“A River Valley full of Life” – Fantastic Wildlife Safari in South Luangwa NP, Zambia 2018 (4K)

Zungulila bushcamp Greater kudu with yellow-billed oxpecker Puku antelope Rhodesian giraffe Lion African elephant Chamilandu bushcamp Cape buffalo Plains zebra Hippopotamus Impala African wild dog White-fronted bee-eater Spotted hyena Common waterbuck Llilian’s lovebird African sacred ibis Hamerkop Egyptian goose Saddle-billed stork White-crowned lapwing Blacksmith lapwing Great egret Pied kingfisher Red-billed hornbill Red-billed oxpecker Bushbuck Lizard buzzard Leopard Genet African civet White-tailed mongoose Chameleon Gecko Warthog Helmeted guineafowl Little bee-eater Brown-hooded kingfisher Grey-headed kingfisher Grey go-away-bird Vervet monkey Black-throated canary White-bellied sunbird Collared sunbird Blue waxbill Red-billed spurfowl African wattled lapwing Emerald-spotted wood dove African fish eagle African hoopoe

13 thoughts on ““A River Valley full of Life” – Fantastic Wildlife Safari in South Luangwa NP, Zambia 2018 (4K)

  1. Wie immer ein reines Vergnügen euch auf euren Expeditionen zu begleiten – da sieht man mehr als wenn man selber im Jeep sitzt. Das Chameleon hab ich erst auf den zweiten Blick entdeckt, toll auch die Giraffen im Abendlicht, und und und..

  2. this is a great video guys, some really good animal interactions in this compilation!

  3. Hi, great high quality video…could you tell me what video camera you used for this so I can get one for my next Africa safari? Thanks 🙂

  4. Great experience. I'm planning my trip to Zambia for next year. Which travel agency did you use for you Safari?

  5. Great video. I have enjoyed this same adventure one year ago in South Luangwa Best trip ever

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