A’DAM Tower Lookout- 360 Degree Amsterdam Views

Welcome back to Amsterdam Calling Today, we’re about to take a short trip across the Ij to see Amsterdam’s newest attraction, the Amsterdam Tower Lookout And joining me today is Agness from Etramping.com Thanks for joining us Agness Thank you Jessica. It’s so much fun to be here And it’s going to be great. The tower looks beautiful And I cannot wait to check out the best views in the city. After seven years of renovation the tower is fully open with a lookout area, two restuarants, bars, hotel, offices and lofts private club and a basement nightclub Let’s go! We’re going to have our picture taken.. It’s here. Let’s go. it’s such a cool elevator experience and I can’t wait to see the lookout. This is one of the best views in the city Have you seen the ferry? The ferry from up here looks so tiny There is a glass hole in the floor So you can see the bottom of the building We are now in Ma’dam a restuarant/bar area at the Amsterdam Lookout And right downstairs is a fine dining restaurant called Moon . It’s a rotating restuarant where you can see the entire city. There’s an outside observation desk upstairs and hopefully have better views. I can see my house from here. Stay tuned to watch the Amsterdam Calling video where you get to see it all. We’ll see you then. You’re on camera! Oh my God. As we got our photo taken at the very beginning we are picking up our photos. We’ve landed back down to Earth after our visit to Amsterdam Tower Lookout which was phenomenal. What did you think? Yah, the views were stunning and was so worth it. For more information about the tower check the links below. If you liked this video, give it a “like” and if you want more videos like this one, please subscribe to Amsterdam Calling. If you like traveling on a budget you can visit my blog Etramping.com I’m Jessica and you can find me on YouTube at A Wanderlust For Life Bye for now!!!

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  1. is it too cold for shorts and tshirt in Amsterdam? plan on visiting soon

  2. Heya Jenny here from UNILAD, would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you! If you’re happy with that could you please submit the video without any water marks to the link below and if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

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