A man has fallen into a river in Lego City, but it’s TRAGIC

CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS (LIGHTNING) NEAR END OF VIDEO (autogenerated captions are fun) coming in back it’s too risky
no not okay my father died I found the name on the police database he was me to
save my dad Hey what are you doing up the stomach
night are you doing up this time no how’s the
baby how’s the baby oh he’s good misses you a bit well tell him that I
miss him too I’ve just got to finish this work and I
hope you happen to see city the new emergency collection from LEGO

100 thoughts on “A man has fallen into a river in Lego City, but it’s TRAGIC

  1. Obligatory twitter plug:

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  2. That was flipping uPsEtTiNg
    But super well animated and the effects were great, nice work builder

  3. a cinematic master piece, tears ran down my cheeks at the shear pain from his death. so many emotions were felt by this, only some can understand the true effort put into this. I only applaud thy who created this, thank you.

  4. The police are around a suicidal bomber


    Build the suicidal truck

    And blow up the city

  5. -Ok so what do we got here detective?

    +It seems the guy left the baby alone since he killed the lady and the medic, but there is a bloody trial wich leads to the baby's room.

    -Detective… You might want to see this.

    +What in god's name…

    -The fairy tales book is covered in blood. As you can see, all the pages are ripped except for one wich says this:

    "Lift the book, and you'll see my final message, it's all their fault…"
    +*Lifts the book* Hey, there's a note here.

    -I guess he wanted to say something before dying. It says:

    "Ever since he died, life has changed. I will never be the same guy I used to be. The Rescue Helicopter saved me instead of him. Why didn't I just do anything? It's their fault, they left him to die there, alone and hopeless at the same time. Dad, I look forward to see you in heaven. Goodbye, cruel world…"

    [To be continued]

  6. Oh, this is tragic! I feel with you, Who lost your dad in the river in LEGO City, 🙁

  7. Me:Mom can we buy lego a man has fallen into the Lego city?

    Mom:No sweaty we have lego a man has fallen into the river at lego city at home.

    Lego at home:…

  8. Hey this is going to get taken down you upload the new Disney live action Lego movie

  9. People who dont know about persona: Omg this is so tragic

    Persona fans: 1:52 BUURRRNN MMMYYY DREEEAADD

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