worry. One, two, three! Okay. I’ll send it to you.
Give me your number. Do you have any social media accounts? Dr. Kim has done so many great things
but it’s not well known to people. You know what I mean.
font color=”#ffff00″>Thank you/font>We are gonna land soon.
font color=”#ffff00″>Thank you/font>I’ll send the picture.
font color=”#ffff00″>Thank you/font>font color=”#ffff00″>Please stop doing that/font>
Why? This is for publicity. Do you know that we are
running out of funds already. So I’m taking care of it.
You don’t have to be worried. I’m so tired. Why didn’t you buy a
business class ticket. You’re so pure (nice) and I’m so
materialistic. Eun-jung, I’m worried.
Please answer my call. A busy dad and a whiney daughter. Your father has been gone for 2 months. My father is the most famous doctor in the world.
Awesome. My father is well known
for making my mom angry That’s better than being
known as a drunk father. All fathers have their own excuses. Whatever it is, my dad is the best. He buys me chicken and tteokbokki every day. My dad too. My dad always sends me to school. Is it true your dad is well known?
Never seen him on TV. He wasn’t there for your birthday.
It’s sad to be alone. Actually, today is my birthday! Dad font color=”#ffff00″>That’s your father/font>
Yes, your famous father. You don’t wanna answer it? Forget it. She’s the only one you have.
Why did you forget her birthday. You’re the one who made the reservation. When PBB calls, you have to go. So I did it for you. Don’t blame me. Hello.
font color=”#ffff00″>Damn it!/font>Ah, yes. Really? Thank you. We can use the VIP exit.
font color=”#ffff00″>No need for that/font>We are in hurry, come on! Seok-hoon! Why are you like this, dear! Oh no! What to do! Help me! Let me see. I’m a doctor. Okay. Let me take a look. Can you caugh it out? Come, sit straight. Isn’t he’s Dr. Kim Jun-young?
Really? I’m going to hit you back now. Yes, that’s right! He’s Dr. Kim Jun-young.
You all have social media accounts right? font color=”#ffff00″>Look at me/font>
Please take picture everyone! Careful with the sweets.
font color=”#ffff00″>He’s good isn’t he?/font>Please say a word. Come on. Eun-jung!
Your dad is calling again. Just forget it. This is great! Don’t call her again,
it’s not gonna solve anything. What am I supposed to do? Here. Give her chocolate. Did you buy her anything? What kind of father are you?! You have to show her that you are
a great father. You should be on TV and all. She will be proud of you.
She will think you are the greatest father! Then it’s game over.
font color=”#ffff00″>What do you mean?/font>It will solve your daughter’s problem and ours. Ours? Hello, Dr. Kim!
font color=”#ffff00″>Welcome home./font>Why didn’t you tell me! (About the reporters)
font color=”#ffff00″>I know you will say no./font>Thank you. It’s true! Eun-jung!
font color=”#ffff00″>What?/font>There’s no specific reason. Dr. Kim Jun-young came from PBB.
font color=”#ffff00″>Awesome!/font>That’s him, you can see, right. They need more time to discuss Is this because you treated the opposing
politic party and terrorist? I’m not into politics and religion however I will treat anyone who needs my service. That’s a doctors job. You’ve become the youngest professor
and a doctor at a hospital, however you left all that to become
a volunteer 3 years ago. Why? My daughter almost died at that time
so I decided to… Don’t worry, his daughter is fine now. She’s so whiney and.. Eun-jung! You know that your dad loves you, right? Very much See you tomorrow. Take care! Goodbye.
font color=”#ffff00″>Bye/font>See you tomorrow. Eun-jung! So embarassing, my friends tease me I’m sorry Why not just stay there! Why do you have to come home? Do you have my birthday present?! Of course, I have a lot of presents for you. Don’t be late, if I don’t see you by 12pm… I’ll leave… I won’t be late I love you! Silly! Let’s go! Speed control zone. See you again.
font color=”#ffff00″>Goodbye/font>Hello.
font color=”#ffff00″>Hello/font>Here it is. Oh, I’m sorry.
font color=”#ffff00″>Let me get it/font>That’s alright. I’ll give you the change. It’s ok. Take your time. Thank you. I’m sorry, goodbye.
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes, goodbye/font>Goodbye. Sir! Sir!
