Acura TSX LED Interior Lights How To Install – 2nd Generation 2009-2014

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2010 Acura TSX we’ll be
installing LED interior lights on. Now this installation is compatible with
year models 2009 through 2014 and is compatible with both the TSX as well as
the TSX A-Spec in Europe. Now we’re going to be using a PrecisionLED
premium 5730 style LED conversion kit available on and
we’ll be installing LEDs on our front map lights, the rear dome lights, vanity mirror lights, the courtesy door lights on each door, the trunk light, license plate light, as
well as the backup reverse lights. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re looking now at the front overhead map and dome lights. And as you can see, we’ve already
converted one of these to LED here on this side. We’re going to show you how to do this on the driver’s side. We have three tools we’ll be using here throughout the
installation. You have a crowbar shape tool, serrated knife tool with the flat
end on the back, and a pointed wedge tool. For this one we’re gonna use the crowbar shape tool. You’re going to come in from the side
closest to the rest of the interior panel. And just pry it out. That allows you
to remove the clear lens. Now the bulb is just a
little bit hot so I am going to use a rubber glove just to remove this bulb
here. That one comes out, you just pull it out. Replacing it with one of our
premium 5730 style LEDs. Now this is non polarity-specific so that means you
can plug it in this way and it should work or you can turn it the other way
and it will still work. This is also one of our shorter … short
based T10s so it fits pretty well in this housing without issue. Longer style bulbs
actually run into the end of the lens cap and then you can’t actually actuate
the button very well. So when this goes back, on there’s some
tabs that line it up here. You want to make sure that they’re kind
of in place, you just kind of push and that’s all there is to it. We’re looking now at the passenger side
here of our vanity mirror lights. And as you can see, I’ve already got one side in
with an LED and the other side we’re gonna replace. This one’s a little bit tricky. You could
come in from the bottom here, but it takes a fair amount of effort. We’re gonna
come in from the side here. Find a small gap, push the tool all the way
to the side and you start twisting and that releases the clip on the bottom
and allows you to take out the lens cap. And that reveals the festoon-type bulb
sitting there. Now since this one’s on I don’t want to touch it and burn myself. Again I’m going to use the glove. But I’m gonna use the pointed wedge here at the bottom. Just to push up and release the bulb. And now I can grab it and remove it. Now for the vanity mirror lights, they
don’t actually manufacture a 5730 style premium so we have these high power 50-50s here instead. And these ones are polarity-specific so
you want to test it to make sure it works. So obviously one orientation does work, and the other orientation … actually this one seems to work fine on
both. Get that one pushed into place. You want
to make sure the LEDs are pointed straight forward and that means you get
the best light output. And then this lens cap goes back on top first. And then you
push down til you click it in place on the bottom. And that’s set. We’re looking now at the rear overhead dome light. We’re going to be using the flat end of
our serrated knife tool here. Come in from the back side here, farthest away from the switch. Make some
space in between the lens and the cover and you’re gonna pull down. And that should pop the lens out. Now you can just run the tool across and everything comes out. This is a festoon-type bulb and this one
is going to be a little bit hot since we left it on. So we’re going to use just one of the
pointed ends of our tool here to pry out the bulb and I’m just gonna let this one
fall down. We’re now going to replace with one of
our premium LEDs. And you want to make sure the orientation of this bulb is
such that the LED boards are facing down. You can test to make sure that works
before reinstalling the lens cap. Now you want to go switch side first and
then just push it in at the two corner spaces, or pieces. And lock them in place. That’s it We’re looking now at the courtesy door
light here on the driver’s side. And we’re going to be using a combination. You can use either the pointed end here of our serrated knife tool or the pointed
end of our pointed wedge tool. Now there are two indentations here at
the bottom that you’ll be using to help pry out. You have to go in from the
bottom, can’t go in from the top. So what you do is, there’s an indentation here. You force the tool in … there we go. See how one side is out? And that helps to remove the lens cover here in this orientation. So, this bulb has been on for a while so I’m
just gonna use some shop gloves here to help remove the bulb. You can use a wet cloth or a piece of
tape to get this one out. And then we’re going to be replacing it here with a
premium LED. And this one is a really nice upgrade, makes it really clean at night. The lens cover, when you put it
back on, the larger tabs here go in on the top first. And then you are
forcing these sides in on the bottom. The process is the same for all four
