Abstract Acrylic Paint Pouring WD40 Cells Techniques and Hacks!

Abstract Acrylic Paint Pouring WD40 Cells Techniques and Hacks! hey I’m James and I’m a Doctor Buttercup
this video we’re gonna pour acrylic paint with wd-40 to create cells beautiful and pop on the canvas coming
right up like this one hello and welcome back as you may or may not know I’ve had
back surgery recently so in this video my friend Christine is going to show us
how to create cells on a canvas with acrylic paint and wd-40 an ergonomically
safe way to have fun without using drugs and alcohol but first if you’re new here
my name is James I am a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic I drank
and used drugs for 20 years and I’ve been recovering for four I post videos
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menu and it’ll take you down to the description this video is a part of a
playlist that I’m calling then cane friends and family set up here in this
lowercase I but enjoy the video we had a lot of fun and the supplies are down
there in the description too for the pain
are interested until next week keep it clean keep it real and just keep doing
this damn thing peace basically my point of this video is I needed to find
something to do on weekends you know it’s Saturday night I used to go out and
drink and use and get crazy and arrested now I gotta find fun cleaning the safe
stuff to do Yes Doctor Buttercup is a lot of fun poor acrylic paint so this is
a example so you did this so this is what we’re gonna be doing that’s what
we’re gonna be doing today we got final steps out of these but that’s a taste of
a fashionable fun that we’re gonna experience all right cool let’s go dude
all right well I have no idea what I’m doing so I’m gonna get the camera and
you can explain to us how to get started what you’re using stuff like that
absolutely okay so how are we gonna do it what do we got here so I am adding
flood I’m going to do cups half full with that and I’m gonna pick the colors
that you suggested that week for your bedroom because you got a place on your
wall and there was some really cool we’re gonna do glue do some bread cuz
it’s open so this is acrylic paint this is acrylic paint we’re gonna do some
black because black makes everything white black so do you do this every
weekend this is quite a room you have here it’s like a studio you have a an
electronic drum set I see what’s your dog’s name hey Dexter hello this one and I see you got an example behind you
is that you did this recently and does that have wd-40 in it it does it has
wd-40 rubbing alcohol I haven’t yet did my epoxy resin over
the top of it but that will come and it will pop even more so we’re just in the
beginning stage of all this fun this okay very cool so what kind of materials
do you have here so I’m just trying to figure out what color do you want for
your last one I like gold and like blue to blue I like that red rust rustic
manly colors okay we’re good we’re done there’s one do you want yourself to pop
the most in oh I like blue like so now I’m just gonna mix these together very
thoroughly so have flood have acrylic paints what
we’re doing fans fans friends so Christine you you posted your first
video on your channel doctor buttercup got your first view and your first
comment someone posted it to Pinterest Joe’s getting thing that’s a nice
thumbnail and everything in a good way okay so we got bold black now you’re red
so this is mine and I’m gonna be pouring this I’m prepping yours Jane okay since
you’re videoing me okay fun thing to do on a Saturday night this stuff looks
messy this is here below it’s gonna be a little messy we’re gonna get a little
messy up in here I’m gonna put it through a strainer –
it’s gonna be fantastic okay wd-40 we are going to add to the
blue this is what’s gonna make yourselves James cell power power yeah
like mitochondria power huh you get more power you do like pull-ups
before James so this is part of the process of the wd-40 cell power as you
can see dr. Buttercup is well-rounded in physical and mental health as well as
cultural arts this is dr. Buttercup okay we’ve got yourself mister alright so what do we got going on here
this already has the wd-40 in it right so this isn’t you this is gonna be
everything together okay the first one what’s your favorite colors at all these
James I like gold so this is gonna be able have what a bass it’s not gonna not
really because we’re not just doing a straight for we’re gonna go
so what do i do how do I do this so you can layer it you’re gonna pour it and
layer it and the colors not going to pour all of that in there you’re just
gonna pour a little bit in the bottom okay it’s a pretty even stuff okay so
there’s your gold now we’re gonna do black next now with the black what I
want you to do is cut a little that side a little bit that side that’s gonna stop
now although on that side okay because we want we want this to use again I’m
basically van Gogh already is there sure that’s very true well you got hype he
put height Browdy so you’ve met that much get down
so so check that out okay so let’s do gold again alright but no height gentle
pouring let’s do like this is there an official name for what we’re doing yet
friendly caddywhompus friendly caddywhompus aka acrylic wash my angles
this is called straight-up trigonometry see my angle yeah okay
and now let’s start pouring okay so our agenda is in the floor of the beholder I
guess caddywhompus uh-huh so in the middle friendly Caleb I can do
it however you can slow it closer Wow they’re friendly that’s that’s what
the buddy friendly caddywhompus one yeah for sure
okay okay so this is gonna be a master Buse on my wall yeah here we go
Thanks so we’re gonna you know I’m not sure this is how your pull-up ability
but you know you’re gonna slowly lift lift off ready
this is when the magic happens slow let it strange know
much just hold it there hold it there oh it’s so cool I guess one thing I should
mention is this is a this is a economically safe for someone with a
back injury I had a herniated disc recently as a microdiscectomy so this is
an activity that you can do even after back surgery you’re gonna have to a back
surgery okay you can do it out of counter I’m giving it a blow job
it’s a caddywhompus blow job actually shake it a little nothing happening with
the blow job that’s a bad thing I know is this a special technique that we
should all try is this the same one you used for the your previous video
no it’s different okay it’s gonna be fine I found that one at Goodwill
