A tour to Jharkhand | Tilaiya Dam | The true Indian Culture

Hello everyone, my name is Anuj Bansal and you are welcome to Anuj Bucket This time we are in Jharkhand and we are in Jhumri talaiya I must tell you this is the one of the best places I have ever been, we are trying to get off to that island and If it is possible it will be fun so guys before everything do not forget to subscribe to our channel just hit the red button to subscribe to Anuj Bucket also hit the bell sign and by this you will have all the updates. Jharkhand the 28th states of India is less travelled and explore asddf of the place is what makes it most attractive, India is the redegious land with numbers of remarkable temples across the nation regardless of the religion diversity there are multitudes of spiritual destination in India, of which Jharkhand has many temples with historical and religion significant in it This guy is going to take us to around the talaiya dam and I am sure its going to be fun best part is its evening and sun is at rest there is no heat weather is at it best and its going to be fun so lets see Talaiya Dam is the largest natural reservoir of the state, with a breathtaking view of Sun rise and sun set surrounded the top mountains and lush green forest establish in 1953, the Dam is 200ft long and 99ft high, this Dam was included in the first phase of Damodarrally corporation so this was about Talaiya Dam if you like this video please hit the like button and do not forget to subscribe to our channel guys do watch our next video it was very nice to be with you again be well Namaste

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  1. Great job👍.. But I didn't get the relevance of that cat, 😂😂😂😂

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