A Tiger with Spots? | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

NARRATOR: A crepuscular hunter
is already on the prowl. For all its decidedly
benign looks, the tiger quoll is one
of the fiercest predators in the country. Measuring nearly three
feet from head to tail, it’s the world’s second
largest marsupial carnivore. While this large male will
occasionally handle wallabies and wombats on the ground,
wildlife in the treetops is no safer. Notorious for his lethal aerial
assault, even the biggest of possums must be wary of this
arboreal predator’s carnivorous appetite. Ever vigilant, his keen
nose has caught a scent. Stalking silently
through the canopy, he inches closer to
his chosen target, pausing occasionally
to avoid detection. Once within striking distance,
he launches his deadly attack. His powerful jaws and
large canine teeth quickly dispatched
this eastern rosella. It’s a tasty morsel,
but it will not completely satisfy his hunger.

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