A Political Tsunami is Going to Wipe Out the Republicans

special election down in a congressional
district in this city uh… what we had was we had and the william republican district
congressman retires uh… and they have a special election
runoff uh… to determine who’s gonna win a
democrat or the uh… republic reddish travis childress and they’re always great did so whether republicans do they think ok all
my god we’ve lost special election in louisiana i see that we held for over
thirty years loss of a special election for the seat of dennis have to who’s the
speaker of the house for the republicans well what a lot of trouble so we got to
get this in the city now they’ll have a lot of money that
n_r_c_ c_n_n_ the was in charge of warning that congressional campaigns for
the republicans on a nationwide usko this daily seven point two million
dollars democrats in that same category up
twenty four million dollars so it’s all right we don’t have much
something that was not an but you know what is from one point three million
dollars try witnessed and think bhai weddings it we didn’t want this to get
all that easy because as i a bad it is george bush one that district into just
two thousand four sixty two to thirty seven over john
three sixteen thirty seven enormous twenty five point gap how they’re going to cause a demo is
owner of a chance right plus the republicans put in there one point three
million plus they had everybody an embargo down a campaigner starting with
the vice president dick cheney yes they still don’t realize this wildly
counterproductive decided she needed david anywhere including the heart of
this city but didn’t you just updated said they’d
governor republican haley barbour of mississippi then they said trent lott
you know obviously is longtime senator from mississippi they sent my copy of
the except everybody they can grab a hold on a set of data
mississippi and then because all that was an
undergrad california does knowledge from into quote-unquote independent groups
and they spend that on attack ads answer but i guess there and we’ll have
fun this children’s gak is there any role isn’t mentioned below c_n_n_’s scary
blackberry called perot-gore barber you cannot let this guy this is a deep
republican right district the old at the last night nor mister whole problem first i did fifty four to forty six the democrat
weds childress was battling the tamraz caused a this that’s not indicated not only to get us
all a bit reading i mean not really dispute for the republicans are in trouble and this morning as that news hits washington they were not panic talking about before they had a fire i think that we get rid of tom cole
who’s in charge of re-electing congressman for the republicans are there seems almost state-owned
company sorties approach where they’re another
democrats away arriving fresno ca but now out uh… the art they’re
talking about john bainer their head of the republicans in the house saying that he’s gotta go but here’s my favorite bar team learn all the wrong lessons
apparent speaker thorough battle against making you know what any of our john
maynard now this is in the modern art not because he hasn’t understood the
bush cheney that disaster in go walk away from that and not because he is really a is a role
as a bit right near the party’s destroying the party no no no the house republicans think he has it
been strident enough that means he has an attack enough he
has it been vicious enough he hasn’t gone farther to the right artiste is still know what they’re doing amiga one full speed papa clem that i
can start class landscape dollar any bigger usually get out of school program one me at that proper i got many of those in the heart
of the sacred well you know what days not me come in and they’re playing
checkers on the beach uh… look at this i think your feet let’s get brutal ethnic near the
republicans cafe in november two thousand eight hypothetically tsunami it’s over their heads off if they can’t bring his district
thank you and that’s why they’re in a panic now n
what’s great is that and i like this and i’ll show you the
same as i want this one out as somebody made a note under the course
of their right uh… you know it don’t let him know bucket let him keep a
lien on the beach and the lesson they learned from these
kids prepares special elections this is that st louis c_n_n_ listening eleanor and within the white enough let’s go do the right you know that is that this is an unusual even larger
didn’t get that problem

50 thoughts on “A Political Tsunami is Going to Wipe Out the Republicans

  1. MS hasn't made this much of a national impact since the civil war

  2. My mouth is watering for the November 2008 congressional elections. Yay!

  3. omg.

    That isn't a big win, moron. That's a minor win. Sure it is bad for the Republicans, but come on!

    It wasn't that big a loss, you just enjoy gloating Cenk my friend.

  4. This fucking douche bag couldn't be more of a waste of life. Air America shit cans this stupid fuck and now he thinks people will pay to watch this garbage. Not funny, no talent, annoying as fuck.

  5. I disagree about "going to the Right" is the reason for their loss. The REAL reason for the thumping goes back to the Bush Administration's decision to occupy Iraq on flimsy reasons. And because of this, 4000 soldiers, many from the heartland and south of America, are getting killed needlessly. That's why. A true Conservative is one that uses American power the least; a neo-conservative does not. So there you have it.

  6. Well, there don't see any "true conservatives" left, then. After all, Republicans have been cheerleaders for Bush's policies with barely an exception.

    I consider myself a European conservative. I look upon the US right-wing and have to conclude they're radical. They've totally lost their way.

  7. We only have one elected Republican left in my state of Washington and he is on his way out come 2008. (smile)

    Vote for change, Vote Obama 2008!