font color=”#ffff00″>Excuse me./font>We need to take him out.
font color=”#ffff00″>Let me see him/font>You’ll hurt him more if you just take him out. But we have to!
font color=”#ffff00″>I’m a doctor/font>Really? He’s badly injured.
font color=”#ffff00″>Push the seat down/font>What’s happening? A taxi suddenly crashed. Is there a problem with the engine?
font color=”#ffff00″>Is he alright?/font>Doctor! Okay. Careful, help me please.
font color=”#ffff00″>Sure/font>Hold him. Slowly please, careful. Where’s the ambulance?
font color=”#ffff00″>They are on the way/font>Put his head here.
font color=”#ffff00″>Here!/font>Do you have a suction apparatus? No, I have an ambu bag.
font color=”#ffff00″>Give it to me!/font>Please wait. Do you know how to use it?
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes/font>You take over. We need to get the taxi driver
to a hospital now! He needs suction
and he has a head injury. Are you a doctor?
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes/font>Someone is injured at the pedestrian crossing line,
I haven’t checked it yet. We’ll take care of it. Get the ambu bag! Alert team 2!
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes sir!/font>Give way! Give way! Eun-jung! Sorry I’m late. I’m coming to you.
Hello! Unlock the driver’s side first! Who is this?
Please wait Go away from here! This is my daughter’s phone.
She’s involved in an accident Sorry.
– Hello, she’s involved in .. No! I said come here! Please go away! It’s dangerous! Hello! Please move! Hello! In 30 minutes, we are going to land at Incheon International Airport. Temperature in Seoul is currently 12°C Local time is 9:58am, Tuesday, May 17 Excuse me, doctor. Could I have your autograph, please? Yes, sure. How about a photo? Really?
font color=”#ffff00″>Sure/font>She’s the only one you have.
Why did you forget her birthday. When PBB calls, you have to go. Hello! Really? Thank you. Oh no!
font color=”#ffff00″>Do you know him?/font>That boy is choking! Seok-hoon! Help me! Hello! 911! This is YTN reporter. Why do you provide medical care
in a war zone? Dr. Kim! Sir!
font color=”#ffff00″>Dr. Kim!/font>This is impossible. Dr. Kim! Take a picture. That press conference was embarassing Where are you?! Why?
Since when do you care about me?! Don’t go anywhere, I’ll come and get you! Dad. No, I’ll come to you, 12pm. Don’t be late! Hello. Here it is. Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll give you the change. Oh no. Please wait. Sir, your change! She may not hear when the cars coming. Look at that blood. I can’t look at her.
font color=”#ffff00″>Poor girl/font>What’s wrong with him? Dr. Kim! Could I have your autograph, please? This is not happening! Hey, that’s mine!
font color=”#ffff00″>Where’s the VIP door?/font>How do you know? That way. I’m sorry We cancelled today’s plan. Don’t come and see me. Where’s Dr. Kim?
font color=”#ffff00″>I also wanna know!/font>Dr. Kim Jun-Young’s press conference is cancelled. Eun-jung, I’m really sorry. I’m busy working.
We cancelled today’s plan, okay. Don’t come and see me He’s doing it again… Eun-jung, this is dad.
font color=”#ffff00″>Do you hate me?/font>What do you mean?
font color=”#ffff00″>You must hate me so much!/font>You always leave me alone and forget my birthday. My friends’ father…. send them to school and buy them chickens and
eat tteokbokki together! I don’t hate you, darling. Listen to me… font color=”#ffff00″>I don’t trust you/font>You can’t meet me, and I hate to be alone! I can explain.
font color=”#ffff00″>No!/font>I’ll wait till you come.
font color=”#ffff00″>No, don’t!/font>Eun-jung! Dad Please leave… Hey! Are you crazy? This is my way!
font color=”#ffff00″>Move!/font>You move!
font color=”#ffff00″>Move, hurry!/font>Hurry! Move!
font color=”#ffff00″>/font>This is your captain That man took my sweets! Why is he driving like that! Excuse me! Hey! Are you okay? Hey! Are you okay? Wait! You need to see a doctor! Hey! 32494982. You are a taxi driver, aren’t you? You’ll be involved in a car accident
today afternoon at Park-moon High School junction! You have to trust me! Sir, sir!! Out of specified area, searching… Dad.. Dad Eun-jung! NO!!! Eun-jung! She is bleeding… If only I arrived here earlier… I should’ve arrived earlier… Damn it, why???!!! Who are you? Everyday is the same, but you… You don’t remember me? We’ve met before. Do you have a suction apparatus? No, I have an ambu bag.
