Adding a GIS Shapefile to a HEC-RAS Model

Let me show you how you can add a GIS Shapefile
or set a Shapefiles to your current project. what we will do is we will right-click on
our map data layers panel we will choose add layers then we will navigate into our
folder that our data is in in this case I’m working in here so I am going to grab my buildings and my contours and let’s say my drainage and then I had some railroads as well,
but I will keep those out and let’s put in roadway edges so, we are going to select these four layers at this point. Just hit OK. and it will add them and notice, if you select more than one
Shapefile it automatically groups them for you
and you can rename this group if you want, you can right-click on it and say
rename or press F2 and you could call it, let’s say GIS data alright and so all of our layers are in here,
notice it, read this Arc coordinate reference system directly
from the shapefiles so, it’s already picking that up
so it says it’s a NAD83 Ohio North just to confirm that, we will right-click
here, we’ll say add base map layer We will go on here under
Select base layer data And we will choose let’s say
Hybrid Map Bing Select OK to that and you’ll see it pulls in and there’s our data. We can ofcourse zoom in and checkout
how this all lines up and it does a great job of bringing in your Shapefiles another alternative way you can bring
in your data is if you’ve Windows Explorer, you can
just drag and drop them directly into the application and it will place it directly into the
current project so, you could drop it into the map view or the title bar or into the map data layers panel and it will automatically sense that
that’s a supported file and bring those in

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