Accidentally Catching A Sawfish Pup – River Monsters

Do you want a hand with that? Yes please.. Another fisherman, up early before the heat of the day has accidentally hooked a Sawfish. This 2 footer is a mere pup, but an extra pair of hands still doesn’t go a miss. Were you fishing for these or… No Barramundi Barramundi I’ve got everything but, this is the first one of these I’ve seen Okay I’m out of range now, It’s only a.. it’s only a small one. This baby Sawfish is the monster in miniature. And my first chance to get a safe look at this bizarre animal. Wow Alright, that’s the first one of these I’ve seen. I have measured one of these 20 foot long, which is what they grow to when they get into the sea but… yeah so… just like a shark, if you look at the back end of it Come forward, that’s just like a ray’s mouth. A Sting Ray’s mouth. But you know, that is the unique feature. And even on a small one like this, just look, that’s quite a fearsome weapon. And actually although, this is a small one, very good thing to see because for a fish like this to exist, this is probably about a year old, there have to be breeding size adults around. Fantastic! I wish I got it myself. I’m here to catch a monster, but for now I just want to return the pup unharmed. It’s moving the tail to get the circulation going a bit. The story goes that the fisherman harpooned a large Sawfish in shallow water. I have caught a Hanzaki, better known as the Giant Japanese Salamander, one of the largest salamanders.

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  1. As much as I love Jeremy, I don't understand the concept of "accidentally catching" a fish. When we wish, we don't really know what we're going to catch, right? I get that you can use specific tools and baits that some fish wouldn't normally be attracted to, but you don't just decide what's going to bite at the other end of your fishing rod anyway! My point is, it can't really be called an accident since in the first part, you can't specifically be sure of what you're going to get.

  2. I can't believe it it is a fish from the dinosaurs I research

  3. das war auf deutsch
    does he speak portuguese in 0:17?

  4. Was this episode filmed in Scotland? Because if not, that's a Scottish immigrant or tourist

  5. This shark has been known to lie, hence it's nose is long.

  6. Nice here.waseem fishing king river

  7. I don’t know What kind of fish but it’s seems like one kind of shark !

  8. BalcktipH on YouTube has caught some big sawfish while shark fishing before

  9. This is illegal they should be fined for taking that swordfish out of the water

  10. I dont know what would be more amazing catching a sawfish or jeremy wade walking past you when you go for your morning fishing:) dont know what would be easier to believe for your fishing buddies if you didnt have pictures:)

  11. It’s illegal to have this fish out of the water it is endangered, idiots.

  12. Ah. That's a sawfish. I saw it once when I was a ten-year old boy. The sawfish I saw then was very big. The fishermen in my village measured it up to 11 meters. I really saw it, and I can still have its shape in my mind. It was so, so bigggg.

  13. It’s illegal to take them out of water if you do happen to catch one where I am from. Their so rare.

  14. Mr. Wade if you don’t read these I hope whomever manages it for you will pass this on. I mean this with all sincerity you are fine a man who cares so much about not just the mystery but also that the welfare of these animals and you care about the people to and I will he admire you I wish I could finish with you meet with you I just think you are one of the best guys taking care of your mother it said thank you for what you do even though someone criticize it for sportfishing you humanely interact with these animals even when the airplane were just like the blue through your chest without breaking your skin I don’t think it did but I just want you to know thank you happy new year.

  15. I notice that they put subtitles for colored people with an accent but not for white people with an accent. Also, they put they put white fishermen in the photo but never someone of color.

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