font color=”#ffff00″>Give it to me!/font>Let me do it. Are you okay?
font color=”#ffff00″>Give way please/font>She’s my wife. This is impossible. I thought it was a dream. Can’t open the door!
Is the ambulance coming? Sir, wake up! But it’s not a dream. The person you are trying to call… Move! I’ve done all I could but I still can’t save her. But…
font color=”#ffff00″>I don’t know where is she!/font>Mi-kyung! But you are different… That accident… and those people… when the accident happened, all are the same. But you are different! Who are you?! Sir! You live this day again and again, right? Just like me! What should we do? Help me please. Say something! It’ll be over soon. Today, this day, will end soon. Let’s meet. We need to talk. Right after you wake up.
font color=”#ffff00″>You have a plan/font>First, we need to meet and talk! Why here? We have no time to waste.
We have to stop the accident. We tried but we failed. What? We should still try! ..and here…
font color=”#ffff00″>Think about it/font>Why is it repeating only for both of us? To save your wife and my daughter. It will keep on repeating until we can save them both. So, let’s find the way.
font color=”#ffff00″>How?/font>I’ve tried everything. I don’t have enough time! We can’t stop the accident. So we should not let them get involved in it.
font color=”#ffff00″>How?/font>If your wife doesn’t take the taxi, the accident won’t happen. The taxi. He’s not answering. We fought. What if I call him? What if he doesn’t want to answer? Then, I will stop Eun-jung from going there. We change everything we can. Maybe the day will change. But, she’s not answering your call. YTN reporter.
font color=”#ffff00″>Hang on!/font>I need to say something. Eun-jung! I’m really sorry.
I need to see you somewhere else. Not at the pasta restaurant,
but at Central Park, 12.30pm. Not at the pasta restaurant,
but at Central Park, 12.30pm. Wow, your name is on TV! Your father said…
font color=”#ffff00″>Whatever!/font>Did you call me?
– Madam Jung Mi-kyung! Yes
font color=”#ffff00″>I’m your husband’s friend/font>Hang on, taxi!
font color=”#ffff00″>No, don’t take that taxi/font>Eun-jung! Fatal road traffic accident near
Park-moon High School junction Send help now As long as we don’t save them… This day will repeat itself, right?
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes, I guess so…/font>Let’s meet at Central Park, 12.30pm Your father said…
font color=”#ffff00″>Whatever!/font>What if it ends, just like that? What if we can’t change it, with whatever we have! No, that’s not possible. His daughter is unreachable. Eun-jung! I will not be late today. I love you.
I’ll see you later. Don’t get into that taxi, Mi-kyung!
You have?! Get out from the taxi now! You should’ve told her! We need to find the taxi driver, right? I’ll do my best, what ever it takes! Sung-jong.
Min-chul! What’s going on? Hit and run case.
font color=”#ffff00″>Where? How?!/font>With a taxi near Park-moon High School. Park-moon High School! Plate number. Orange taxi
font color=”#ffff00″>Orange taxi/font>34BA 3829. 34BA 3829. Clean yourself first.
font color=”#ffff00″>Stop the taxi first!/font>We will find it.
font color=”#ffff00″>Hurry up!/font>Clean yourself.
font color=”#ffff00″>That taxi…/font>Okay, sure. Stop the taxi…
A hit and run case at 11:47am. Orange taxi, 34BA 3829. It’s seen near Park-moon High School I repeat. Hit and run case. Orange taxi. 34BA 3829. Near Park-moon High School. Are you crazy? It’s absurd. Crazy? What’s wrong with having a child? We already discussed this. We don’t have that much money. Why do we need alot of money to have a child? Everything! We are not rich. Oppa, I can work to ease the burden. I’ll postpone my studies. Do I have to say it to you, so you can understand? We can’t afford to have a child right now! I need to work late at night. In a few years, I’ll get a promotion. We should wait till then.
font color=”#ffff00″>Fine, I got it./font>Mi-kyung. I’ll see you at school at 1pm today.
We should have lunch together. I’m sorry, Mi-kyung. Hyung, have they found him? They will, soon. They have to move fast.
