Adirondack great range gone wrong: lighting and flash floods (rough cut + English CC)

That’s some funny lighting and it changes again Not technically too hard But it breaks the flow Towards upper wolfjaw This is haystack this is Marcy Haystack.. Marcy And return [I’m bonked] And it’s raining I’m out of here Wind is pushing storms in my direction Oh oh! 4449 ft Looks like mini tornadoes Faster!! And now I’ve got something like 10 [miles] 16km to go The more there’s water, the more I’m freezing Ok… I need to cross here So…. You’ll see if the video keeps recording or not… I really must not fall here, it’s too dangerous The current is so strong, it can break this stick I can’t cross here Unless I…. I managed to cross walking over this piece of wood and holding some branches … really dangerous it’s.. it’s just… totally absurd… I hope there’s not more of this [pain from log hitting leg] Ok.. I remember getting lost here before I hope they’re not saying the trail goes over there… because I’m not going over there! the next day I’ve been given some clothes didn’t eat since 7pm yesterday no… more than this

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