A Man Has Fallen Into the River in LEGO City but it’s an old Silent Film

A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City! Start the new rescue helicopter! HEY! Build the helicopter, and off to the rescue! Prepare the lifeline, lower the stretcher, and make the rescue. The new Emergency Collection from LEGO City. Fin

100 thoughts on “A Man Has Fallen Into the River in LEGO City but it’s an old Silent Film

  1. Me: mom can we get a new TV show?

    Mom: we already have a good one at home

    That one TV channel at home:

  2. In my headcanon this isn't an ad. People would actually sit down and watch it as if it were a movie.

  3. Ah, yes
    I remember when this happened 70 years ago!
    Brings back so many memories

  4. Good grief, a young fellow has fallen into the Thames!
    Alert Her Majesty's rescue service
    I SAY

  5. i actually watch some old silent films still. i prefer buster keaton films im only 14 tho

  6. An Adult male has accelarated downwards into a stream of water connects to a sea, ocean, lake or another stream of water in a large amount of area which consists of many buildings that is named LEGO.
    Create a flying machine that has 2 blades above that is used to save the lives of living things. Prepare the line that is used to save lives. Accelerate the stretcher in a downward fasion and make the rescue.

  7. A Serbian has shot the Archduke in Sarajevo city
    Start the new war!
    Build the tanks
    Draft the soldiers
    And invade France

    The new war series from Lego

  8. A man has fallen into the river in lego city!
    His funeral will be held on next monday at 3 P.M.

  9. There weren't any helicopters back then. This should have been an ambulance or a plane. Or helicopter but by Leonardo Da Vinci's design.

  10. A gentleman has fallen into the river in LEGO City. Start the new rescue mobile!

  11. …..am i in the youtube afterlife? Why is this video being recommended to me?

  12. A man has Fallen into the river in lego city buts it's an 1915 silent film

    Lego was invented in 1932

  13. A screen has fallen into the screen in screen city Start the New screen helicopter , SCREEN! build the screen and off to the screen, prepare the screen lower the screen and make the screen. The new screen collection from screen city.

  14. The Byzantine Empire has fallen into Turkish hands in Anatolia City!
    Start the new rescue Crusade!
    Pillage the local communities, sack Constantinople, and make the rescue!
    The new Fourth Crusade from the Papal States.

    Equipment and indulgences not included.

  15. There's been a gas leak on the Hindenberg, in Lego City!
    Build the new emergency ambulance!
    Get the ambulance!
    Pick up the dead!
    And mourn for years!

    The NEW Hindenburg emergency collection, from lego City!

  16. I thought for a second the man in the thumbnail was Adolf hitler, until I noticed it was Charlie Chaplin.

  17. I'm actually surprised this style isn't ever used for any advertisements. It's so bizarre by today's standards that it captures your attention.

  18. A man has fallen into the lego city river! Build a rocket and drive away! ignore the man in the river, and fly to space!

  19. What kind of person laughs at a man drowning in a river
    And this is coming from the guy who explodes girls to wank off with their severed hands

  20. A Tommie has tripped into the Meuse River in France!
    Start the new SPAD XIII
    Build the SPAD
    And off to bomb the front – I mean save the Tommie
    Prepare the ammo
    Lower the stretcher
    And save the Tommie
    The new Great War collection from LEGO City.

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