font color=”#ffff00″>You need to see a doctor/font>Catch the taxi driver!
font color=”#ffff00″>Eun-jung/font>Find him. Ask for back up when… Are you crazy?
font color=”#ffff00″>I don’t have much time!/font>I’m at the junction. I can’t see the taxi.
font color=”#ffff00″>Maybe he’s fled somewhere else/font>Team 3 and 4! Team 4 here. We can’t see him here too. Team 1 and 2. Set up a road block! Is there any accidents?
font color=”#ffff00″>What accident?/font>Everybody is calling me because of your press
conference Where are you? I’m at the park now. Park-moon high school junction.
Is there any accidents? Nothing.
font color=”#ffff00″>Really?/font>No accident at the junction.
Go and see a doctor! But…. Team 1 and 2, check the nearest area… Yes sir, we will. You’re the caller number 12. Yes, he’s my father. We’ll talk later. No accident right? Eun-jung just called. She’s at the park. Sir.
– Yes. I wanna meet Mi-kyung at school. Take Eun-jung. We should have dinner together. Sure. See you later. Dad!
Eun-jung. You’re late again!
font color=”#ffff00″>No, I’m here at the park already/font>What a surprise. You’re usually late. You forgot my birthday
font color=”#ffff00″>I won’t do it again/font>Eun-jung! From now on, I’ll send you to school everyday… …and buy you chicken and tteokbokki I’ll never leave you!
font color=”#ffff00″>Really?/font>Yes, absolutely. Team 4 here. We found the taxi. Lower your window! Open the door! Stop! Hey! We’ve found the taxi but he’s not cooperating He’s speeding towards Central Park What?! I can’t see you. Hang on. Where are you? I’m next to a building. I see the building. I’m on the opposite side
00:38:24,588 –>00:38:26,314
You’re stupid. You’re right. I’m coming to you. 3249! Answer the phone! Hello! I saw the press conference. What press conference? You changed the meeting place What?! Whatever you’re doing, it’s useless. What do you mean? She’s gonna die now She was supposed to die 3 years ago Who are you?! Eun-jung. Eun-jung!
font color=”#ffff00″>What is this!/font>Eun-jung! Run! Eun-jung! Listen sir
This is not an accident! The taxi driver! He purposely wants to kill them! Mi-kyung! Mi-kyung! My wife! He killed my wife and Eun-jung! Who are you? But how did he…
The press conference He saw it and came here. Not only our day. His day is repeating too. Eun-jung! Let’s meet at Central Park, 12:30pm That’s why we can’t stop him! Other than that… …he knows me. He said he met us 3 years ago Hi, Min-chul. Do you want coffee? Maybe there’s some records missing,
I’m not sure. I’ll take care of it. Thank you
font color=”#ffff00″>Sure/font>Dr. Kim! Congratulations on your work with PBB. We are so proud of you. Your room will always be here. You are
welcome to use it anytime. Kim Jun-young. Really?
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes/font>We’ve found you a heart donor! So, I can go home now? You will, in a few days. But, who’s the heart donor? Why are you asking?
font color=”#ffff00″>Because I’m so thankful/font>I’ll tell you.
font color=”#ffff00″>Promise?/font>Can I eat pasta when I’m out from here? I don’t like hospital food. Actually, I don’t like it either. Why?! What is this? Tell me. Actually… The guardian… refused to donate the heart. What?! What are you saying! I’m on my way to the hospital.
The child is bleeding, a lot. I’ll call when I arrive at the hospital. Get in and spend some time with Eun-jung. She doesn’t have that much time left.
You should be with her. He’s brain dead. How’s his guardian? In the surgery. He has a severe head injury. Really? He has no one else?
font color=”#ffff00″>I don’t think so/font>We need to notify his next of kin. What should we do? Call the neurosurgeon to confirm that
his son is brain dead. Open the door! Damn it! Get out! Out! I need to see that!
font color=”#ffff00″>Damn it!/font>Damn it! Let me go! Good morning everyone. Today is May 17. You are watching Today’s News Please stop.
font color=”#ffff00″>Let’s start with good news./font>2 days ago…
font color=”#ffff00″>Please stop/font>…Dr. Kim Jun-young was at the PBB. Please stop…