doors. We’re looking now at our trunk light and
this is actually a really great upgrade just because this light doesn’t give
very much light output. We’re going to use the pointed part right here of our
serrated knife tool. You’re going to come in from the side
here and push inward and out that helps to release the lens cover. Just like that. Now to release power you
can use your thumb here, push down and pull out and that removes the power connector. And that just lets the bulb cool down a bit. Just going to pull the bulb out here since it’s hot. And we’re replacing it with one of our new LEDs. Plug that back in to test power. Works
really well. We’re going to put the power connector
side in first. And then you push til it snaps into place. That’s it. We’re looking now at the license plate
assembly here on the Acura. We’ll go ahead and turn the lights on to show you
that we’ve already done one side here on the driver’s side. We’ll show you how to
access and replace here on the passenger side. We can go ahead and turn off the lights. Now the important thing here is there is a guard, a plastic guard, here that we have to remove first. For that we’re using our crowbar crowbar shape wedge tool. Going to come
in from the top here. Insert and start prying away. And there are tabs, or there
are pins, holding this in place all the way down. And once you have these off, this whole
assembly slides off. See all these? We’ll put this away for the time being. Now, in order to access this panel, there
is a tab here that you can push on. And we’re going to push this way with our thumb to
release. And then pull out. And that helps release the license plate assembly. You
can pull that one down. You’re then going to use your thumb and
pointer finger to push down on the gray portions of the
sides and that allows you to release the clear plastic lens cover. And that just leaves access to the license plate bulb. Just gonna go ahead and grab the old halogen bulb. Pull it out and replace it with our new LED. And this one is not polarity-specific so you can put in either way it should still work. Put that one in for now. Let’s go ahead
and test the lights to see if this one works. Works fine. So now we can put this cover back on. This
cover has an indentation right here in the middle letting you know which
orientation it has to be. We’re gonna pull this one up. T hat one locks in place. Now the reinstall of this assembly is
opposite of the uninstall. When you uninstalled it, you pushed this way and pulled out. The install method is you clip this side in first and then you
push this side down. So we’re locked in on this side. We’re going to push, and that locks in place. Now that we have both sides taken care of, we can put this piece back on. Now
there’s a slight trick to this: you want to bow out the middle and get
the sides in place first. Like this. And that’s to make sure that the corner
pieces here line up against the edge of the vehicle first. And then the
center pieces can go in. If you start in the middle you’ll catch the corners here and it’ll
be pretty difficult to finish up. So now, you can just go down the sides. And that’s all set. We can go ahead and turn the lights on one more time. And we’re all set. We’re looking now at the passenger side
here of our backup reverse light. Which is on the outside. We are going to remove just one of the
clips here holding the interior trim for the trunk liner. And then we’re going to
pull this back to access the backup reverse light here. This is a two-part push pin here. And you’re
going to use this tool to separate the two and then pull it down. Now, what I did here was I inserted tool here in the indentation and twisted to unlock it. And then I brought the tool in
between here like this to grab it and pull it down. Alright. Now we can just pull this back. And right here you have access to the
backup reverse light. You’re gonna turn it counterclockwise and pull this one out. That one comes out pretty easily. We have our new LED bulb that goes directly in place. Alright. And now we can go ahead and test
those back up reverse lights. So we’ll go ahead and see what those look like. There we go, that looks good. Then we go ahead and insert that one back in. Line it up and turn it clockwise to lock it
in place. Alright. Now that that one’s in, we’re going to push this pin back in. Now, the pin has to be separated here. Put that one in first and then push it down to lock it in. And that’s it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and
submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we
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12 thoughts on “Acura TSX LED Interior Lights How To Install – 2nd Generation 2009-2014

  1. If you have the Tech Package with the back up camera do not attempt to pry off the trim piece, its sealed and does not have tabs.

  2. Hey great video, got a quick question for the license plate LED bulb, will a T10 or a T194 Bulb size work ? I have a 2010 TSX Base Trim. Thanks

  3. Very helpful, just installed new LED setup for all except the door lights, will swap those soon.

  4. Do the bulbs just replace the factory incandescents? If I wanted to do my turn signals and brake lights would they work in the same way?

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