Add Dimmer to 100W LED

A project I’m going to be working on coming up is a 100 watt LED light. So that i can get a little bit more light in my videos. This is a kit that I bought and it comes with the LED, a heat sink, which you absolutely need
– these things get hot really fast – the LED driver for coming from AC power and a lens, and this is especially designed so it can sit on top of the LED. And it comes with this which goes on here, but i’m not entirely sure how you’re supposed to use it. But anyway… I’m going to do a video on this later on, putting this all together, based on a couple other videos that I found on YouTube. But I want to talk specifically about this LED driver. Now I was planning to add a dimmer into the mix using an idea from another YouTube video of interrupting the trim potentiometer, that was on the LED driver but this one didn’t have one. Now this driver is a ZY-1010B, at least that’s the sticker that is on it. That may or may not be the model number of the entire circuit – it might be just for that big transformer because that’s where the sticker is. But if you happen to get this same set then this is how you can add a brightness knob to it. There’s a link in the description to eBay where I bought this whole kit. It was about $30 US so it’s a great deal if you want to do the same. So I did some hunting, I did some studying of the circuit on this driver, and I found something interesting. Now you can see there are three pads on it that are blank with a “VR1” beside it. Now “VR” usually stands for variable resistor, and that is what a potentiometer is. So I decided I’d check this out and see what happens if I put a potentiometer in the mix right there. So I used a couple of wires, soldered them to two of the pins – you need the middle one and one of the side ones – and I soldered in a potentiometer. Same thing on the potentiometer: you solder the middle pin to the middle pin and then one of the outside pins to one of the outside pins. It doesn’t matter which outside pin, it just changes which direction you turn the potentiometer to turn it up or down. So with that done we can give it a try. Now I have the light outside of the shot because it is extremely bright. If I had it in the shot everything would just be white anyway. So I’ll show you that it actually does turn the brightness up and down. So now it is plugged in and it’s at its lowest setting. And I’ll turn this up and you’ll probably be able to see the light. You see that, it’s almost drowning out the shot and it’s not even in the picture. And there you have it. So thanks for watching guys. And keep an eye out for my video coming up – it’ll probably be a month or two maybe I’m still waiting for parts from China – to where I’ll show you how I put all this together. It is based on a couple of videos that I’ve linked to but I’m going to do things a little bit differently, because I’m going to be running it on AC power so I don’t have to worry about a battery like the other videos do.

9 thoughts on “Add Dimmer to 100W LED

  1. Hello! Could you tell me the maximum stable output of that driver? im looking into buying one for running 30V3A led.

  2. I always come back to this video, after I bought a meanwell driver, these drivers are ok, just MOD them by adding the pot, and cheap as chip's £9.95 on shEbay.. and the Foxxon leds are cheap and good too

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