He is known as the War Hero Dr. Kim will arrive at Incheon International Airport soon. We are holding a live press conference ..at 11am I heard that he’s been nominated for a Nobel Prize Really? I didn’t know… Actually I started that rumor… Oh, really That is my just wish… But I hope everyone is wishing for that too For those who don’t recognise Dr. Kim, …please watch the press conference Name: Lee Ha-ru. Where’s the guardian?
font color=”#ffff00″>Bed 6, doctor./font>How is he?
font color=”#ffff00″>He sustained a severe head injury/font>He’s still unconscious after the surgery. He had a bad allergic reaction during the operation. Cardiologist, Dr. Kim Jun-young. Dr. Kim resigned Anything you wanna tell me? What happened? What have you done? Heart Donation Form I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. How could you do that?! My husband. In 30 minutes, we are going to land at Incheon International Airport. Temperature in Seoul is currently 12°C Local time is 9:58am, Tuesday, May 17 Move! Hurry! Who are you? I want to know! Where did you take her? Why Mi-kyung! She’s not guilty! Do you know where she is now? Maybe I can’t go home now, right? I’m aware of it, it’s an important surgery but I’m okay I know that you love me more than anything in this world That’s all I need Your wife should give her consent.
font color=”#ffff00″>I don’t know where she is now/font>Please help me.
font color=”#ffff00″>I’m sorry/font>Hey! Lee Kang-shik. Where did you take Mi-kyung! Tell me! Get him out! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Seok-hoon! Why are you like this?! Help me! He’s not breathing! Seok-hoon! Help me! Seok-hoon! No! Seok-hoon! Look at me!
font color=”#ffff00″>He’s choking/font>Look at me! No!
font color=”#ffff00″>He’s not breathing/font>No! Seok-hoon! Seok-hoon! Seok-hoon! Help us! He killed Mi-kyung and Eun-jung,
but you wanna save him?! I need to tell him!
font color=”#ffff00″>Tell him what?/font>I wanna apologize. Nonsense. Do you think it will stop him from killing them? If I apologize…
font color=”#ffff00″>Then?/font>Do you want to apologize too?
No! But I have to…
font color=”#ffff00″>I just need to find Mi-kyung!/font>It won’t change anything! Do what you want I will find him and kill him, even if it takes years to do it! I’ll find Mi-kyung! Sir!
font color=”#ffff00″>I’m a doctor/font>Could you help me?
font color=”#ffff00″>Yes/font>Open the door.
font color=”#ffff00″>Okay/font>Careful please. Lunch date with husband at school, 1pm Look at that beautiful nose. You can hear the heart beat. Very good, strong heart beat. She will look beautiful with a pink dress. Is there a patient named Jung Mi-kyung over there?! She’s 3 months pregnant. Medical supplies. Why?! Why did you save me? I know I’m selfish. I know everything now. And I need to apologize. I don’t wanna loose my daughter. I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry. At the beginning, when the day is starting over and over again, I thought I was lucky, I could save Eun-jung… but… …it’s like hell. I only watch her die, repeatedly. So… She doesn’t know anything… This is all my fault, so please… don’t kill Eun-jung.
I’m begging you, sir. At that moment, I have no choice… my daughter is dying. That was the only way to save her. If you were me, you would have done
the same thing. Any father in this world would do
the same thing. Am I right? Yes. I’ll definitely do the same… but… …if you were me… …what would you do? Surely you would get your revenge. And… …I always feel bad when I wake up from sleep… …because I have to kill your innocent daughter… …repeatedly…over and over again… But.. …when I think of Ha-ru,… …I have no choice.. If I don’t do it… …It will torture me. I know, I understand. But I need to save Eun-jung. I’ll do anything. Don’t kill Eun-jung! I’m begging you sir, don’t kill her! Please sir, I’m begging you. No… Don’t kill Eun-jung. If I were given the chance,… …I would kill your daughter again and again…. Just kill me instead. Kill me, please. Just kill me… No, no! Don’t die..No!!! Please don’t die! We should all.. …get stuck in here… …forever. Who’s inside? Hello! I know where Mi-kyung is now! We can save them! We can end all this! It’s over… Do you hear me?
When today is over… It usually ends at 12:30pm! But why has it not ended like it used to? Previously, it was the same. No! It should end! Today should end! But why…?? It needs to end! I know where Mi-kyung is. I can stop her
