Access LED Off-Road Truck Lights

Antonea: Hi, this is Antonea with,
talking to Dustin Whitney of Agri-Cover ACCESS about the new ACCESS Off-Road Lights. Dustin: Yeah, exciting new products that we’re
doing is a whole line of off-road lighting. We’re doing different sizes starting with
18 watt, moving to 24, 42, and 90 watt lighting. We have it both available in spot and flood
light options. It’s a simple design. It has about an 18 and a half inch lead wire that’s
20 gauge, so it hooks into your electrical source. You can see it’s mounted on a nice
license plate bracket itself. It just makes a usable option for you. It throws out anywhere
from 1200 to 8100 lumens. Antonea: Is it hard to install? Dustin: No, it’s actually very simple. First
of all, we have all of our installation videos on You can easily look through
that and see how easy it is to install, but it’ll take you about 15 or 20 minutes even
if it’s your first time. Antonea: That sounds good. Thank you.

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