  8. Yes, let them play on the beach and let's hope that the Political Tsunami obliterate the Republican Party.

  9. The disaster of the Bush/Cheney junta will send the Republicans back into the wilderness for another 40 yrs. McCain can't win. Wake up! Bush took your party over the cliff and did it with a smirk leaving the few remaining true believers to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile they go out in style- tons of favors owed, and money to be made. I almost feel sorry for you guys. Ok, that was sarcasm…

  10. Republicans do need to go further to the right. That is what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about. Moving the republican party back to a pro-civil liberties party of small government and conservative foreign policy. To anyone out there voting for obama can still vote for Ron Paul republicans in their house and senate races. That will be the tsunami for the rep party. In smaller numbers this new ron paul contingency will occupy a much greater percentage of the party than anyone can immagine.

  11. How are the r'pubes strong on terrorism? The evidence points to the fact that they're good at making them …
    If only we had a republican government when 9/11 happened or better yet a Republican Mayor for NY City … oh … shit … we did.
    If the r'pubes were really strong on terrorism Saudi Arabia would be a radio-active lake now. But then who would Bush hold hands with. The truth is America is strong period. Dems just wouldn't have lied to us so their buddies could make record profit.

  12. You big fat left wing brainwashed by George Soros moonbat. Why don't you shut your big fat lying mouth. You are nothing but a propaganda artist. You speak half truths. You are a young turd trying to brain wash americas youth.

  13. 'The Lib' are the vast majority of people, and only a few nutcases are hopelessly concialatory and 'soft on terrorism'. Then your supposed heroes like Bush (kisses the Saudi terrorists) and Rumsfeld (gives Saddam his terrorist weapons). So are they 'Lib' too? Or do you just not have any idea what you're talking about?

  14. Poor little Republicans…sometimes giving up golf just isn't enough.

  15. CastorT64 Wrote:
    The Libs have already lost this election. It's time for them to start dreaming about 2012.

    McCain 2008!

    I heard the same talk from neo-CON scum just like that before they lost Congress…Is it suppose to be some sort of jedi mind trick or just plain old denial?

    Face it your heroes Bush/Rove/Cheney have fucked the Repulican party for a looong time to come…

  16. "Don't underestimate the Repubs because they're clever"? Is clever code for cheating, lying scum who know no bounds when it comes to lawbreaking to "win" elections? Some are in jail with more to follow…
    If not for desperate means, like dishonest Sec. of State, faulty computers, phone jamming, poll harassment, purged voter rolls, the list goes on, they'd have been out of the White House since 1992.

  17. Im a Republican, and personally what I think….let the Democrats have EVERY fucking part of voting in Congress/White House/House of Reps/Justice Dept/etc so when the shit hit's the fan and they're the ONLY one's to blame I get to watch them squirm around and try to make up bullshit excuses why it happened. It would be HILARIOUS! Then, I seriously doubt after those 4 years would we get a Dem in office again for awhile

  18. Alwayspending:) You mean like the Repubs have been doing since Bush and Co got into office? Taking responsibility for the economy, war, torture, stock market, jobs, recession, oil prices, dead soldiers? Seems they spread the blame around when they control things. Talk radio would go silent if the right wing took responsibility for the mess they've made of things. Yeah your party is just a bunch of virtuous virgins with their legs together.

  19. Can we blame the economy on Bush for 6 years like your clan did to Clinton. What is the statute of limitations on BS excuses about the economy and the last president. I think that leaves us at about 2015.

  20. Why argue over two sides of the same coin. Nothing will change with any of the three mainstream cantidates. And yes Bush Sucks.
    Peace After The Revolution

  21. Thanks, I have had all the indoctrination I want. Go back to sleep.
    Peace After The Revolution

  22. Going to the Right doesn't help. Bush is dragging the GOP down, but all anyone can do is scream about STAY THE COURSE, OMG LET'S DON'T TURN INTO DEMOCRATS LITE!

  23. 1 – 20 – 08. The End Of An Error. The Day Bush Resigns.

  24. The ReBloodican "shock" at the loss in Mississippi cracks me up. They just don't f'ing get it, do they? They run one of their most liberal shills as candidate for POTUS, and this is what they think is a winning strategy? This party is DONE.

  25. 1 – 20 – 09. The End Of An Error. The Day Bush Resigns.

  26. The Republicans controlled the Congress for 12 years, 8 of them with a president from their own party. Now the majorities are gone. Did they get the boot because they were doing too good a job?

  27. LMAO today……Karma is a bitch….WIPEOUT 2010…payback is a bitch. A great day to be American.

  28. So how did those 2010 elections work out for ya Democrats? AHHAHHAAHHAHHAHAHH!!

  29. your the bitches we caught osama looks like your punked out chumps wipeout 2011

  30. guys look at the date of this movie, it was back in 08 and there was a tidal wave against Republicans than, so TYT got it right, guess what the dems got the House for 2 years and got drowned by an eaven bigger tsunami

  31. Sadly Obama came in and showed to everyone that right wing ideas NOW are actually liberal ideas and the strategy of going FURTHER rigt for beohner etc turned out to be the way to go. This is one of the reasons that the political spectrum got pushed so far to the right!

  32. One thing about saying stupid stuff on the internet, it can be laughed at for years, especially when it is a prediction that turns out to be so wrong. ROFLMAO

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