careful okay James are you ready ready doctor brother ok so this is a
major step because this is what’s gonna try not to give so pick it up we’re
gonna go this way a little bit and then you’re gonna go the other way
okay I’m a pro okay I’ve been doing this you’ve got it you’ve got it
my great cheerleader Don’t Tell bit this thing just a little bit aside oh you got good stuff maybe yeah so
eventually you want to wrap around with a straight back that way now hard
trigonometry tilted that’s here like this is some thick
what is it curly ready I guess it’s made out of acrylic we did what are done with
the flood Wow it’s the gold is beautiful good pick on the gold hey guys this
beautiful for your poor so I guess I’m trying to keep it on there but I guess
that doesn’t really matter it’s yeah drop cloth you can do it if you don’t
get it perfectly around the edges we can just smear with our fingers and that
will be fine too I want it perfect all right come back
this way did you have fun I am happy I’m having a blast dr. Buttercup yeah in
another episode or actually this episode I have a painting that I need doctoring
up I can I need your help I don’t know what to do next
fix your coasters it’s really pretty that’s cool it’s like it’s very it’s
like my second my mood ever since I hurt my back it’s very morose angry but you
have the gold popping through that’s gonna heal you that’s kind of like this
the gold represents this experience this represents me isolating in my house with
my broken back this represents getting out of the house and I’m doing cool
stuff finishing it now doctors doctor that’s very that’s very James are you
happy you want me to keep rubbing it where do you know this looks like a way
all over this is how I do all their UI yes thank you doctor buttercup you’re a
natural of this remember doctor buttercup on YouTube to see more stuff
like this so there’s my painting and up next we have dr. the doctor the doctor
is in get clean how do you clean it how do you
clean acrylic paint of pen cleaner water oil is very difficult but curly just
wash your hands with some water it’s gonna stain your clothes get in your
clothes try to wipe it off right away but if you get on your clothes it will
stain your clothes but skin fine hair you’ll kind of get pasta can you just
pull it right off it’s like splatter with my buttercup hair before but just
wash your hands dude be fine watch your clothes Oh beautiful oh my god
don’t touch that look what she just did James so what do you do about walking
through it or whatever okay so that’s beautiful this is yours Liz their second
it’s so eighties Madonna like this wedding gift
see this is Jeff that’s once practicing and then I’m going to and then what I
did is because they’re really shiny and smooth I put some gesso on it which it
yeah it gives the paint traction and helps it stick as if it was like on
canvas so that would be a this is gonna turn into a coaster so I’m gonna lower
it and then once I’m done I’m gonna put the felts on the back and it’s gonna be
a 25th wedding anniversary present Wow homemade gifts this is the gesso that I use to add
traction it’s good stuff so this is gonna be my second core and we’re
pouring with acrylic paint using wd-40 to create magical mystical cells it
looks so beautiful I’m going to do a collegiate one today because I’ve got
three orders for Georgia Bulldogs so right now I’m gonna do a background and
then I’m gonna put the big G on there set it has to dry I’ll do the G later
but let me show you Corinne technique so I used half flood other half acrylic
paint I have added wd-40 to my black into my goal I’m not gonna overdo the
black because my Chi’s gonna be black so now the pouring cup most important the
mix in a black beside this side kill them or even scare em I suppose
surrett it’s going to zigzag down and go over the whole top white white it’s
gonna make it and that’s okay sometimes the accidents the best part of
it all bada-boom bada-bing sure I am Cathy let’s begin
I’m gonna flip this sucker over Cathy watching like hot one Jim okay flip this
over and it’s simple room so there it’s just now sitting back it’s an egg
waiting to be hatched I’m excited are you excited ready 5 4 3
2 1 oh it’s so pretty look at the cells all right I’m gonna
tilt it from side to side now I really don’t want to lose myself no I know
really slow at this point cuz there’s some pretty beautiful stuff happening at
me whoa isn’t it fancy Ramsey fantastic it
might be one of my favorite of course yet guys
this is special oh my Georgia people are gonna be really happy with this one
stuff got two orders for Georgia a few orders for Clemson and then a Virginia
one so I’m starting to do collegiate acrylic flooring I’ve got some orders so
hey I might as well show you all I wanna do an edge they might like give me extra
tips from my team because they can watch it being this is awesome planet Saturn
yep it’s a very hot planet indeed just go
away get at this corner everybody I don’t having so much fun it’s the
simple things alight cupcakes all right those my friends cupcakes the rainbow so
I’m afraid this it’s gonna take a long time they do it out I might do like a
hard hit a black and no cuz the G is gonna be black a lot of red I’m happy
but so wait on it sorry I need to try to show you it’s
hard to show you the fantastic flow not the fantastic I
fir that stuff the Jackson side is fantastic something and you’re allowed
to do this people you know nothing durian so now the doctor has been looking over
see if there’s anything that needs to be fixed I grabbed it from you fuller if I choose migrations
oh this so I’m very happy about this turned out we’ve got some great sauce I
got some great depth I think my Georgia fans will be very happy so I have two
friends that I told I was doing acrylic pouring and they want to make collegiate
ones so I need to do to Georgia ones so this is my background pouring for the
Georgia school I’m not sure how well they’re doing this year but this is
gonna help them in many ways so they’re gonna hang it up in their man cave
another one’s gonna give it to a gift for Christmas for their son to hang up
on the dorm room so this is the background I’m gonna put a big black G
on it it’s going awesome that’s about the big black dude I’ll
show you how it’s done hey y’all if you like this video just subscribe and I’ll
see you next time hey I’m James and I’m dr. Baca and in this video we’re gonna
be pouring acrylic paint with wd-40 to create cells magical beautiful cells
like unicorns and fairies and stuff watch people

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