The spring came unusually early
this year. Because we have this one thing
that happens every year. That comes as a true sign
that winter is finally letting go… …and spring is arriving. I call it “vårflooden” in Swedish, Which means the river of spring. As the snow begins
to melt really quickly, It forms into a river
that goes straight through the village. And it only lasts for a couple of days, Or up to a week or two,
depending on how much snow we have. Usually, this happens around the end of April, But this year it came
a whole month early… …and of course,
I couldn’t be happier. Every year when this happens,
I feel this undescribable joy and happiness. It’s like the highlight
of the spring to me. I can spend hours outside
by the river. I like to imagine
that I help melting the snow… …and that I help the water
to flow better. And it’s just so wonderful
to hear the sound of the water outside our house
in the evenings. It really feels like everything
comes to life again. Both in nature,
but also in myself. It’s like it’s been
in a deep sleep for a long time. And now I wake up
and it’s like I feel everything so intense. Yeah, it just feels like I’m in love… …with life, with nature
and everything around me. It’s just such a beautiful,
wonderful feeling. And it feels the same every spring. Well, it actually feels even more intense
for every new spring that I get to experience. It’s like I just came to this earth… …and I feel this deep wonder
for the beauty around me. And a deep gratitude
for being alive. But of course,
April is the most dirty and muddy time of the year. And it’s actually not so beautiful
outside at this time, And if you have a dog,
it’s gonna get so dirty inside after every walk. But even if it looks like a mess outside,
it feels beautiful. It just feels so special
to finally see the ground, And the grass, and the earth again
after so many months with snow. And to just touch the soil again… …I’ve missed it so much. So this week, apart
from helping the snow to melt, I’ve also spent most of the time
in the smithy with Johan. [Speaking in Swedish] As many of you know, We have been working very much
with the jewlery making lately. It’s been long days
and long nights, And it’s definitely been challenging
for us both to go through so much work. Sometimes, it just felt
like we would never get done And that we would be stuck
in the smithy forever. Both me and Johan are very passionate
about our work, And when we have a very strong goal
and a strong feeling of what we want to do, There’s just no stopping us. We are not afraid of working really hard
as long as we feel passion for it And feel that it’s meaningful. But already now, it feels a lot easier, Since we begin to see an end
of these intense months with so much work. We are soon done designing
our new collection And we have some really
exciting plans and visions for the future Regarding our jewlery making. So all this hard work has definitely
been worth it. And now, it’s only one
and a half months left Until we move to a new house
and get some more space. Then we don’t need to have the smithy
in our living room anymore. More space will make everything
so much easier for us. Space! The early spring came
as a big wonderful surprise When I needed it the most. Another thing that I love with spring is
that you finally get to work with plants again. So I have spent some evenings out
in the old barn… …to put a lot of different seeds
in the soil, That hopefully will grow
into beautiful plants and flowers in the summer. I have always loved gardening, But now, as we’re gonna get the new house
and a beautiful garden, It feels like a whole new level. So I have read a lot now, To really get the knowledge on what plants
would be perfect for our garden. And I have focused mostly
on herbs and medical plants, And also flowers that are really good
for butterflies and bees. Because yes, we have decided
to start with beekeeping And have our own bees. And that is something I have dreamt
about for so many years. But now, as we can have our very own house
and this beautiful garden, It feels like a perfect timing. Bees are actually so important
for our planet. And I really look forward to make
a paradise for them in our garden. Since we’re gonna move
in a couple of weeks, It is a mess in our house
right now. So it’s been so difficult to find a place
for all these plants. I only have this one window
for them, So they have to share the little glimpses
of sunlight That reaches in every day. I know, it’s not the perfect condition
for some of the plants. And I’ve told them that they will probably have
a rough start. But if they just manage to grow into life
and keep holding on these weeks, I promise I will give them
the dream life of any plant. Soon, we will move. And there will be plenty of space
for all of us to grow. I just love to finally be able to walk
freely in the forest again Without the meters of snow. And just to see all the colors again. The colors of green and yellow,
it’s just… …as if I see them
for the very first time. And soon,
as the frozen ground has melted, I can begin to tap birch sap. Which is also one
of the highlights movements of the spring. It’s an old myth here, That says that drinking birch sap is a way
of regaining all your energy After a long cold winter. And I definitely believe in that. So in May, I always drink birch sap
every day. I can’t wait to make a video to show you
how I do when I tap birch sap. So the spring has just begun. We have all this wonderful time
ahead of us, And I so much look forward to experience
another spring and summer. And I also look forward to share it
with you guys. Thank you so much
for watching my video.


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