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hey good morning everybody happy Sunday
and welcome to the easy like Sunday morning podcast guys I’m your host
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so good morning I hope everybody’s having a great day Kevin good morning
today guys I want to keep on rollin along and talk to you about a customer
acquisition strategy the topic today is how to acquire new customers and attract
new customers to your brand or your business Kevin good morning happy
father’s day I hope you’re having a great day
so guys you need them your competitors need them and any business in existence
needs them we’re talking about new customers new customers are the
lifeblood as we know of any business and in order to grow thrive and succeed
you’re gonna need an effective customer acquisition strategy that delivers new
faces to your product in your brand over and over again so the main question here
is what are the best way to attract new customers you know this is the fourth
question asked by the majority of social media marketers in 2019 according to
social media examiner’s industry report in today’s online world you know
potential prospects and potential customers are constantly bombarded with
advertisements coupons and pop-ups and it’s getting harder and harder to be
more competitive and more competitive to catch the attention of your target
audience thank you Kevin I am a father of a two
four-legged little fur babies so I will take that happy
Father’s Day thank you so guys what actions can you take to ensure that you
are successfully acquiring new customers well I’ve got three tips that’s gonna
put you ahead of the competition that I want to share with you so tip number one
guys is you can partner you could partner with a company you could partner
with another creator or you can partner with another brand that complements your
products or services ultimately getting new clients to engage with your business
it really comes down to trust your prospects have got to trust you in order
to do business with you and there’s a couple ways that you can develop this
trust you can either build that trust over time or you can borrow that trust
from someone else partnering with experts and business
owners that have are related but not competitive set of services or products
is a great way to get noticed because these businesses they have a customer
base and their customers might be interested in your product as well let
me give you an example we have a friend and we have a client who is into comic
book publishing and he is partnering with a convention in Tallahassee where
if the customer the con goer buys a VIP ticket they get a free comic book from
the publishing company and this is a great way to spread your message and
gain a wider audience you know they purchased the ticket to the comic
convention and then they get a free book so that puts his product right in front
of the conventions target audience you guys can do that too if you’re a wine
company if you sell wine or if you sell if you’re a restaurant something like
that you could partner with a local movie theater and offer a dinner in a
movie deal where you know the customers purchase a package and they get a movie
ticket and a dinner by connecting and building like I
said mutually beneficial relationships with these kinds of businesses you
greatly increase your chances of gaining new customers and and that you could put
in front of your product and you can put into your sales funnel the second tip I
have for you guys is do in-person events live events like trade shows local
networking events and even things like charity fundraisers these things these
types of these these types of events they really provide a great opportunity
for you to meet your target market and your target customer in person customers
love to experience brands and companies on a personal level and not just
interact with them online you know if you can attend or host a live event this
gives your customers and your prospects a unique opportunity to get to know your
business and not only that but they get to see the personality behind the brand
they get to see you they get to interact with you personally and this is a great
way to build personal relationships and add instant value to your potential
clients shaking hands and handing out business cards guys it builds trust and
not only that but this is the important thing it positions you you and positions
your business or brand as a key person of influence in your target niche and in
your target market if you can do this and you can set yourself up set yourself
up as the go-to Authority then your prospects your current customers your
clients they’re gonna seek you out when it comes time for them to do so so let’s
say you have a roofing company and you go to a networking event you hand out
business cards you shake hands and you give people your elevator pitch if they
need a new roof after hurricane season or if they know someone that needs a new
roof you know they’re going to recommend you like think about the last
time somebody asked you if you knew a plumber or if someone asked you if you
knew an auto mechanic and you were like hey you know that Kevin guy he’s an
incredible car mechanic he’s super friendly he’s super funny he’s
affordable and he does a great job this leads to word of mouth marketing just by
getting in front of people shaking hands and explaining to them what you do so
attend networking events every city no matter or every town no matter how big
or how small has organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or has organizations
like a university or has um networking events business events you should get
out there and if you don’t have that in your town this is a great opportunity
for you to be that Authority in that host your own event have a look we’ll
get together at a coffee shop have a local get together at a restaurant
approach that restaurant and be like hey I’ve got an idea to bring together this
group of people so that we can get together and we can share ideas and
stuff and we want to host this any establishment will probably say yes to
that because it brings customers into their door help spread awareness to them
and it’s just an ever-evolving networking opportunity for you guys to
be seen and be heard and to let people know that you exist
so that’s super powerful tip number two in person events and finally guys the
third tip I have for you is add value up front you know the create the art of
creating value for your prospects really starts with the ability really starts
with the ability for you to take a step back and see your business through the
eyes of your potential audience you need to consider what’s important to them and
how your product or service will actually make their lives better or
increase their business and you can do things by asking yourself some questions
as like what problems do my clients have how can my business how can my product
how come my service help my potential prospects help them overcome obstacles
to be more successful it’s important to realize and I’ve said this before and
I’ll say it again because it’s super important that your business and your
brand your services and you you are not the hero of your story I know that
that’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes but really your customer is it’s your
job to be the guide to be the mentor that steps in between your customer and
the problem and bridges the gap to help the hero which is your customer reach
the goal of having a more successful business or having a better life a lot
of businesses and a lot of online marketers they really miss the boat on
this ah you know because they solely focus on themselves instead of the
customer I implore you if you take if you take a step back and you shift your
focus to providing content and solutions that focus on your customers needs if
you do this it’s really gonna shift your strategy into a start helping stop
selling mentality and clients are gonna appreciate that when I meet new people I
try to add value to them immediately if someone comes up to me and asks you know
how they grow their business or is looking for strategies I ask them some
questions and and what are their goals and what are they trying to accomplish
and then right there on the spot I try to give them one or two solutions
that they can put into play immediately and go try out for free I don’t charge
for that and the reason is because I want them to I want to build trust with
them and I want to position myself as the go-to Authority and I really want to
offer advice that works right like you buy things and you do business with
people if their solutions work and the only way you can make sure it works is
if you are that value and you offer that advice for
free upfront I promise you if you help solve someone’s problems if you give
someone a solution to a simple problem they are going to remember that they’re
gonna be grateful and they’re gonna come back to you when their problems get
bigger you know the success of these strategies are gonna depend on how much
you actually enjoy doing them and how well you do them over time there’s
absolutely no shortcut to growing or marketing your business it takes time it
takes dedication and it takes consistency my advice to you is to pick
one or two of the strategies that we’ve talked about in this video and try to
execute them as well as you can give them time to work at the end of the day
guys all you need is one strong winning strategy to have a nice new stream of
loyal customers guys that is all the time we have today we are gonna cut it
short but thank you so much for tuning in if you like this please give it a
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thank you I appreciate that Kevin says I always learned something when watching
you Charles thanks so much thank you for tuning in Kevin you guys definitely make
it possible and it’s to serve you guys so thank you very much everybody have a
great weekend and we will see you next week

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  1. It's so true! Putting a face to the brand is really important for any brand's growth. Great video! Thanks for sharing those tips!

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