before she gets into that taxi. We can stop the accident. That’s
the only way This is your captain. In 30 minutes, we are going to land Your day is repeating too, right?! No matter how we try, it’s all useless. It’s not just us. Forever stuck …
font color=”#ffff00″>Until we save them/font>…in here.
font color=”#ffff00″>The day is repeating itself, right?/font>Why did you save me? Impossible! Hey, I found a clue. Mi-kyung is pregnant What?! I didn’t know maybe because of me …she must be so sad when she died Doctor! If I need an abortion… …can you do it? Mrs Jung.. Why do you need an abortion? It’s a blessing for you and the baby. I finally found her But, will the day end like before? Min-chul.
font color=”#ffff00″>He won’t give up/font>I will kill the taxi driver.
font color=”#ffff00″>No, you can’t kill him/font>That’s the only way to end this. font color=”#ffff00″>Listen, that’s not the way! No!/font>I’ll kill him. No! Min-chul! Don’t! Wait! Please leave a message… 0113249. Hello! Run! Min-chul is gonna kill you! Run now! Encik Lee! Listen to me! Mi-kyung is pregnant! You killed them both! It’s just an accident! Dad. Ha-ru. But you! You run away! Help us, please help us! Wait! Please save my son. I did send you to the hospital. If you help us right away, Ha-ru won’t die! Hey. Why are you doing this. It won’t change anything! Your son is not coming back! Die! Die! So that Mi-kyung can live. Die! Dad! Eun-jung! Everything is gonna be okay! I’m here. Everything is okay now. Eun-jung. Listen. Wait here please. Don’t go anywhere, dad.
font color=”#ffff00″>Look at me/font>I have something to do, for me and you. Dad.
font color=”#ffff00″>I’ll be right back. I promise/font>Accident at Park-moon high school junction at 12pm! Don’t die! No! Why did you save me?! If I die, everything will be solved! If you die, the day will repeat again! If you save me, I’ll kill your daughter again! You can’t do that! If you kill Eun-jung, you kill Ha-ru too! I know you why you wanna die! I know the reason today is repeating itself! To save you! Your son, Ha-ru, is inside Eun-jung. he wants you to live! He wants to save you! So you have to stay alive! Move! Min-chul. No! Don’t kill him! Min-chul. He needs to stay alive! We have to save him!
font color=”#ffff00″>Move/font>Min-chul! Move! Let’s save him! Please! Please….
font color=”#ffff00″>Move/font>Let me go! Sir. Min-chul. We can’t let him die… Don’t say a word. You hang in there… Let’s save him. For what? He won’t give up! He will get his revenge. He needs to die! No! You can’t kill him! What if you die like this? It’s okay. It’s all my fault. No, you have to live! Don’t go! Stop! Eun-jung and your wife. All are still alive. Let’s end here. But you will die. Eun-jung. Eun-jung!
Don’t…. Don’t…
Eun-jung. Eun-jung!
No!!! Eun-jung. Sir.. I’m alive because of Ha-ru. Ha-ru. He’s with me, so don’t leave us.. No! My dad is a famous doctor.
font color=”#ffff00″>Awesome/font>My father is well known
for making my mom angry That’s better than being
known as a drunk father All fathers have their own
excuses… Oppa! How did you know that I was here? I can explain… What happen? Why are you like this? I’m sorry, Mi-kyung. Everything is ready. We are coming. See you later. Sir! Thank you. We are keeping this baby. We are gonna have this baby. Message from unknown number. I’m really sorry Oppa… Our baby is a girl.. What do you wanna call her? Ha-ru. We’ll call her Ha-ru. So, you are Ha-ru! Nice to meet you! What is Ha-ru’s favourite food? Chocolate. Chocolate? Really? Amazing! I used to hate sweet food. After the surgery, I love chocolate so much! That’s because Ha-ru is inside me. Am I right? Amazing! Thank you I think that’s because me and Ha-ru are together! I can’t believe it. Okay, even if it’s true, you don’t have to do it. Let it be. No, I have to do it, Yong-sun. I need to confess something. I’ve done something wrong… …to a father and his son, 3 years ago. Now, I’m being punished because of it. What have you done, Dr. Kim! Who’s the father and the son?
font color=”#ffff00″>Could you explain please!/font>Why are you doing it now?
– Dr. Kim! Dr. Kim!
font color=”#ffff00″>Tell us more…/font>

