A Deluge of Admin

Hello, it’s Saturday. I am going to the cinema tonight with a friend to see Kingsman 2 Which I am very much looking forward to,
and I spent the afternoon preparing By watching the first Kingsman film,
because I’ve only see it once And I didn’t remember quite
a lot of it, so now I do. Kingsman 2 was so great at the weekend. I enjoyed it a lot, easily as much as the first film. Anyway, I’ve just filmed a book review of
Turtles All the Way Down. I finished reading it in time to review it this week so I’m quite happy. I’m glad that I’m reading again, I’m glad that I’m
making book reviews again, it’s all good. So yesterday we got new broadband
and I am extremely happy with it so far. My video today which was just over 3
minutes long took four minutes to upload. Before yesterday it would take about
30 to 40 minutes. I’m looking forward to a future in which I don’t have to think so much about how long my videos are And how long it will take to upload them. And also I did a livestream test just now And it’s looking, fingers crossed, like
the quality has just greatly improved I am looking forward to the actual livestream I’m having tomorrow, and we’ll see if it’s better. This morning I am searching for a final thing for one of my cosplays that I’m hoping to take to MCM. I need to find some boots for Lara Croft,
so we’ll see how it goes. I found boots for Lara Croft, aren’t they great! They’ve got a zip at the side and
a very slight heel. I found them in the first place I went, which is ridiculous. I also got this fantastic BB-8 lamp. I just saw it in a shop, out of the corner
of my eye, when I was buying envelopes. And it was £5 so it had to be mine. I’ve just done a livestream; it was really fun. I have a nice long list of recommended things to look forward to now. It’s been a really good day and I’m gonna go to bed and watch some stuff. Hello, it’s Friday, time for me to start
editing this video. I’ve just looked at the footage I filmed this week and it’s a lot of me sitting here, So sorry about the not incredibly dynamic Phone Friday
this week. It’s been a bit of a desk-based week. I’ve been doing a lot of admin and business and webseries and cosplay stuff. Yesterday was really productive webseries-wise.
I worked on the budget a bit. And I also made a production schedule
which is exciting. This is not to say that I’m ready to go into production because I still need to sort out some finance stuff But it’s good to have like a big spreadsheet of This is what I need to do in week 1 of pre-production, week 2, week 3, onwards in production and then post-production What money needs to be spent when, And what needs to happen before this
other thing can happen And how long this thing will take And this thing needs to be a priority now
but this thing can wait until later. So I’m happy with that.
It took quite a long time. It will be interesting to see how much it changes
when I actually get to production. And apart from that I worked on the necklace from my Lara Croft cosplay Which is here, it’s very little. I’m going to add another coat of paint today, later on this afternoon, because I feel like it could use one But I’m happy with it, I think it’s gonna look good,
and I’ve got the cord to attach it down there. So MCM London is next week,
Friday to Sunday, 27th to 29th. Let me know if you’re going
and we can say hi. I imagine that a lot of next week will be panicking about cosplay and trying to make sure that everything is ready in time. So we’ll see, we’ll see. Next week’s Phone Friday will be very early on Friday I’m planning on uploading it before I go to MCM. It just seems like the simplest way of doing things,
so I’ll edit it on Thursday. I’m not sure if I’ll have another video up next week, because of the whole rushing about doing cosplay stuff, But if I do, it’ll probably be a review on Tuesday. I will probably have a Geekery up tomorrow, though,
so that’s good. Because it’s been a while since I’ve had one of those, and I’m looking forward to it. So that’s the plan for next week, it should be exciting,
I’m looking forward to MCM. I’m planning on vlogging it, probably just with my phone. But I will have my proper camera with me on at least one of the days, because it’s part of my Jessica Jones cosplay. So I’ll see if I can do some better filming on at least one of the days. That’s my plan for next week. Sorry about the deluge of admin at the end of this video, quite common in Phone Fridays. I hope you have had a great week, and that you have a fantastic weekend, and I will see you soon.

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  1. The boots look very nice and you can wear them to other occasions, so it is a win-win.

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