A European River Tour | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] All right let’s get
to work in the first round. We’ll do some traveling, won’t we? A European river tour,
that sounds like fun. – European rivers for $800 please. – The largest synagogue in
Europe is found in Budapest. And in 1865, this Hungarian
composer and keyboard master stopped by to play the organ. – Jennifer.
– Who is Liszt? – [Alex] Franz Liszt, you got it. – European river tour $1000. – [Alex] Back to Jimmy. – With beautiful landscaping,
fountains, and statues, Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg
was created in the 1600s but first opened to the public in 1854 by this longtime emperor of Austria. – And that would be Franz Joseph. Back to you, Kirby. – European river tour $600. – [Alex] This time, Sarah has the clue. – The Vienna State Opera House
was built in neo this style to reflect that 16th century
period of artistic rediscovery when the art form of opera was born. – Patrick?
– What is gothic? – [Alex] Nope, Jennifer? – What is Renaissance?
– That’s it. – River for $400. – With some 50 million
cookies produced each year, in all sizes and shapes, Nuremberg, Germany is this
Christmas treat capital of the world. – Patrick.
– What is gingerbread cookie? – You are right.
– River for $200. – The Szechenyi Chain Bridge was the first to permanently span this river and connect the two old cities
that form Hungary’s capital. At the time, there was
debate over Budapest versus Pestbuda. – Jennifer.
– What is the Danube? – [Alex] That’s the river. And before we wrap up this
round, I wanna express our thanks to Viking for helping
us with all those clues. Exploring the world in comfort, that’s what they’re all about.

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