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  1. Sdh tau dijln raya bnyk mobil2 mlh pkai handset buat gnjal kuping y jd budeg

  2. awalnya bingung dan agak kesel liatnya,karena adegan yg terus di ulang2 tapi endingnya bikin mewek ……. terharu banget anjhirrr

  3. nonton film ini jadi pengen nyanyi lagu endank sokamti yang judulnya waktu

  4. Yang bilang film ini membingungkan ,mbulet atau sebagainya mohon maaf IQ anda jongkok….!!film keren…!!mgkin mereka bilang ga jelas atw ga faham mgkin lihat nya smbil BAB..jadi konsennya ke kloset.

  5. knp kjdiannya trs ke ulng? krn si dokter & min chul msg" pny kslhn sm si supir taksi,
    smua br slesai stlh si supir taksi bs ikhlasin & maafin kslhn mereka

  6. Coba dah dikasih tau anaknya jangan pake headset kalo lgi dijalan, bukan apa pusing w liat ni film bolak balik😌

  7. Keren min filmnya banyak pelajaran hidupnya,,, sampai nangis. 😭😊😊Makasih min

  8. Na gitu dong ujung nya ga jadi mati.kalu mati ujungnya gua kata katain Lo admin🤣🤣🤣

  9. Na gitu dong ujung nya ga jadi mati.kalu mati ujungnya gua kata katain Lo admin🤣🤣🤣

  10. T ulang" pas bocah ketabrak ,kok seneng ya nontonnya anak kecil petakilan nyabrang g peduli kanan kiri gara" kuping disumpel headphone

  11. Kalau itu hari sabtu…suke bangat kalau terjadi pade aku….hari2 dpt nombor loteri…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Kesimpulan film ini adalah :
    Ayah nya eun-jung yang salah karna si eun-jung mengalami penyakit otak dan singkat nya ayah eun-jung mengambil otak anak si supir taxi tanpa ada persetujuan dari ayah (supir taxi) lalu ayah eun-jung sendiri lah yang mengetujui pendonoran otak tersebut sehingga si supir taxi balas dendam kepada eun-jung, inti nya nyawa di bayar nyawa tapi di akhir cerita semua nya damai dan semua nya selamat..

  13. Jenis fllm yg ga punya cerita, muter disitu-situ terus. Bikin kesel

  14. Sebenernya kurang suka sama cerita yang di ulang ulang gini,suka pegel liatnya Krn penasaran JD aja di tonton tp di cepetin

  15. Yg tdk paham alur cerita nya , otak nya blm nyampe..
    Ini alur campuran, maju mundur
    Maka nya dulu pas sekolah waktu pelajaran b.indo jgn hobi tidurrrr, jgn malah jajan ke kantinnnn

  16. Soy de bolivia y quería ver la película esa….
    Pero no entiendo ese idioma 💔🥺
    Y esta interesante

  17. Ni film ibarat melawan tkdir supya tidak terjdi kecelakaan hemmm tp tuhan yng menentukan…keren filmnya

  18. Film ini mengarajkan kita
    -menghargai waktu karna pd dasarnya waktu gk bisa diulang
    -sayangi keluarga selagi dia masih ada
    -belajarlah mengiklaskan sesuatu.

  19. Bukan hanya film bisa alur bolak-balik.

    Buku2pun banyak.
    Guru bahasa Indonesia
    Paham ne.

  20. Ngabisin kouta nonton film gk brguna bolak balik smpe 4x,akhire gk karuan endingnya,not good film,😡

  21. Min film aplod film deranged donk…sub indo ya, dichanel sebelah adanya sub Tagalog, makasih mimin

  22. Capek nonton nya tau gitu gw skip di menit trakhr aja 😂 ngabisi kuota untung pake indosat unlimited 😆😆 sutradanya bertele tele.

  23. Film sngt jelek.bwt mata sma otak q pusing ajh.putar sna sini.sumpah kesel aq nontonny😑😑😏🙄🙄

  24. Film mengajarkan "seberapa kuat kita berusaha mencegah, jika itu sdh ditakdirkan terjadi maka ttp akan terjadi juga"..

  25. film apa ini bolak.balik trs alur ceritax.tdk mngrti bgs apa tdk filmx jlek dan mngada.gada

  26. Pernah nonton film Vantage Point, A Day hampir mirip cuma diulang² tapi orang yang mengalami sama. Kalo Vantage Point kejadian diulang tapi dari banyak sisi pandang.
    Manteplaaaah pilemnye

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