Acura TSX LED Fog Lights How To Install – 2nd Generation 2009 – 2014

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2010 Acura TSX we’ll be
installing LED fog lights on. Now this installation will be compatible
with year models 2009 through 2014 and that’s considered the second
generation of the TSX. For today’s install we have a H11 type premium LED
conversion kit from And it is a two-part system. Here we have
an LED bulb as well as the driver. It is a direct replacement. And we’ll
change the angle here to get under the hood to show you how it’s done. Let’s get started. We’re looking now at the passenger side
bumper in the front here. And in order to access the fog light, which is up top
here, we need to remove the three tabs. Or the three push tabs – one, two, and three – to be able to pull this tire guard down to get our hand inside to access the bulb. We’re using one of our LED trim tools
here, but you can also use a flathead screwdriver. You’re gonna come in on the
indentation here. And you’re going to pry up the center portion. And then when you
have the separation, you pull it out and do that to all three. Now that all three are out, we need to pull this back. And now you have access here. You can’t see, but what I’m going to do is
pull, or turn, the bulb counterclockwise here in the housing. And actually first I’m going to remove the connector and I’ll be able to show you
what that connector looks like here in just a moment. Connector’s here. The way you remove the connector is you push down here and then you’ll be able to pull it out to release. And then you’ll be able to turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove. There we go. We’ll change the angle here so we can get
a shot inside here as well. You can see that we now have access here to the fog light housing. We’re going to take the LED bulb, insert it in. And we’re going to make sure our tabs are lined up here on the sides. And then you’re turning
counterclockwise to lock that in place. Now the LED bulb is set. Now this
wire here is … there is an o-ring here that allows for a tight water seal. And we’re going to go ahead and plug this one in. Make sure it’s tight and then screw over
the top. And then you take your H11 connector and you connect where on
the top there is the tab that locks it in place. Hear the click, that one’s not going anywhere. And the last step, you’re going to use some double sided sticky tape. And you’re gonna lock that in place here on the bottom away
from where the tire wall comes in and locks in place here. So we’re going and get that double sided sticky tape to put this one in place. And then reassemble
and show you what the finished product looks like. If you take a look here, we’ve
already applied our double sided sticky tape. I’m going to take a small cloth with
some cleaner and I’ll clean up the bottom section right here in front. And then I’m going to remove here one
side of the tape so we can place this down in front, away and out of the action. Go ahead and press down, make sure that’s nice and snug. Move our wires out of the way. And now we can take our panel and push it back in. And put our connectors, or our push pins, back in place as well. Now that we have our ballast here in the front nice and secure, we’re going to take our
flap. On this side here, you gotta get it around, get that back in place. And, as you can see, this tire guard is
sitting on top of the bumper here. We’re going to go ahead and put our pins back in place. One here in the middle. There we go. That’s all set. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and
submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we
do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out
there watching the videos. Have a good one!

10 thoughts on “Acura TSX LED Fog Lights How To Install – 2nd Generation 2009 – 2014

  1. great tutorial i got the same car ill be doing mines this weekend on the east coast. feel free to sell me some lights for a good price.

  2. great video im looking for an easier way to change the headlights really dont wanna take the bumper off any ideas or videos on the 2009 acura tsx thanks

  3. What is the brightness difference between the halogen bulb and the led bulb? Is there a difference or is it just the colour that looks nicer?

  4. Hey there, where did you get the tool to remove those plastic bolts from the underside?

  5. Can you do a video for first gen 2007 Acura TSX fog light replacement?

  6. Hi, I would like to exchange the complete fog light as the glass is broken. Can I also access from there?

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